how to protect your hair from pollution
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How To Protect Your Hair From Pollution And Prevent Hair Fall?

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Have you noticed how pollution damages our hair and skin?

Pollution wrecks our hair and skin from within. The harmful pollutants, dust, smoke, and whatnot present in the air these days are one of the major causes of our hair fall and damaged hair. Have you tried almost everything but the hair fall and damage doesn’t seem too distant themselves from your hair? Then one of the biggest culprits behind it might be ‘the pollution’.

Hair care tips to protect your hair from pollution?

Now that you discovered that pollution might be one reason you are losing your precious hair. Here is what you can do to protect your hair from this evil.

how to protect your hair from pollution

Moisturization is the key

Dry hair is more susceptible to damaged. They are the easiest target of pollution. If you have the dry hair mask sure you moisturize them very well.

Don’t wash your hair every day.

This is one of the reasons where you are responsible for damaging your own hair. Washing your hair daily results in the natural oils being stripped off which actually protects your hair from the harsh pollution. Make sure that you don’t wash your hair daily.

Also, use a clarifying or pollution control shampoo once a month. This will ensure that the pollutants that have already been sitting on your hair shaft, gets rinsed off and your hair again gets a chance to breathe properly.

Use rosehip oil

Rosehip oil helps to repair damaged hair. If you are stepping out, make sure you apply a little bit of rosehip oil on your hair. Here is my favorite rosehip oil.

Don’t step out with oiled hair, wet hair or hair gels.

These accumulate dirt, dust, and pollution. If you oil your hair heavily and step out, the oil attracts all these harmful things which in turn damages your hair. So, avoid stepping out with oiled hair, wet hair or hair gels at all costs.

Prevent your hair by covering with a scarf or hat

This is a no-brainer. Hat or scarf helps to protect your hair from the harsh pollution and also the harmful UV rays. Always try to cover your hair in the areas with high pollution.

Avoid conditioners with silicones

These leave a layer of build-up on your hair shaft which makes your hair more susceptible to damage. MAke sure to use a silicone free conditioner instead.

Avoid over styling

Weak hair becomes the easy victims of pollution. Over styling damages your hair from within. Keep heat styling to the minimum.

How to Repair Hair Damage because of Pollution?

Even though your tried your best but sometimes the pollution just wins and ruins your hair with lot of damage. SO here are some hair care tips on how to repair your hair damage.

Go for hair detox

I have repeatedly shared how I do hair detox once every two months. The pollution and dirt that has already been sitting on your hair and scalp need to be removed. And mostly shampoo alone fails to do its job. That is why you need to go for a hair detox every two months to make sure all these harsh pollutants gets rinsed off completely.

Take lemon hair rinse

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Lemon rinse helps you get rid of the greasiness in your hair.

Do regular hot oil treatments to reverse the damage and give steam

Yes, this again.

If you know me this is what I will always recommend you to do. Hot oil treatments are very magically healing for your hair. If you have damaged hair make sure you do hot oil treatment very regularly.

Hair spa will help reverse the damage

Regular hair spa will help you get rid of the damage. I personally do hair spa once every two months but if you have very damaged hair you can even do it twice a month.

Do a protein treatment

Your hair is made up of protein. In order to keep them healthy and strong go for regular protein treatments.

Eat a lot of tomatoes, lettuce, and other biotin-rich foods

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This will help your hair get stronger from its roots. These biotin-rich foods will definitely help your hair grow a lot faster and repair damage on its own.

These little things which you can add to your daily routine which will definitely help you achieve your hair goals and prevent your hair from being damaged by pollution.

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