How To Bleach Bath Hair To Remove Color? Guide For Beginners

how to bleach bath hair

When you choose to lighten your hair color by a shade or two using a combination of shampoo, developer, and bleaching powder it is called bleach bath hair. It lightens your hair gradually over time without your hair going through the full-blown damage of regular bleaching. A bleach bath is less harsh on your hair as … Read more

Benefits of Safflower Oil For Hair And Skin: How To Use It

safflower oil for hair

I recently came across a study that mentioned the benefits of using safflower oil for hair and skin. Imagine you found an oil that was as versatile as , as effective as castor oil for hair growth, and as light as olive oil? Safflower oil is that 3-in-1 oil that can do wonders to your hair … Read more

Coconut Water For Hair: Benefits and How To Use It The Right Way?

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of using coconut water for hair? Is coconut oil better or coconut water better for your hair? Most people think of coconut water as just a hydrating and nutritious drink. Perfect on a hot day to quench your thirst. Coconut water being full of nutrients that not … Read more

How To Use Coconut Oil As Leave-in Conditioner For Frizzy Hair

coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner

Have you tried using coconut oil as leave-in conditioner? As someone who is a member of the dry hair family, I tend to try new tips to keep my hair moisturized.   If like me, you too are looking for a way to nourish your hair in a better way, try using coconut oil as a … Read more

How To Get Slime Out Of Hair In 3 Ways: Kids & Pet-Friendly Ideas

Have you ever faced the stubborn slime stuck to your hair? And while trying to remove it, have you noticed it sticks harder. What to do in such case? How To Get Slime Out Of Hair?     A lot of children love to make slime, and because it is sticky, as a result it … Read more

Benefits Of Onion For Hair: How To Use It The Right Way?

onion for hair

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of onion for hair, then you are probably living under the rock. Everyday, more and more people opt for onion juice for faster hair growth and post their success stories online raving about it. But when I think of onions, what most likely crosses my mind is a … Read more

DIY Ayurvedic Hair Mask Kit By BlendItRaw: Best For Hair Fall Control?

DIY Ayurvedic Hair Kit by BlendItRaw

At this hair blog, you will see me preaching Ayurveda for better hair care.  ‘Ayurveda’, this term is used so commonly by almost everyone these days. And most of the time, it is coined onto the label just to increase sales. Being a daughter of a Doctor who practices Ayurveda for a living, I am blessed … Read more

What Is Pineapple Hairstyle? And How It Can Protect Your Hair?

pineapple hairstyle

Having long, flowing, and glossy hair has been a dream for most of us. Whenever we begin upon our journey to grow long hair or keep hair healthy, we tend to give it up halfway through our hair goals. The reasons could be anything like lack of motivation, misinformation, or hair damage that keeps undoing … Read more

Benefits Of Avocado Hair Mask For Dry, Damaged Hair

best avocado hair mask

Have you tried an avocado hair mask before? It sounds sticky and messy but has superb repairing and hydrating properties. Well, I love using avocado oil in my hair care routine but I rarely use avocado on my hair directly. However, last week, I just opened my refrigerator to pick up something and saw an … Read more

Olive Oil For Hair: 5 Benefits and How To Use It The Best Way?

olive oil for hair

Have you tried using olive oil for hair yet? You’ve probably been hearing about how olive oil is the best oil in the market and how good it is for health. Especially the extra-virgin olive oil is the most popular choice. It is used in salad dressings, cooking other delicacies, and even moisturizing your skin … Read more

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately In 5 Steps|Tried & Tested

How to stop hair fall immediately

Rarely sunsets without this query finding its way in my inbox: How to stop hair fall? From last week, this has become the most requested one. And since its the time when we are continuing with our Reader’s Queries and My Solutions series, I thought why not help you guys find a quicker way to get … Read more

Homemade Amla Oil For Grey Hair: Benefits & How To Use?

amla powder and coconut oil for hair

Have you tried using amla oil for grey hair? This is a wonderful recipe of homemade amla oil that my grandma makes very often. Mind you, I am spilling the beans of her secret of long & thick hair. Whenever I visit her, she insists on making this oil for grey hair and massaging it … Read more

How To Fix Dull Lifeless Hair? Natural Tips That Actually Work

How to add life to dull and lifeless hair?

Ever since I started my Reader’s Queries Section on this hair blog, this has been one of the most requested queries: How to fix and add life to dull hair? Now that we are back with the series again, I thought this would be a perfect hair problem that I can address. So if you … Read more

Try This Egg And Curd Hair Mask For Dry, Damaged & Limp Hair

Egg And Curd Hair Mask For Dry, Damaged & Limp Hair

Have you tried the simplest egg and curd hair mask yet? You know I love trying out new and different hair masks be it homemade or store bought. And I also love using eggs on my hair. I use eggs for hair as deep conditioning egg and banana hair mask, homemade egg shampoo or even … Read more

My Grey Hair Reversal Story: How To Get Rid Of Premature Grey Hair

grey hair reversal story

Sharing my grey hair reversal story in complete detail today. As most of you already know that I have grey hair. And I often share quick remedies and hacks that help to maintain and hide greys naturally. So recently I thought of sharing how to reverse grey hair naturally with you guys. Here it goes… … Read more

Coconut Oil With Curry Leaves And Fenugreek Seeds For Hair Fall

coconut oil with curry leaves and fenugreek seeds

Today I am going to share a homemade coconut oil with curry leaves and fenugreek seeds hair mask. I have always been someone who prefers DIYing instead of using mass-produced products. That is why whenever I go through severe hair fall or when my greys start popping, I make this homemade hair oil mask using … Read more

How To Make And Use Cayenne Pepper Oil For Hair Growth ?

cayenne pepper oil for hair

If you have been struggling with hair loss and your hair not growing fast enough, I have a solution for you: The cayenne pepper oil for hair. Yes, the oil made from Cayenne Pepper. Why you ask? The cayenne pepper helps in maintaining your hair health and also improving your hair inside out. Benefits of … Read more

8 Ways To Use Rose Water For Beautiful Hair That You’ve Always Desired!

rose water benefits for natural hair

You know its rose water when the smell of fresh roses wafts through the air and not just that, it charms you with its nourishing goodness. A flower that’s not just a symbol of love and is pretty but also has some of the best qualities to enhance one’s beauty and body. A rich source … Read more