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Why & How Meditation For Hair Growth Works?(Proof With Case-Studies Included)

Why & How Meditation For Hair Growth Works?(Proof With Case-Studies Included)

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Meditation for hair growth?

I was as doubtful and clueless as you’re right now until I tried and gained the results.

In the era of hyper positivity and rat race, we give the least importance to mental well being and peace of mind.

Be it men or women hair loss has now become inevitable in our lives. It has become so common that we have almost stopped caring about it.

Apart from trying out a variety of treatments and salons, you can take the first step towards regrowing your lost hair and boost your hair growth right from the comfort of your home.

Yes! You heard it right! You can take the very first baby steps to regrow your lost hair in your own home at no cost.

The key to your lost hair and faster hair growth is ‘Meditation’.

How To Practice Meditation For Hair Growth?

Meditation for hair growth

For centuries our country believes that ‘Meditation is medicine’.

It has positive effects not only on combating hair loss but also achieving the peace of mind that you have always desired. It is not that hard as it sounds. 

Meditation is a simple yet effective way to cope up with stress as well as hair growth method. It is way simple to practice.

Here is the step-by-step guide to begin with your meditation journey:

  • Keep your gadgets away as it may distract you.
  • Sit in a comfortable position either on a cushion or on the floor.
  • Close your eyes and let your thoughts wander.
  • Don’t worry about the thoughts that are interrupting.
  • Let your focus be only on your breathing.
  • Start from 5 minutes in your day and gradually increase the timing.

Meditation is nothing but a state of awareness and being mindful. With consistency and continuous practice, there will be notable changes not only just your hair and skin but your overall health too. 

Types of Meditation For Hair Growth You Can Try:

  • Basic Mediation(the one I described above)
  • Guided Meditation
  • Pyramid Meditation

Pyramid Meditation For Hair Growth

Pyramid meditation is said one of the best meditations for hair growth. To begin with it, you can either build a basic three-dimensional pyramid three times bigger than you or you can buy one of the pyramid centers out there in the city.

The best material for the pyramid is copper. It can also be made of wood and marble.

Pyramids are said to attract positive energy from the environment. Even plants placed under a pyramid greenhouse tend to grow much faster and bigger. So you can imagine how beneficial it will be for you.

The benefits of pyramid meditation are excessive,

  • It treats insomnia,
  • Provides positive energy,
  • It cures migraine, blood pressure,
  • Boosts your mental health,
  • Triggers hair growth,
  • Increases resistance to diseases.

You can start with 2 minutes of your day. Stay with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. It doesn’t matter if your thoughts are floating. Continue meditating with your focus on breathing.

Pyramid meditation benefits your hair’s overall health and it is said to be a quick healer.

Guided Meditation For Hair Growth

If you feel meditation is stressful and confusing, you can opt for guided meditation instead.

Guided meditation is as the name suggests, is done with the help of a guide or a narrator. Visualization is the key technique here.

The best thing about guided meditation is it provides you an experience that is very realistic. This realistic experience brings a change in your body through your mind and visualization skills. 

For example, if you want to have healthy, and voluminous hair. The narrator’s guide will help you experience your desired output through positive visual scenes.

Through guided meditation, our brain experiences it for real and forms new neural pathways. In simple terms, guided meditation gets access to the subconscious mind and reprograms the mind.

In the long run, with consistency, it is proven to increase mindfulness, emotional balance, and much more. There are many playlists and apps such as Headspace, Calm, Sattvaand The Mindfulness App to assist you better.

Why Meditation for Hair Growth And Combating Hair Loss Works?

Meditation in general increases the blood circulation to your head. It helps in resetting your emotions, helps you to calm your mind which in turn combats hair loss by reducing your stress levels.

We all know the importance of hormonal balance. When it takes a toss we start to develop complications in our mind and body. Proper practicing of meditation corrects your hormonal imbalance and leaves your body with peace and harmony.

Meditation is one such long Indian hair growth secret that Nimisha inherited growing up.

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Note by HCS

A study conducted in July 2011, showed that patients with alopaecia practicing meditation has significant improvement in hair loss problems as well as improvement in overall hair health.

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It may seem hard at the very beginning. Once you start to enjoy the benefits you’ll never turn back. 

~Written by Kirupa Sekar, Edited By Nimisha Popat