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How to Take Care of your Hair in Winter Naturally with Home Remedies?

How to Take Care of your Hair in Winter Naturally with Home Remedies?

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Hey girls,

How are you? Its such an awesome weather now in India. Its winter season here and its starting to get chilly and being a tea person I just love sitting in my garden in winter evenings with my friends and my Cookie(my baby dog) sipping hot tea and gossiping about every idiotic topic in the world. Its just so amazing. I just love inters in India.

Even though I love winters so much but my hair and skin seems to hate it. My skin is getting dry, my hair is getting frizzy, my scalp is getting flaky and oh the devil of all, the hair fall. This happens to me every year, as soon as inter arrives my hair fall starts that too extreme hair fall. I started losing like more than 100 strands while brushing my hair *wipes a tear*. And being the drama queen that I am, I just can’t stop screaming every time I brush my hair. I started to feel I will have no hair left after the winter ends 😉

I start worrying a little too much too soon *guilty;)*. But yeah I actually got the problems covered in a month and finally I thought to share the exact steps I took to tackle these hurdles and made my hair healthier again in this harsh winter.

How to Take Care of your Hair in Winter Naturally with Home Remedies?

Winters tends to make our hair and scalp all the more dryer because of lack of moisture in the air. So, the first step is to give your hair a good dose of moisture that it needs to survive this harsh winter. The best source of moisture is hot oil treatments.

1. Winter Hair Care by Hot Oil Treatments

If you are a regular reader of HCS, you might already know that hot oil treatments are a big and important part of my hair care routine not matter what season it is. That is because my hair tends to be on the dryer side and are of low hair porosity. Hence, I need to use heat to penetrate the moisture in my hair and scalp.

diy hair oil for winters to treat dry ahir and scalp

Do-It-Yourself Hair Oil for Winters for Dry Scalp and Frizzy Hair

I usually make my own hair oil according to my hair’s needs but right now for winters I make a hair oil by combining the oils mentioned below

  • Coconut Oil ( as base oil) – 2 TSP
  • Amla Oil (Indian Gooseberry oil) – 1 TSP
  • Castor Oil – 1 TSP
  • Vitamin E Capsules – 2
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil (optional) – 3 drops

Step 1 : Take a bowl and add Coconut Oil and add Tea tree essential oil. I used tea tree oil because it helps in treating flaky scalp.

Step 2 : Add Amla Oil (I used Patanjali Amla Oil), Castor Oil and oil from 2 Vitamin E capsules.

Step 3 : Mix them together well and your oil for winters is ready to use.

Step 4 : Heat your oil using indirect heat method  to keep enhance its nutrients.

Step 5 : Now massage this oil slowly into your scalp by parting smaller sections and massage it well for good 4 minutes.


  • No matter which oil you chose for your hot oil treatment, make sure it is free of mineral oils otherwise it wont do any good to your hair.
  • If you don’t want to make the hair oil that mentioned above you can use any hair oil that you like or you can check out this guide to find out the perfect hair oil for your hair.
  • Always heat your hair using indirect method and never heat it directly.
  • Always massage your scalp in slow circular motions and never use your nails just use your finger tips.
  • Try to keep the oil at least half an hour. I keep it over night.

This hot oil treatments are so pampering in winters especially if someone else is massaging the oil into your scalp. Its always a great idea to leave the oil overnight but if you are in hurry at least keep it for 30 minutes.

2. Winters Hair Care : Give Steam before Washing the Hair Oil

After the hot oil treatment, try and give a little steam to your oiled hair before washing the hair oil. Why? Because the steam helps in better penetration and absorption of hair oil  into scalp and hair. This light warmth that we are giving also helps in better blood circulation which in turn promotes hair growth.

massage-therapy-158471how to give steam to your hair

How to Give Steam to your Hair at Home using a Towel

To give steam, I usually use my thermal cap. I just plug it in, wear it and let the steam on for a couple of minutes. But if you don’t have the thermal cap then you can use a towel or a napkin for this too.

Step 1 : Take hot water in a mug/jar.

Step 2 : Dip your towel ( I use Napkin because I find it more convenient) in hot water and let the towel or napkin soak it.

Step 3 : Now wring the towel to remove excess water and just place it onto your hair and let the steam pass through.

Step 4 : As soon as you feel that the towel has become cold and you stop feeling steam just repeat the steps mentioned above. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes and then shampoo your hair.


  • Try not to use too much hot water because you might not want to burn yourself.
  • Don’t do this more than once a week and that maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Add ACV for better effect. I add 1 TSP of ACV to a mug full of hot water. You can skip adding ACV or add few drops of lemon juice instead. Why I add this is because it helps in treating dryness of scalp better. But as I mentioned, you can totally skip it and just take plain hot water.

apple cider vinegar for hair

You should definitely include steaming as integral part of your hair care routine to make your dry hair healthier and faster hair growth.

3. Winter Hair Care : Washing your Hair

Winters are drying on our hair and scalp. Now washing it more with the shampoos that actually are loaded with heavy chemicals is extremely bad idea. Hence you need to keep in mind few things while shampooing your hair in winters.

how to wash your hair in winter : winter hair care

  1. You definitely need a shampoo that is free of sls and alcohol. This will prevent from stripping your natural oils.
  2. If you already love a shampoo that contains sls but you feel that it suits you very well then you need to add few drops of Olive Oil or Oil from a Vitamin E oil capsule to your shampoo. This will prevent your shampoo from being too harsh on your hair.
  3. Soak your hair in water completely before you apply shampoo. And never ever apply shampoo directly onto your hair.
  4. Dilute your shampoo in water and avoid using it directly. This will help in preventing your scalp from being more flaky.
  5. Try opting for a mild shampoo or natural home made shampoos in winter.
  6. Avoid washing your hair with hot water. I know its extremely hard especially in winters but you need to use normal water to prevent frizziness.
  7. Minimize washing your hair. Like in summers, I wash my hair 3 times a week but in winters I wash my hair every 4-5 days.
  8. If your ends are too dry, then apply a conditioner and then shampoo your hair.

Washing your hair in a right way makes a huge difference than you may think. My hair used to be extremely dry but now after washing my hair in the right way that too with right kind of products have improved my hair a lot.

4. Winter Hair Care : Hair Rinsing Method

hair rinser

Hair rinsing a technique where you

  1. Shampoo your hair and rinse it off with water
  2. Put a hair rinser on your hair, leave it on for 5 -10 minutes and then rinsing it off with water
  3. Conditioning your hair and then rinsing it off with water.

I wrote a detailed post on different types of hair rinsers that you can make and use as per your hair problems. The sad part is people don’t realize how powerful this technique is. You need to just put a hair rinser in your hair and invest 10 minutes when you wash your hair and the results can be breath taking.

DIY Fenugreek Hair Rinser for Winters

For winters, my favorite hair rinser is the Fenugreek hair rinse. All you need to do is

  1. Soak some Fenugreek seeds overnight in water
  2. The next morning, strain the water and use this water as a hair rinser. That’s it.
  3. Just shampoo your hair and then put this Fenugreek water on your hair and let it stay for 10 minutes. It smells really bitter but slowly your hair will be so healthy and shiny that you wont mind the smell.
  4. Now after 10 minutes rinse it off with water and condition your hair as usual.

I love how this hair rinser have reduced my hair fall problem plus my hair feels healthy and shiny.

5. Winter Hair Care : Conditioning your Hair

I love hair conditioners as they make our hair more soft and manageable. In winters you need a good and extra nourishing conditioners. Hence you always need to keep in mind

how to condition your hair this winter

  1. Buy a conditioner that is made with nourishing natural oils.
  2. Make your the conditioner is silicone free other wise it will create a buildup and worsen your scalp condition.
  3. Make sure your rinse the conditioner out completely.
  4. If after using conditioner, your hair feels limp and lifeless you need to change your conditioner.
  5. If your hair are more on dryer side then consider using a leave in conditioner afterwards.

Always make sure you use the conditioner that suits your hair type and is silicone free. Also regular conditioning is not enough in winters make sure you deep condition your hair at least once a week.

6. Other Basics of how to take care of your hair in winter naturally using home remedies !!!

Like I mentioned above that you need some extra care for your hair in this chilly season. Keep in mind the following things too.

winter hair care

1.Try replacing serums with Argan oil.

Argan oil is light and extremely non sticky. It wont weigh your hair down. In fact it will make your hair more manageable as compared to serums. You can also use Jojoba oil or olive oil instead.

2.Avoid using hair dryers.

I know its so cold and the wet hair makes it all the more chilly, and you are tempted to use the dryers but absolutely stay away from them. Hair dryers makes your hair extremely dry and rough. Absolute no no during winters.

3.Use a wide tooth comb or a hair brush with boar bristles.

Using a wide tooth comb helps in better detangling your hair with breakage. Always detangle your hair first using wide tooth comb and then go for normal hair  or brushes. If your hair gets detangled too much then there might be a chance that your are not rinsing off the products completely. Plus if you want you can definitely try using a DIY hair detangling spray that I shared in my earlier posts.

4.Avoid using towel, use a soft t-shirt instead to dry your hair.

You don’t wont to be too harsh on your hair while drying them, the winter has done enough already. That is why use a t-shirt instead of towel. This will not only control frizz but also prevent split ends and hair loss.

5.Try Braiding your hair more often.

Being a girl, I know how much we love going out keeping our hair open. But in winter try avoiding that. Opt for light braids for more time. This will prevent your hair from further drying out. At the same time you need to avoid the hairstyles that are too tight. This can increase hair fall.

6.Wearing woolen clothes??? Then silk scarf is a must for your hair.

In winters, we wear warm clothes which makes us feel so warm and cozy. These clothes however makes our hair all the more drying especially near our shoulders. So, while you are wearing your warm clothes consider wearing a silk scarf so your hair does not come directly in contact with the wool.

Also while stepping out cover your hair with scarf or a hat.

7.Try using products that contains Shea Butter, Argan Oil or Natural Oils.

In winters, like we opt for body butters for extra nourishment, try opting for shampoos and conditioners that contains Shea Butter, Argan Oil or natural oils.

8. Avoid coloring, perming or going for harsh styling treatments.

Your hair and scalp tend to get dryer as it is. Avoid opting for treatments that can further dry your hair out. No matter how many products are out there but if you are continuously torturing your hair with heat and stlying then remember one day nothing will look good on your fried hair.

9.Try opting for more natural products.

Avoid the harsh chemicals this season as much as you can. Avoid products that contains Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, Mineral oils or Artificial smells.

10.Eat healthy and have healthy hair.

The last and most important of all is eat healthy. Eat lots of green vegetables, carrots, lettuce and make sure you are drinking lots of water. If your body is hydrated from inside your hair will be hydrated too.

Absolutely avoid or at least minimize alcohol and coffee intake. Avoid smoking. All these habits just makes your hair more unhealthy.

11. Avoid Coloring your hair.

I know I have gray hair, so how much we need to color our hair to prevent gray hair from popping out. Well you can use this hair mask and hair oil for coloring your hair instead. Also if you are just worried about hiding your grays in your pictures then you can use these apps for editing your hair color.;)

I did all this for over a month and my hair that became frizzy and damaged are now more manageable and healthy. I mostly have overcome my hair fall problem too by following this hair care routing. During this month I oiled my hair every Saturday and kept it overnight.

Hope you guys will find this post on how to take care of your hair in winter naturally with home remedies useful. I tried sharing all the basics that I thought of. Do share if you feel something is left out. See you soon with more such awesome posts, till then take very good care of your hair. Have a lovely day !!!

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REgular hot oil treatments :)

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