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How To Protect Your Hair From Hard Water? 9 Tips To Save Your Hair

How To Protect Your Hair From Hard Water? 9 Tips To Save Your Hair

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Washing hair regularly is one of the best ways to maintain healthy hair. To do this properly, you need to have the best hair products which include water as the main ingredient. Those who have soft water has it easy but when it comes to hard water, the situation is different.

The worst part is that the damage caused by this type of water isn’t always noticeable until its too late. One of the major effects is hair loss which mostly involves hair thinning and breakage. In order to prevent this from happening to you, you need to protect hair from hard water.

These days a lot of hair queries that I am receiving are related to hard water and washing hair with borewell water problems. So, if you live in an area with hard water than this post just might be a live saver for you.

How Hard Water Damages Your Hair?

The effects of hard water on hair are caused by the contents that exist in the water. Chlorine, calcium, magnesium, copper, and mineral salts are some of the elements contained in hard water. These remain in hair after rinsing and in time, they interfere with the natural hair content. The result is clogged pores on the scalp. The clog will, in turn, prevent absorption of nutrients and dehydration. With your hair in such a poor condition, brushing it will be more difficult and your hair will become dull.

Hard water hair loss happens differently than the usual hair loss. This is because natural hair loss takes place when the roots fall off but with hard water, the hair breaks in the middle. Continuous attachment of hard water minerals on hair leads to crystallization. This, in turn, leads to moisture loss from the hair making it easier to break. If left unattended, this breakage becomes worse and in no time, you’ll find that your hair is less.

Tips For Washing Your Hair With Hard Water

There are adequate solutions to sort out this situation before the hard water causes harm to your hair. Some of the solutions you can implement include using demineralizers and clarifying shampoos. While the former makes the water soft, the latter will ensure your hair is protected since it is easy to rinse off completely.

Use Chelating/Clarifying shampoo

Why use a good clarifying shampoo? Because clarifying shampoo or the shampoo with ETDA as its main ingredient will also make the harmful elements in hard water less effective by neutralizing them. The result will have no or very minimal residue left on your hair to cause damage. You can combine these with other products such as baking soda shampoo or apple cider vinegar which you can use to rinse your hair at least once a month.

Wash With Neem Water

Add neem leaves to your water and bring it to boil. Now wash your hair with this water. It works amazingly. You will be surprised by the benefits of neem for your hair.It will just make your hair super soft and minimize the effects of hard water.

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Wash With Mineral Water Once In A While

This is yet another quick fix for preventing your hair from hard water. Just wash your hair with mineral water and see the amazing results.

Convert Hard Water To Soft Water / Add Water Softening Agents

Just add a little alum to your hard water and then wash your hair with it. It won’t be as harsh on your pretty hair as the hard water. A quick fix you can say.

Shower Filter

This is the oldest and the simplest fix for hard water. Just install a shower filter in your shower. It gets a little expensive though because you need to replace this time and again. But it just works like a charm in preventing your hair from had water.

How To Protect Hair From Hard Water

Now that you know how you can wash your hair with hard water, its time to take some measures to protect hair from hard water and repair the damage that has already been caused.

How To Protect Hair From Hard Water

Do The Hot Oil Treatment

Using the best oil to keep your hair revitalized is also another solution. Choose organic cold pressed oil according to our hair types. Hot oil treatment will prevent excessive dryness that comes from hard water use.

Use Good Hairbrush Preferably A Wooden One

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Using a good hairbrush can also be helpful since it will break down the accumulated residue. This opens up the pores allowing moisture intake as well as absorption of nourishing nutrients. Plus, if you use a good neem wooden comb it has great antibacterial and fungal properties to give best results.

Use Argan Oil As Hair Serum Or A Leave-in Treatment

I love argan oil. It helps in restoring the lost nutrients back. Just take coin-sized amount of good argan oil and apply it on your hair length and leave it on. It will keep your hair soft, moisturized and being lightweight it won’t weigh them down either.

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Take Lemon and Vinegar Hair Rinse

I always use a good hair rinse after my shampoo. Hair rinse is one method that I absolutely swear by and love taking recommending to everyone. So if you have hard water take a good hair rinse of lemon or vinegar. I personally just take a glass full of water and squeeze in half lemon and add one tsp of vinegar, I use ACV but you can also use white vinegar for this one.  Now just pour this rinse on your scalp and let it be. Don’t rinse with water afterward.


Always remember to clean your hair regularly and rinse thoroughly. If you’re wondering how you can identify hard water, just see if your shampoo lathers when washing. If it doesn’t, then the water is hard. Start by brushing your hair to break the residue then apply the chelating shampoo. Scrub gently until you’re satisfied that it’s clean. You can apply the shampoo twice for best results. Rinse, dry then apply the argan oil as hair serum or a leave-in conditioner.

With this routine and these products, your hair will be fresh and shiny as it is meant to be. Try these few tips to save your hair from hard water and do share your experiences with me. See you soon with more diys, home remedies, solutions to your hair queries and a lot more. To see what’s on my testing table currently, you can follow me on my Instagram.

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Dhanashri Gayakwad

Monday 29th of April 2019

My hair suddenly became rough after I started living in my hostel. Trying out your remedies. lets hope it works.

Priyanka Koli

Thursday 25th of April 2019

Thank you so much for sharing this. I love in Pune and water here is terrible. I am facing terrible hair loss since I moved here. This is a savior. Love you for this. Just a small request, could you share a good shampoo for dry hair please? TIA

Nimisha Popat

Saturday 27th of April 2019

I am glad you found it helpful. Please check this out

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