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7 Easy Tips For Improving Hair Health & Achieving Fuller Hair

7 Easy Tips For Improving Hair Health & Achieving Fuller Hair

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Your hair health is mostly affected by hormonal factors, genetics, environmental factors, water used for washing, your diet and your hair care routine. So here are some easy to follow tips that will help improve your hair health and help your achieve thicker and shinier hair. 

How To Improve Hair Health?

To improve your hair health naturally, follow these easy to incorporate tips in your hair care routine and you will notice a huge improvement in a very short span of time.

Choose Your Hair Products Wisely

Contrary to the common misconception, shampoos, hair conditioners or masks, styling tools, volumizing mousses, hair sprays are not exactly created equal. In fact, using the wrong or incorrect shampoo or any other hair product for that matter can actually do more harm to your tresses than good.

That’s the reason it is extremely important to analyze with a fine-tooth comb the right hair care products suited for your hair type and texture.

If you have naturally curly hair, for instance, steer clear of shampoos or conditioners that are formulated for straight-hair types as it won’t help you achieve beautiful curls and might not be as nourishing as your hair needs at the moment. 

A Healthy Scalp Translates To Improved Hair Health

The same way it is essential to nurture and tend to the soil if you want it to support healthy plants, a healthy scalp in excellent condition is needed for strong and vibrant follicles to thrive.

Keeping your scalp moisturized by practicing Indian hair oiling treatment is usually a great place to start. Do regular scalp massage following up with some hair steaming, and should you see signs of a dandruff infestation, then adopt a hair care routine for dandruff or you can try out good medicated shampoos for dandruff to bring the flaky situation under control.

Do Not Wash Oily Hair More Often

Regular washing comes in handy but for people with oily hair (and an oily scalp by extension) if you want to keep those tresses looking magnificent wash your hair just 2 or 3 times a week and no more. As over washing triggers more oil secretion from your scalp. Wash less, incorporate dry shampoos and hair rinses to keep your hair from getting greasy in a day.

You can use best shampoos for oily hair for more effective cleaning and less sebum build-up. 

Moisturization Is Key

Regardless of your hair type, one thing remains constant across the board – the essence of hydration and moisturization. Nourished hair tangles less often and it prevents your hair from looking like a brillo pad hair

You see, while shampoos, shampoo bars, dry shampoos and hair cleansers are designed to wring out as much dirt and grime from your hair as possible, moisturizers and conditioners are often optimized to balanced moisture and pH levels, which is required to sport that healthy hair.

In other words, skipping the moisturization and conditioning phase can very easily make your hair prone to breakages and split ends, which does not do your hair health any favors.

Protect Your Hair

As prevention is always better than cure, protect your hair from damage is an equally important step to improve your hair health naturally. You need to protect your hair from hard water by using shampoos for hard water areas so mineral deposits don’t damage your hair. It is equally important to adapt your hair care routine as per seasonal requirements and protect your hair from pollution and UV rays. 

Use Supplements

Supplements help compensate for deficiencies in your body that are not allowing your hair soak up required nutrients.

Truth be told, there are a gazillion vitamins currently on the market that are presented on the pedestal of faster hair growth. There are so numerous that it is not entirely unusual to be a little confused or mesmerized over what to pick and what to leave behind.

Luckily for you, the existence of bundles like this Men’s Daily Vitamin Packs and Wellabs vitamin packs for women saves the hustle of trying to micro-analyze what exactly to add to your hair growth journey by helping you get almost everything you need in one serving that will overtime help improve hair health from within. 

A Healthy Lifestyle Is Equally Important

In an ever-busy world that is constantly demanding that we be on our toes, it is very easy to forget the importance of rest, taking it easy, getting some quality sleep, exercising, practicing balayam for hair fall control and meditation for hair growth. Lead a stress free life!

Improve hair health

Over To You

Ironically, hair growth and the state of your hair are not just affected by the hair products but by using wrong hair products. You will also be surprised to find out that it is just as dependent on your nutritional regimen, supplementation plan, stress levels, and, generally, how healthy your lifestyle is.

The important thing, nevertheless, is that most of these can be fixed by simple dietary and lifestyle tweaks.

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~Written by Alex Stones.