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My Hair Care Routine For Dry Hair: Products, Tips and DIYs Included

My Hair Care Routine For Dry Hair: Products, Tips and DIYs Included

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Are you looking for a simple hair care routine for dry hair?

I might be able to help. 

I follow the simplest hair care routine for my dry hair.

This is the exact one I am following currently which helps keep frizziness at bay, nourish my scalp and moisturize my dry hair. I tweaked it a little bit since the monsoon arrived. 

And with the monsoon, I always deal with itchy scalp and a bit of hair fall. 

My Hair Care Routine For Dry Hair

hair care routine for dry hair

Let’s discuss.

I am a member of the dry hair family. And someone with 30 inches of hair length, my ends and hair need a little more care. 

Pre-poo treatment aka my hot oil hair treatment

I never skip my hot oil treatment.

I at least oil my hair for half an hour before I shampoo. These days since my hair is dry, my scalp is itchy with dandruff and I am noticing more than 100 hair strands failing daily, I am using kalonji oil with rosemary essential oil added to it or I use avocado oil.

Both of these I use alternately to combat dandruff, hair loss, and frizziness. 

I usually heat the hair oil using the double boiler method to enhance its nutrients. I then part my hair in smaller sections oil my hair well concentrating more on my roots and ends. 

On weekends, I keep hair oil overnight, and on weekdays, I keep it just for half an hour. 

Scalp massages are crucial for me

After oiling my hair, I always do a 15-minute gentle scalp massage. This ensures my roots get all the nourishment and they become stronger with each passing day. 

I do this because of the tremendous benefits of scalp massage. Occasionally I also follow the inversion method for faster hair growth.

A quick tip that I follow is I massage my scalp daily for 5 minutes every night before going to bed. This helps me relax better and my hair tends to love it too. 

Steaming is a crucial part of my hair care routine 

I give my hair some steam almost every time before I proceed to shampoo my hair. 

I use my thermal steam cap and preheat it and keep it on for 10 minutes. I can’t use the thermal steam cap while it’s plugged because I noticed it was giving me a headache. But pre-heated cap doesn’t give me any headache.

Why do I use steam?

Steam helps the oil penetrate better into hair shafts and scalp. This in turn triggers hair growth and gives me quicker relief from dandruff.

Which steam cap do I use?

I use this one

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Neem Water for Washing my hair

These days the water in my area is very hard. And to protect my hair from hard water and to get quick relief for my scalp issues, I use neem water. This is an optional step but I do this.

Use SLS-free shampoo

I do practice what I preach. That is why I use SLS-free shampoo for my dry hair. Other shampoos that contain SLS usually leave me with scratchy and itchy scalp and extremely dry ends. 

Currently, I am using Zilch Tango shampoo. It is SLS-free and suits my hair well. I also add few drops of argan oil to it just for that extra nourishment. 

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You can also check out this post on what to add to your shampoo for problem-free hair.

I also apply a little bit of conditioner on my hair ends before shampoo to prevent split ends. 

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Cold conditioner is my way

I know you might be wondering what is cold conditioner. 

Before using my hair conditioner, I keep it refrigerated for 20 minutes. This helps in better-moisturized hair. I keep the conditioner on for 5 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. 

I use cold water so that the water doesn’t strip off moisture from my hair strands. 

Currently, I am using Zilch Conditioner but I am thinking of trying the Tresemme Conditioner or might go back to my Herbal essences conditioner.

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hair care tips by hair care square (23)

Hair rinses are my hair secret

I love hair rinses.

I do a hair rinse, every time I wash my hair. You can know more about what are hair rinses here.

Currently, I either do fenugreek hair rinse or rosemary water rinse for hair. Both work well for my dry hair and hair fall troubles. If I get too itchy scalp, then I do an ACV rinse. 

Use a microfibre towel to naturally dry my hair

After hair rinse, I use a microfibre towel to dry my hair. This ensures that I minimize heat damage by skipping the hairdryer and the microfiber aren’t harsh while I dry it gently. 

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Replace the serum with argan oil

I have started using little argan oil to tame my frizzy hair instead of my regular hair serum. 

This has been a huge difference for me. My hair stays frizz-free and manageable and I notice a nice shine to my hair. 

Currently, I am using this argan oil as my hair serum and I apply it just like you normally apply your hair serum. Trust me, it doesn’t weigh your hair down. 

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Switched to wooden comb

Plastic combs have been kicked out of my hair care routine for dry hair long back. 

They had a static effect which was damaging my hair. I currently am using a neem wooden comb that helps distribute natural oils from my scalp to my entire hair length. Which in turn ensures that I rarely get visited by split ends or dry ends for that matter. 

I brush my hair thrice a day. Once in the morning, once in the evening, and once before I go to bed.

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I deep condition twice a month

My hair is very dry and if I skip my deep conditioning treatment for longer than a month, my hair tends to get a lot frizzy and star appearing lifeless. So I use any of these hair masks that I have handy:

I make sure to include protein in my diet

I tend to eat paneer, tofu, eggs, and a lot of leafy veggies and legumes in my daily diet. 

Apart from these:

Hope you guys get some inspiration or ideas to form your own hair care routine for dry hair. Let me know what products do you use currently and how are they faring? I would love to try new hair products for dry hair

In case if I missed your hair queries, please submit them here

Have a lovely day.


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