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Why Does My Hair Tangle So Easily? 19 Reasons & Solutions

Why Does My Hair Tangle So Easily? 19 Reasons & Solutions

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Why does my hair tangle so easily? How do I minimize or stop it?

We all deal with our hair getting tangled. Normally it’s just one knot or two and it is a pretty easy fix. But if your hair starts to tangle every day with multiple knots then it leads to hair breakage, hair fall, split ends, and overall hampers hair health

But don’t worry your virtual sister is here to help.

If you are wondering why does my hair tangle so easily then the main reason is dryness. But it’s not the only reason. In this article, I am sharing my two cents on why it happens and what you can do to minimize or stop it for good.

Let’s dive in.

Why Does Hair Tangle So Easily?

There are a lot of reasons behind those unwanted hair tangles but here are the main ones that you need to take into account first:

why does my hair tangle so easily

Dry Hair

Dry hair is the biggest culprit behind your hair getting tangles easily. You need to handle them with a lot of care and nourishment. When your hair lacks the necessary moisture, they start to get frizzy and lack the necessary moisture to hold them which in turn results in multiple knots and your hair getting tangled easily.

Split ends

When you get split ends, those unruly tiny splits start to tangle around other hair strands resulting in multiple knots and your hair getting tangled easily. You need to hydrate the ends of your hair well to prevent split ends and go for a trim at least once every six months. 

Hair loss or hair breakage

This one is something you might already know but I figured it’s worth a mention. When you are dealing with hair loss or hair breakage, these hair strands, or parts of them, start to wrap around your other hair strands like a live vine. This in turn results in a lot of unmanageable knots which lead to your hair getting tangled easily. 

If this is the reason, you might need a lot of work to put in. Here are some of my guides that might help:

Product build-up on your hair shafts

This is one of those monsters that you will find me writing about in most of my articles. The reason being the invisible product buildup on your hair shafts leads to way too many of our hair problems like dandruff, dry hair, hair damage, dull hair, hair breakage, hair loss, and most importantly extra hair tangles. 

When you use any hair product, there is a chance that it might leave a layer of build-up on your hair shafts. This, in turn, makes your hair appear waxy, thick, and unruly like a brillo pad hair, and results in hair tangles. That is why you need to invest in a good clarifying shampoo or go for ACV rinse twice a month. 

Protein overload

This is one very common issue that we deal with unknowingly. When you use protein treatments for hair, you think you are strengthening your hair with protein. But sometimes when it is done in excess, it results in protein overload. This in turn results in dull hair that tangles easily.

Not brushing them properly

Brushing your hair daily is extremely important and you should not skip this step in your daily hair care routine at any cost. When you brush your hair the minimal hair tangles like one or two gets fixed without it turning into a bigger mess. 

And I would recommend you opt for a good neem wooden comb for brushing your hair. It helps to distribute the natural oils from your scalp to your entire hair length which maintains your hair health and nourishment. But when you use a regular plastic comb it creates a static effect on your hair which results in more hair tangles in the long run. 

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Poor hair care habits

We all skip our hair care routine on some days when we are lazy or just don’t have enough time. But time and again ignoring your hair care routine or practicing poor hair care habits leads to your hair getting tangled easily. 

Like if you over wash your hair it will lead to hair dryness and damaged hair but if you skip hair washing for weeks it will lead to excessive sebum build-up, product buildup, and scalp infections which will result in damaged hair that tangles easily.

Wrong hair products

There is a reason that different hair products exist for different hair types. But if you have dry hair with hair loss and your friend recommended you a good shampoo for hair fall that worked for her but she belongs to the oily hair family. Then when you use that same shampoo it leads to more hair damage and hair tangles. 

You can check out this study on how different hair products impact our hair shafts and their health to understand better.

Always make sure you use products that are meant for your hair type and hair concerns. I always make sure to narrow down most of my articles to help you find the right hair products for your hair. I would urge you to invest your time in researching the right products by analyzing the ingredients that are more compatible with your hair type and concerns.

Too much heat styling

Excessive heat styling leaves your hair prone to dryness, damage, hair breakage, split ends, and hair tangles. So if you are experiencing that your hair tangles easily lately then first and foremost, minimize heat styling. And if you must, then always use your tools at the low setting and do not skip your heat protectant.

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Exposing hair to too many chemical or hair-coloring treatments

We all love experimenting with different hair color ideas like ash purple hair, sunflower hair color, as well as different chemical treatments like hair straightening or hair smoothening or keratin treatment, magic sleek hair treatment, or others.

All these treatments make our hair look good but in the long run, it leads to hair dryness, damages hair and sometimes you end up with brillo pad hair which tangles easily. 

So to prevent your hair from tangling, minimize harsh hair coloring or chemical treatments at least for a while. Let your hair shafts breathe and work on clarifying your hair strands by going for a hair detox and nourishing your hair back to its healthy state. 


I cannot begin to express how damaging the effects of bleaching are on your hair especially when you opt for bleach for dark hair. It weakens your hair shafts from its core which makes your hair tangle easily. 

But no matter what, we are going to continue to bleach our hair, right?

So, you need to incorporate these tips to make your bleach hair soft again in your hair care routine to prevent hair damage that leads to hair tangles.

And if you think that bleach bath hair is a good option that won’t damage your hair then let me clarify that bleach bath hair does damage your hair but it is less harsh on your hair when compared to regular bleaching. 

Residue from hard water deposits

I know this is something we all deal with. The mineral deposits from hard water grab onto your hair shafts and don’t let go. Over time it fades your hair color and leads to mineral deposit build-up, hair breakage, split ends, and dull hair which tangles easily.

To protect your hair from hard water deposits, make sure you incorporate a good clarifying shampoo with chelating agents which will wash off these deposits without hampering your hair health. 

Washing hair with too-soft water

I know you might call me a hypocrite because I am saying that washing hair with hard water damages your hair and washing hair with soft water isn’t a good idea either, so what do we do?

When you wash your hair with tap water, it might be too soft to wash off the impurities and product build-up. This, in turn, leaves your hair with greasiness, product build-up, and flat hair that tangle easily due to excess sebum. But this is an easy problem to fix. 

You just need to incorporate a good hydrating shampoo for soft water areas that will fix this problem and you won’t notice hair tangles anymore. 

Climatic and seasonal changes

Have you noticed how your skin suddenly breaks out when you are in a humid climate and your clogs get clogged with extra oil on your face? The same is the case with hair.

Climate has a huge impact on your hair health which in turn has a huge impact on your hair getting tangled easily. The more humidity and moisture in the air, the more tangles you will be dealing with. That is why you need to alter your hair care routine as per the climatic and seasonal conditions. 


Pollution wrecks our hair and skin from within. The harmful pollutants, dust, smoke, and whatnot present in the air these days are one of the major causes of our hair fall, damaged hair, dry hair, and excessive hair tangles. 

Here are some tips that will help protect your hair from pollution.

Sun Exposure

Like your skin suffers damage when it comes in contact with harmful UV Rays so is the case for your beautiful precious hair. When your hair comes in contact with UV Rays, it loses its moisture leaving your hair and scalp dry, damaged, and brittle. It makes your hair lifeless and limp and prone to hair tangles.

To protect and repair your hair from sun damage, incorporate hair products with SPF and best lightweight hair oils for the summer season in your hair care routine. 

Sleeping with open hair

I am guilty of skipping this a lot of nights solely because I am lazy. But Did you know most hair damage and hair tangles occur when you’re sleeping?

While you sleep, you tend to toss and turn frequently so your hair could get tangled, pulled, or rubbed against the pillow roughly. These actions when done repeatedly can cause your hair to become weak and eventually break.

The quick fix, tie your hair in a pineapple bun to protect your hair while sleeping.

In a pineapple hairstyle, all of your hair will be on top of your head. So only the back and sides of your head will be in contact with the pillows. Thus, the delicate, fragile ends of your hair get protected from all the friction caused by tossing and turning. This will minimize your hair tangles effectively. 

The easiest way to protect your hair while sleeping is to tie them in a pineapple bun or opt for bonnet sleep caps.

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Split ends

We all deal with split ends especially if you have longest hair or long Indian hair like mine. One of the main reasons behind split ends is the lack of nourishment on the ends of your hair coupled with constant friction with your clothes and pillow covers. 

These tiny split ends from one hair strand tend to wrap themselves up onto another which in turn makes your hair tangle so easily. 

To prevent split ends from creating hair tangles easily:

  • always oil the ends of your hair nicely
  • incorporate hydrating conditioners and leave-in conditioners in your routine
  • trim your hair regularly
  • use a hydrating shampoo. 

Damaged Cuticles

When you are dealing with damaged cuticles, you will notice extra tangles in your hair. This is because these damaged cuticles are fragile and they tend to entangle themselves onto other hair shafts leading to excessive hair damage as well as your hair getting tangled easily.

How To Protect Your Hair From Getting Tangled?

Now that you know why your hair tangles so easily, let me share some quick hacks and tips that will prevent your hair from getting tangled easily:

Form a proper hair care routine

This is the most crucial aspect of achieving healthy hair: forming a good hair care routine. And by hair care routine, I don’t mean slapping multiple hair products on your hair but choosing limited but right hair products depending on your hair type and concern and strictly adhering to your routine. 

To form a hair care routine:

  • Start by identifying your hair type and the hair concern you want to tackle first.
  • Then pick a good hair oil, shampoo, and hair conditioner for the same and use them twice or thrice a week. These three are the main pillars of a good hair care routine. Incorporating hair rinses, deep conditioning hair masks, protein masks, volumizing mousses, hair sprays, leave-in conditioners, and all the other products are something you need to incorporate slowly in your routine or simply skip it. 
  • Brushing your hair with a good wooden comb or boar bristle brush twice a day is a must. 
  • Then to achieve better hair health, you can meditate, avoid foods that cause hair loss or are bad for your hair, drink more water, and lead a stress-free life.

My Hair Care Routine For Dry Hair: Products, Tips and DIYs Included

Incorporate Indian hair oiling treatment

This is one such long Indian hair secret that I inherited growing up that you will find that I recommend in most of my articles on this beauty blog

It is a pre-poo hair treatment where you pick a hair oil or combination of penetrating or sealing oils depending on your hair type and concerns, heat it using the indirect heat method to enhance its nutrients, and apply the warm oil to your hair length, scalp and most importantly your hair roots and ends. 

Indian hair oiling helps to hydrate your dry hair and minimize hair breakage which in turn prevents your hair from getting tangled easily. 

If you are someone who is struggling to grow your hair or struggling to combat your dandruff, control hair fall or even split ends, or deal with lice, try the Indian hair oiling routine for a month and you will be stunned by the results.

Use hydrating shampoo

As we have already established that dry hair tangles easily, then to combat it, using a good hydrating shampoo becomes a must, don’t you think?

Silicone free conditioner

Hair conditioners with silicones. leave a layer on your hair shafts which results in hair tangles in the long run. The simplest solution is to incorporate a good silicone-free conditioner in your hair care routine. 

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Don’t skip leave-in conditioners if your hair tangles easily

I ignored leave-in conditioners for most of my life and I regret it. Leave-in conditioners are one of the best hair products to incorporate in your regime especially if your hair tangles easily. 

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Deep conditioning hair masks for the rescue

Again hydrating your hair makes a huge difference especially if your hair gets tangled easily. And deep conditioning mask or hair spa at home is an effective way to combat that. If you prefer natural deep conditioning hair masks then you can try the coconut oil and aloe vera hair mask, avocado hair mask, or banana and egg hair mask.

But if you prefer using a ready-to-use deep conditioning hair mask then here are the ones that I recommend:

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Trim every six months

I trim my hair twice a year but you should consider going for a trim especially if your hair tangles easily. Some prefer trimming their hair once every quarter year but you decide what works best for you. Just don’t go more than a year without a trim. 

Minimize heat styling

We all know this but can’t ignore it. So even if you must use heat for styling your hair then please don’t ditch your heat protectant and make sure you use your tools on the lowest settings. 

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Don’t tie your hair too tightly

When you tie your hair too tight it weakens your hair roots which in the long run might lead to hair loss or hair breakage. This will again lead to your hair getting tangled. Although this doesn’t have a huge impact on hair getting tangled but is always a better idea to prevent it than to find a cure. 

Switch to microfiber towels and silk pillowcases

This tiny little replacement from your regular towels and pillowcases has a huge impact on your hair health in the long run. If you haven’t already, you should definitely consider switching especially if your hair tangles easily.

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Minimize the use of hair extensions

Hair extensions like Irresistible Me and virgin Brazilian hair have become an integral part of our lives but these hair extensions might be a culprit behind your hair tangles. If possible minimize the use of hair extensions and if you must make sure you condition them well before using them.

Over To You

I tried to sum up as many points as I thought were the main reasons behind your hair getting tangled easily and shared my two cents on how you can prevent it. I hope you benefit from it. If you feel I missed out on any important point, feel free to share via comments.

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