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The Hair Loss Fix You Need: An Honest Traya Review

The Hair Loss Fix You Need: An Honest Traya Review

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It is universally known that bad hair days suck. They don’t just affect your hair, they affect your entire mood. But guess what’s worse? Hair fall! 

Because bad hair days are annoying, but not having hair is downright demotivating. Personally, it has to be one of my worst nightmares. Hence, things got alarming when I started noticing more than hundred strands a day on my boar bristle brush, satin pillow, or during a hair wash.

My concerns regarding hair loss began around May 2022, when I noticed my hair thinning. With that came the loss of volume and widening of the partition. I switched shampoos and conditioners, only to see no improvement. 

My Honest Traya Review

Thanks to search engine algorithms, I bumped into Traya’s hair loss treatment ad. I checked the brand and also referred to some Traya reviews. The treatment seemed impressively holistic and science-driven. In fact, the idea of them using three sciences (Dermatology, Ayurveda and Nutrition) hooked me more. 

I decided to go ahead and test it.

After 4+ months of being on the Traya journey, I’d like to share my own experiences.

How it started?

If there’s one thing that has made me hopeful since the start, it’s Traya’s free hair test. Apparently, customers are directed to take a two-minute online hair test on the Traya website to diagnose the root cause of their hair fall. 

I loved how hassle-free it was. 

It didn’t require me to book an appointment or physically visit a place. Just you and the comfort of your home! The test questions were framed simplistically for a layman to understand. This doctor-designed test consisted of questions relating to health, lifestyle, and family history. It’s cool how taking the test itself made me understand that my issue would be addressed suitably and correctly. 

After submitting the test, my diagnosis indicated Stage 2 Female Pattern Hair Loss, also called Androgenic Alopecia in scientific terms. I was prescribed a customized treatment plan by the doctors. Most importantly, they understood that one size doesn’t fit all. 

Note my words; I mention a treatment plan here, not just products! This is because Traya provides a healing diet plan and assigns a personal hair coach for motivation along with the kit. Remember the 3 sciences? Yep, they meant it!

Traya Anti Hair Fall Kit

traya health review

Without delays, I ordered the kit to start the treatment. My kit consisted of high quality traya hair products, aka:

Health Tatva: An Ayurvedic herbal supplement to improve immunity and energy levels, which would provide a base for healthy hair growth and balance my metabolism levels.

Hair Ras: An Ayurvedic hair supplement that revives hair follicles and balances doshas.

Recap Serum: Since I was still in the early stages of hair fall (Stage 2), Traya recommended me Recap and not Minoxidil. A dermatologically tested product with patented ingredients like redensyl, capixyl, and procapil to regrow hair

Scalp Oil: An Ayurvedic scalp massage therapy (Shiroabhyanga) to promote blood circulation and stimulation of hair follicles with the power of herbs for hair growth

My Experience With Traya Hair Coach

After getting the kit, I received a call from Nabila, my hair coach. She patiently explained the prescription and usage of each product. She also cleared my doubts and helped me understand the time frame and structure of the treatment. 

I was told that the results would take at least 5 months as the natural hair growth cycle has a duration. There’s no surprise that correct procedures take time. So if you’re someone who’s expecting your hair to grow magically in 2 weeks, Traya is not the thing for you, because Traya won’t give you such vague and unrealistic promises.

The hair coach also followed up regularly and guided me throughout the treatment. She helped me stay motivated and emphasized on being consistent to see the best results. It was difficult at times, but overall, it was feasible to follow. Moreover, it is totally worth it when you see your efforts fruiting. The sheer happiness of customers in Traya reviews is an excellent example of it.

How’s it going?

I am not big on fangirling, but Traya simply deserves it. The difference in my hair quality is visible. My hair volume has significantly improved, indicating growth. The hair fall completely decreased by the end of month 3. 

But that’s not all. 

I could see my overall energy levels getting better by the end of the second month. I feel active and more alert. Perhaps this is what holistic treatments aim at. As a fifth-month Traya anti hair fall kit user, I would undoubtedly recommend others to switch to the Traya way of life. The diet was challenging at first but I have kept up to at least 50% of it.

I could give a 5/5 star rating and stop there, but one line isn’t enough to justify my satisfaction with the treatment. Hence, my Traya review had to be detailed. Leaving great results aside, the integrity of the brand is also something to look up to. 

Now that all of this has been said, you know where to turn next to tackle your hair woes – Traya review.

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~Written by Lymraina Dsilva.

This post is in association with Traya. 

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