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Why You Should Switch To Wooden Combs: Top 10 Benefits!

Why You Should Switch To Wooden Combs: Top 10 Benefits!

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Ever since I shared my hair growth journey, a lot of you reached out to me to ask does wooden comb actually make any difference? Why you should actually use a wooden comb? What are its uses, side effects, how to use it, how to clean it and what not?

So I thought once and for all, I should share a detailed post on why you need to use a wooden comb instead of a regular plastic one?

Benefits Of Wooden Comb

Benefits of wooden comb

There are a number of benefits of using wooden comb for your hair instead of plastic ones. The best one I feel, is that it just feels really divine.

Believe you me, just try it out.

Take your wooden comb and simply run it down your scalp following your hair length and you will instantly feel calm. You will notice the entire day’s fatigue just feels a little less and you feel pampered. This is the main reason I switched to wooden combs.

It Triggers Hair Growth

Like I shared in my hair growth journey that wooden comb actually helps your hair grow faster. Now you might ask, how can a comb help in hair growth?

Well, it does.

While you run the wooden comb through your hair length, it distributes the natural oils from your scalp to your entire hair length. This in turn covers your hair with the layer of protective natural oil. As a result, your hair breaks less and grows quicker.

Promotes Regrowth of New Hair

If you feel you have lost a lot of hair and they aren’t growing back quickly then this little buddy might just help you. Brushing your hair twice a day with this Neem wooden comb will help fight those scalp infections that have been clogging the pores. As your pores open up it helps your new hair to grow not only quicker but healthier too.

It also stimulates better blood flow in your crown area, like that you get while you massage your scalp real nice. It does the same job. This in turn helps your hair grow stronger and quicker from within.

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Reduces Breakage, Damage and Hair Fall

It is gentle on your hair and combs it without having to cause breakage or tangle it even more. It actually detangles your hair very smoothly so you don’t end up losing your precious locks.

Massages Your Scalp

When using the wooden comb on your hair, it causes an amazing feel on your scalp that feels like a massage. The scalp massage helps to increase the flow of blood that allows for the hair roots to grow strong and healthy.

Prevents Injury On Your Scalp

The wooden comb is made up of rounded teeth that when used, do not bruise it. As opposed to other combs that tend to have tougher teeth. This comb is rather friendly on the scalp and that is why as mentioned earlier, it massages the scalp rather than causing injury to it.

Hinders Static Electricity Damage

Plastic and metal combs are known to be quite static which is the greatest enemy of your healthy hair. Once you use a plastic or metal comb and realize that a piece of paper sticks to it rather quickly, you need to know that a lot of static has been infused to your hair. The damage caused by static is a lot of breakages that lead to your hair loss.

Reduces Dandruff

If you use a plastic or metal comb too often on your hair, chances are that your scalp will get irritated. An irritated scalp is itchy and this causes you to scratch it a lot leading to a lot of flakes from the scalp to your hair. The more you scratch your scalp, the weaker it gets to hold your hair and this automatically leads to intense breakage and hair loss. Consider using the wooden comb for your hair.

Plus, its made up of neem wood which fights all the scalp infections.

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Adds Shine To Your Hair

When using the wooden comb on your hair, it tends to help the natural oils distribute to your hair as it massages the scalp. This way, the hair does not appear to fade or dry. The natural oils makes your hair shine brighter, making it appear healthy and glossier.

Eliminates Dirt From Your Hair

Using a plastic or metallic comb causes more dirt to get attracted to your hair. Its static effect causes the dirt from the oils to stick to the comb and when you use the same comb on your head another time, it causes the dirt to accumulate on your hair.

Whereas using the wooden comb, it causes the dirt to fall off from your head. It does not have the static effect that may cause dirt to stick.


What makes this comb exceptional and allows it to stand out from all other combs is the fact that it is made from different trees like sandalwood, neem, babul and many others which is 100 percent natural green and eco-friendly. So its a win-win situation for everyone.

How To Use Wooden Comb For Best Results?

To get the best results from it, brush your hair twice or thrice a day with a wooden comb. I personally do it in the morning, in the evening and once before I go to bed. This helps in detangling your hair while the natural oils getting distributed evenly onto your scalp as well as your hair lengths.


Don’t believe the myth that brushing your hair 100 times is beneficial. 3 times is more than enough.

How To Clean Wooden Combs?

lass naturals wooden comb

This is the next question that kept you all puzzled.

How to keep wooden combs clean and what is the right way to clean wooden combs?

So the first thing you need to remember is that wood does not react very well with water. The simplest way to clean it is to dip a cloth into oil and run it through the comb’s tine. In case there is dirt left, run through it using an old but soft toothbrush. At times, you can also use a wet cloth.

Where To Buy Wooden Comb Online?

I am using the wooden comb by the brand Lass Naturals. You can also buy from 

If you are currently using a plastic or metal comb, consider purchasing the neem wooden comb. It will be a great advantage to your hair in terms of health, volume and reducing breakage.If you are struggling with hair growth, hair fall or basically any other hair problems, then by simply switching your comb will give you a ton of amazing results.

Do try it because its not only beneficial for your hair, has no side effects and its good for the environment too. And don’t forget to share it with me the difference you notice in your hair.

Hope you found this post useful. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see what’s on my testing table right now. See you soon with more such posts, diys and solutions to your hair queries.

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Sunday 16th of June 2019

I never knew combs make a difference

Nimisha Popat

Wednesday 19th of June 2019

It makes huge differece


Friday 14th of June 2019

Are you still using wooden comb?

Nimisha Popat

Wednesday 19th of June 2019

yes absolutely

Sayli Zad

Thursday 6th of June 2019

Which brand do you use?

Nimisha Popat

Wednesday 19th of June 2019

Lass naturals


Sunday 12th of May 2019

Mai to abi tak sada plastic ka hi use karti hu

Nimisha Popat

Wednesday 19th of June 2019

Wooden try karo aap khud notice karoge difference

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