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Monsoon Hair Care Tips: How To Take Care Of Frizzy Hair & Control Hair Fall

Monsoon Hair Care Tips: How To Take Care Of Frizzy Hair & Control Hair Fall

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Hey Guys,

As promised, I am here with some easy and doable monsoon hair care tips. So I asked you guys on Instagram what are you guys currently struggling with now that Monsoon has arrived. So based on your messages, main problems for the monsoon that you guys are struggling with are dry frizzy hair, hair fall, split ends, dandruff, and lifeless hair. In case if you have any that I fail to include here, just let me know.

Effective Monsoon Hair Care Tips

So let’s just dig in as to how you can take care of your hair this monsoon and combat your hair problems.

Remove Rain Water

The first and foremost important thing to do is to remove the rain water and its effects from your hair and scalp. This is because rainwater is really bad for your hair. It’s one of the biggest culprits behind all your hair problems especially hair fall.

I know we all enjoy dancing in the rain and feeling those first breezes and showers. But as much fun as it is, it ruins your scalp and hair’s overall health. So whether knowingly or unknowingly you got your hair drenched in rainwater, you have got to take care of it.

To remove the effects of rain water, use a good clarifying shampoo once a month. Clarifying shampoo will help you remove the layers of build-up that the rainwater and other hair products leave. It helps your hair to get deeply clean and breathe again.

My personal favorite clarifying shampoos are Halo egg shampoo and Loreal Paris Extraordinary Clay Purifying shampoo.

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Wash Your Hair With Lemon & Neem Water To Remove Effects Of Rain Water

Now as I mentioned above, that you need to use clarifying shampoo but only once a month. More than that it starts working opposite for our hair if you use it frequently. It starts deep cleaning out natural oils which actually are necessary to protect our hair. So what’s the remedy here: the neem and lemon water.

So if you are like me who keeps getting wet in the rain, then this rainy season, then for the rest of the time, wash your hair with lemon and neem water. This will help in preventing fungal activity on your scalp and combat that severe hair fall.

How to make this lemon and neem water?

Take the desired quantity of water and keep it to boil. Add few neem leaves and squeeze lemon juice to it. Let it boil for 5 minutes and then turn off the flame. After it comes to room temperature, strain and use this water to wash and rinse your hair. Trust me you will notice beautiful results.

Hot Oil Massage

Now how can I write a post and miss hot oil treatments?

During this harsh season, your hair goes through a lot. The hard water, the cold breeze, the fungal activity on your scalp, frizzy hair, severe hair loss and the overall damage. The best way to take care of your hair in monsoon season is to do regular hot oil treatments. I personally do them twice a week but you should at least do them once a week.

Hot oil treatments are not only soothing but also helps your hair get strengthen from its roots. The oils actually assist you better to get rid of all the hair problems. The key is to choose the right oil according to your hair type.


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My personal favorite oils for this season are avocado, castor and argon oil but you can use any based on your hair type and current hair needs.

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Make sure to always use 100% cold pressed oils. These retain most of their natural nutrients and you get much more wonderful results.


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Give Your Hair Some Steam

If you want to get the maximum benefits from your hair oiling treatment, then use some steam afterward. The steam actually makes sure that the oil gets deeply penetrated into your hair and scalp. At the same time, it helps stimulate blood flow. This, in turn, will make your hair strong from within and you will notice that it helps fight frizzy hair, dry hair, split ends and dandruff too. So it’s a win-win.

To give steam I use my thermal steam cap (which I believe everyone should definitely invest in) but you can also simply take your towel, dip it in hot water and wrap it around your hair for 5 minutes for the equal effect.

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Use a Mild SLS Free Shampoo

In monsoon, your hair gets frizzy as it is. So instead of using a shampoo that has SLS in it, make sure to use a one that gently cleans your scalp without stealing its moisture and natural oils. I personally use a good mild shampoo that has less to no chemicals and prefer opting for a more natural shampoo.

My current favourite one is Biodegradable shampoo. It’s by far one of the best SLS free shampoos. But you can also check the list of top sls free shampoos in India.


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Conditioners Are Your Best Friends

Don’t ditch conditioners in monsoon.

These actually prevent your hair from getting tangled. Also, conditioners leave your hair smooth and are one of the easiest ways to keep frizz at bay. I personally use a conditioner that is silicone free because silicone lives build-up on your scalp but you can use the one that suits your boat.

Here is a quick tip

monsoon hair care tips

Use Hair Rinses

Now you all know how much I believe in using hair rinses. If you still aren’t using hair rinses then you are missing out on so much. In case if you are new here and don’t know what a hair rinse is, don’t worry darling I got you.

My favorite hair rinses for monsoon

  • Green tea rinse (it is one of my favorite rinses. Do it if you want to grow your hair faster and want frizz free smooth and glossy hair)
  • Lemon rinse (if itchy scalp is troubling you opt for this hair rinse. If your hair gets tangled a lot then it works nicely too. It works from first try itself.)
  • Fenugreek hair rinse (if hair fall and dandruff are your biggest hair enemies then this hair rinse is something that will help you. I swear by it and you will notice amazing results.)
  • Acv rinse (if you are facing irritated scalp and want to protect your hair colour then this hair rinse will help to maintain the natural ph. of your scalp.)

Use a T-shirt Instead Of Towel For Drying

Since you are already losing so much of hair and seeing those ends of your hair split-up, just make sure you don’t end up damaging your hair more every time you wash it. While drying your hair, what your regular towel does is that it creates static friction which damages your hair. It breaks your wet fragile hair to pieces leaving them dry and damaged. Whereas the soft t-shirt is actually gentle on your hair while drying.

If you are someone who experience split ends very often then you need to immediately stop using regular towels to dry your hair. I personally use this soft towel but any t-shirt will do the trick for you.

Here is a quick tip

monsoon hair care tips

Do Protein Treatment Once A Month

Your hair is very fragile during this season. So make sure you do a protein treatment once a month during monsoon season. I personally like using Himalaya protein cream but my most favorite is using egg mask.

This way you can treat your hair problems, while giving your hair the desired protein that it needs.

Deep Condition Twice a Month

Along with protein rich treatment, deep conditioning plays a vital role. Deep conditioning will condition your hair from within, leaving you with smooth and glossy hair. I personally make sure to do it every month.

My favorite homemade deep conditioning masks that will give you beautiful results:

Hair Spa Is The Best Way To Go

Pampering your hair with a spa can be an amazing way to get the best treatment for your hair. I personally do this quite often and so should you. How to do it exactly you can check these guides.

Use Beer Mask

I personally do this whenever I am in a rush. I simply rinse my hair with beer and leave it on for 10 minutes. Keep it for longer duration if you can bear the smell, I personally can’t so I then rinse it off. And trust me guys, you will see such beautiful and stunning results from first try itself.

It adds new life to your hair instantly. Especially if dull hair are your main concern, opt for this. It will add wonderful shine to your hair.

Monsoon Hair Care : Dos and Don’ts

Eat Tomatoes And Onions more

I know you might think why I am telling you to eat these instead of eggs and legumes and pulses. This is because raw tomato and onions are one of the quickest to deliver results when incorporated in your diet daily. It helps to get your hair healthier and combat your hair loss.

Also whenever you can, eat some protein rich food in your diet. It will make your hair strong from its roots.


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Drink More Water

I know how hard it is to maintain drinking more water in monsoon now that we have to already pee so much. But it’s mandatory. It actually helps your hair stay moisturized. This helps prevent breakage and damaged hair.

Avoid Gels and Sprays

These actually add to build-up and also when they come in contact with the moisture they actually tangle your hair. Just until monsoons are over try to use these as minimal as possible.

Minimize Hair Coloring

Coloring makes your hair dry and susceptible to damage. It’s a big no-on. But in case if you must then make sure you take good care of your hair afterward.

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

I tried covering as many tips as I could think of that will help with monsoon hair care. Hope you guys benefit from it in some way. Still if you have any doubts or any hair queries feel free to hit me up via comments or email.

Have a lovely day!


Saturday 7th of September 2019

Thank you for all the information on hair care is very rich l will try them because l have a lot of hair problem. I have hair loss, hair breakage thin hair and so on thanks again.


Friday 12th of July 2019

Thanks a ton for accepting my requaest and shaering such useful tips for monsoon. I will try dhem.

Nimisha Popat

Friday 12th of July 2019

I am glad it helped you :)

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