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9 Hair Color Ideas That Are Trending This Season

9 Hair Color Ideas That Are Trending This Season

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With the new year, we all want to up our hair game and experiment with different hair color ideas that we haven’t before. Changing your hair color and diving into different hair color trends is something that we are all guilty of as a part of our new year’s hair resolution

As Benjamin Disraeli says, “Change is Inevitable. Change is constant.” When we usher in a new year, we frequently transform small things into greater ones. We do it as a means of improving ourselves. It helps lift our spirits and turn all of our negative emotions into positive ones.

For your forthcoming new year’s party or a simple family get-together, why not consider changing your hair color as part of the “new you” trend? Changing your usual hair color will be a big step, but it will give you flexibility and freshness to start a year. So, why not try one of these hair color ideas if you want to have a blast on New Year’s Eve with your new hair color?

New Year Hair Color Ideas

Looking for a hair color might be difficult, but these recommendations will make it easier. All you have to do is choose what you think suits you or ask your hair stylist, and do not forget to present screenshots to achieve it perfectly.

Smoky Ash Purple Hair

Every skin tone or haircut complements the edgy and appealing smoky ash purple hair color. With wavy, straight, frizzy, or smooth hair, women with gray hair look wonderful. These are simple to style and will fit your winter attire from Christmas through the New Year. 

Additionally, the possibility to change and style the smoky ash purple does not end there. You match it with brown, blonde, or even red shades. 

And this will be your favorite hair color of the year, and aside from bringing out the best in you with this shade of smoky ash or ash purple, it is also one of the low-maintenance hair colors because when the color fades, it will look like an ombre shade of smoky ash. 

So when new hair grows, there is nothing to worry about because you are still in line with the smoky ash trend.

Golden Baby Blonde

This blonde color is incredibly light in tone, as opposed to a flawless white blonde that is all over. Although it is almost platinum, it has richer undertones and warmer sun-bleached colors throughout for a youthful but natural appearance. 

This hair color trend is a fantastic way to stand out at your New Year’s party or any occasion. A look that you will never forget because of the stunning result that this golden-baby blonde color has. This hair color is also one of the ideal hues that will match the party and make you look fabulous and dazzling.

Chocolate Brown

If you are not a fan of light colors, then chocolate brown is good for you. It is not only stunning and refined appearing but also vibrant. So it’s safe to claim that if you opt for this hair color idea, nothing wrong can happen.

 It comes in a lot of varieties, and it is up to you on whether what chocolate brown you want to get. However, brown hair with blonde highlights is a great option if you prefer muted dark brown hair rather than hair with a lot of red overtones.

Deep Auburn


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The deep red hues are lovely, especially for the next colder months, and are effective complements for winter clothing. 

On women with deeper skin tones, this is stunning. It will work well on you if you have brown eyes because the red draws attention to the warm undertones of your eyes. It establishes the eye color as a contrast color and produces a lovely contrast for someone with blue or green tones.

However, while dyeing hair red you need to keep in mind that it is a high-maintenance hair color that requires extra effort on your part. 

Classic Balayage


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Your hair is brightened to appear natural and sun-kissed with gradation using the freestyle coloring technique known as balayage, which is French for “to sweep.” One portion of the hair is colored just in the traditional balayage technique, which is a gentler variation of the operation. 

It is famous for requiring little upkeep and only minimal touch-ups. It’s a method for coloring hair that avoids utilizing sharp edges. These highlights will look amazing when they are visible through your hair because of their elegance, tenderness, and simplicity.

Hazelnut Brown


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A brown base with golden, caramel, and reddish undertones runs through the hazelnut hair color. The end effect is a stunning, natural-looking tint that suits everyone well! It is ideal for those with dark brown hair who wish to give their locks a little depth and character. 

Additionally, it is also a low-maintenance hair color idea with a big impact on your everyday routine or any occasion. This hair color hue is perfect for your busy schedule celebrating New Year’s Eve. 

With this hazelnut brown, you have nothing to worry about your hair because it will blend with any hairstyle you are comfortable with in celebrating a party or any occasion.

And in terms of clothing style, this will look perfectly fine because this hair color idea is one of the many colors you can match in a bright hue of clothing.

Midnight Blue


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If you are not a fan of bright hair color ideas for new years eve and want to stick to darker shades or tones, this midnight blue is perfect for your taste. It is a deep blue shade that will look good on brunettes who don’t want brighter shades with lots of highlights. 

This hair color is perfect for New Year’s Eve if you want to achieve a new look but with elegance while celebrating the party with your loved ones and want to start this new year with a gorgeous makeover.

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas


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If you want something new that would help you express how colorful your life is and want to spend your New Year’s eve with a bright hair color trend, then this rainbow hair color is perfect to complete your dazzling look. 

This hair color might sound too risky, but if you try it, you will surely love the result and how it turns out and uplifts your entire hair game. Why trouble yourself by thinking of only one color if you can have two or more fabulous colors this new year?

Sunflower Hair 


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If you are the kind of person who likes to take risks on new things, you must try this unique hair color idea for an instant uplift. It is trending this season as well as it suits most people. You will surely stand out with this type of hair color idea. 

To try this, all you need to do is muster up the courage to step outside of your comfort zone.

But once you do, it will surely be rewarding and worth the effort. You can find out exactly how to do sunflower hair color in 9 different styles.

Looking for your ideal hair color may be difficult, but it is now made easy with these aforementioned hair color ideas. Whether new year or not, before trying any of these hair color ideas and accepting the new you, you have to do is gather the confidence to venture outside of your comfort zone. 

And in case if your hair color doesn’t turn out the way that you desired, you can always do a bleach bath for hair or use a good clarifying shampoo to remove color. I would recommend you use the hair color changer apps and experiment with different hair colors and hairstyles to find out which one suits best for you. 

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