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How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Summer At Home: Hair Care Tips & Home Remedies : Reader’s Query+My Solution!

How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Summer At Home: Hair Care Tips & Home Remedies : Reader’s Query+My Solution!

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Hey Guys,

Are you struggling to protect your hair from this harsh summer?

We all need to take a little extra care of our hair in summer season because these harsh UV rays not only damage our hair but also weaken our hair follicles & roots from within. Plus, the hot temperature makes our hair all oily and greasy and washing hair every day results in more damaged hair. So what do we do?

Last night while going through your hair queries, I found a lot of you are struggling to maintain healthy hair in summers. So, today I am going to share some of my favorite summer hair care tips and home remedies to help you guys have beautiful hair this summers.

Reader’s Query

Hi Nimisha,

How are you? I am Swati Raje from Pune. I recently stumbled upon your blog through Instagram. Once I visited your blog, I was hooked. Then I saw your Reader’s queries section and found your solutions really helpful. I found the queries relatable and your solutions were extremely easy to follow. Please don’t ever stop this series.

I Was hoping if you could help me with my hair query. I have combination hair. My hair is a bit on the dryer side and my scalp is very oily. I am really finding it hard to maintain my hair especially this summer season. My hair gets oily almost every other day after I wash my hair and I am tired of shampooing. Also, I feel shampooing is really weakening my hair roots and I am experiencing hair fall and damaged hair. Plase, guide me as to how I can take care of my hair this summer?


My Solution On How To Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer?

Hi Swati,

Thank you so, much for your kind words. It’s the motivation from you guys that keep me going.

Now, coming back to your query, it’s absolutely normal that your scalp gets oily in summers. Almost everyone faces this problem since summers in India are extremely hot. It is also very normal that you lose your hair as the season changes. Nothing to be alarmed about. Just make sure you are taking a bit extra care of your hair in this harsh weather and taking extra measures to prevent them from sun damage.

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Summer Hair Care Tips

Try some or all of these summer hair care tips and I am sure you will be able to achieve healthy hair this summer.

1. Oil Your Hair with these lightweight hair oils

I know, I usually start with oil your hair but this is a must.

As you mentioned you have oily scalp and applying oil must feel like a nightmare. I get it. So instead of using the regular oils or the oils that have thicker density opt for oils that are lightweight. This way your hair gets nourishment and your scalp won’t feel extremely oily.

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2.Dry shampoo or SLS free shampoo

Since you mentioned shampoo might be making your hair weak, try switching to an SLS free shampoo. SLS in your shampoo works as detergent. You might feel that your scalp and hair gets cleaned effectively but the truth is it wipes off the natural oils from your scalp which is actually necessary to protect your hair and scalp.

summer hair care tips

If your scalp gets oily every other day, then instead of regular shampoo you can opt for dry shampoos to maintain a clean scalp.

3. Condition your hair well

Conditioner & Leave-in conditioners are a must!  The harsh UV rays make your hair dry, dull and damaged and applying a good silicone-free conditioner goes a long way. My personal favorite Conditioners are IHA and Divine Love.

Using a leave-in conditioner helps in sealing the moisture in your hair shafts thus making your hair more silkier and smoother. My favorite leave-in conditioner is Wella.

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Summer home remedies to take care of your hair

4. Take ACV rinse

ACV helps in balancing the Ph level of your scalp. You should absolutely never skip your a good hair rinse afterward. I use this one.

5. Opt for deep conditioning mask once every 15 days

Deep conditioning not only helps your hair get smoother but also helps in repairing the damage caused earlier. My personal favorite is this banana and honey hair mask but you can also use ready-made deep conditioning hair mask that are already available on the market too.

6. Rosehip oil is your hairs Bff

Rosehip oil is very well known for protecting your hair from sun damage. During summers, I use this instead of my regular hair serum. There are a lot of brands available in the market that sell Rosehip oil right now but make sure that you use cold press rosehip oil like this to benefit your hair more.

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summer hair care tips

7. Use wooden comb

Wooden combs are big blessings especially those that are made of neem. These lil combs help to distribute natural oils so beautifully to your entire hair length that it will help your scalp from getting too much greasy. I am currently using this one.

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8. Cover your hair in the sun

This is quite an obvious solution and I am sure you must be following it. Make sure you avoid stepping in sun without covering your hair with a scarf or a hat. Though it does not protect your hair completely from sun damage it does prevents damage to a certain extent.

Also, spray sunscreen on your hair. This will help your hair to be protected from sun damage. Just dilute your sunscreen in water and spray it onto your hair.

9. Avoid heat styling

This is another common thing that you should keep in mind. Avoid heat styling. Your hair is already going through a lot of heat because of this weather, make sure you minimize using your heat while you style your hair. I know we just need to style our hair using heat so make sure you apply a good heat protectant like this, this or this before.

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10. Avoid harsh chemical treatments in summer

Like heat, chemical treatments are a big no-no close to summers. This is because your hair will get more damaged. The chemical treatment like smoothening, rebonding, highlighting, coloring or any other just put your hair through so many chemicals that your hair just will end up being damaged afterward especially if its close to summers.

Also make sure to avoid products containing SLS, paraben, silicones and mineral oils and opt for more natural products.

11. Avoid tight hairstyles

I am guilty of doing this but this is something that further damages your hair and gives your hair fall. Tight hairstyles weaken your hair follicles and results in more hair fall. It also makes your scalp greasy make sure to go for some hairstyles like lose ponytails, loose braids or other hairstyles where your hair won’t suffer much.

12. Protect while swimming

summer hair care tips

Swimming damages your hair because of the chlorine present in the pool waters. Make sure to cob=ver your hair well before you step into the pool.

13. Drink a lot of fluids and maintain a healthy diet

I can’t stress this enough but staying hydrated is a very big step for your hair’s overall health. Summers dehydrate your body very badly so make sure your body has enough fluids for your hair and scalp. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily.

summer hair care tips

Eat foods that contain natural biotin which would help you control hair fall and make your hair healthy from within.

Summer Home Remedies to Take Care of Your Hair

Summer home remedies to take care of your hair


Now that you know what basic things you need to keep in mind while taking care of your hair in summer. Now try these home remedies for summer and keep your hair healthy.

1.Aloe and lemon hair mask

If you have oily hair type then this is the mask that you should go for.


  • Aloe vera gel: 4tsp(try using freshly extracted but store bought 100% pure aloe vera gel is good too)
  • Lemon juice: 2tsp

Take aloe vera and lemon juice and simply give them a good whisk. Now apply this hair mask concentrating more on you’re and then scalp hair length. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with normal water and shampoo if necessary. I usually skip shampoo afterward but you can use a mild shampoo if required.

2. Use egg and lemon hair mask

This is one of the best hair masks that I have learned from my friend’s grandmother and it works like a charm. Whenever I get time, I opt for this hair mask. Definitely give this hair mask a try at least once.


3. deep conditioning banana mask or coconut milk hair mask

I already mentioned this one above. Deep conditioning in summers is very beneficial.

4. Go for hair spa

I usually do my hair spa once a month in the comfort of my home because it works and honestly, it is cheaper. You can definitely give it a try.

How to do Hair spa at home?

Hope you found this post useful. Do share your thoughts on the same and take very good care of your hair in summers. See you soon with a lot of diys, home remedies and solutions to more hair queries. To find out what’s on my testing table now, make sure you follow me on my Instagram and Snapchat. Also, join our Facebook group, I share lots of solutions to different hair queries there too.

Have a lovely day!


Thursday 14th of March 2019

I really like the blog it is more relevant.

Lilian Nosakhare-Ogunmola

Monday 27th of August 2018

Thanks Hair massage with olive oil helps the hair follicle maintain a healthy balance..

Nimisha Popat

Monday 27th of August 2018

Absolutely. Olive oil is one of the best hair oil.

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