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How To Start Your own Beauty Blog and Why You Should Too?

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Hey guys,

I know the headline must have made your eyes pop up and you must be thinking what has blogging to do with hair care? Has Nimi gone crazy?

Well I am still sane and this is a post I am actually writing to share a part of my personal life with all of you. I actually started blogging by accident which you all know or you can read more at here. But today I want to share what blogging (HairCareSquare) and specially you guys (Love you for just being here.. You are Awesome !!!) gave me.

How To Start Your own Beauty Blog

My Story

You know, exactly one year back, I was a Chartered Accountancy student. I was in Final but I feared just giving the exam. I just didn’t wanted to face the fear for Failure again. Yes Peeps, I failed on intermediate level once and it almost broke my heart and confidence to pieces.

Somehow, I passed it and while I was in CA Final (as well as CS Final), I created this blog (HairCareSquare) and people loved it. I got such an awesome feedback and mails and people started recognizing me, tagging me in Facebook groups for hair related queries, even brands started sharing my reviews of their products on their social media pages and at this point of time I started earning a good income from blogging and it all just felt amazing.

I finally decided to quit CA as well as CS in final stage. I didn’t wanted to go back to a stage in my life where I feared every moment of it. You know on my result day, people used to just call and confirm my Result. It was just horrifying. Every time my phone rang, I was like somebody is calling to ask me my result. What if I failed this time? How will I face the world? I remember one time, I didn’t even check the result for a week and just locked myself in the room. I was extremely miserable. I passed that time though but somehow the fear of failure was pulling me down. Hence, I quit and I couldn’t have felt better.

I gained confidence like never before. People who thought I was idiot to quit at this stage. But what did they know, how much it killed me from inside. You know people are extremely Judgemental!!! Everyone has opinions on your every move. All you need to do, is just try to give a damn about others and think what you want. Follow your heart and dreams. And within no time you will be better than ever. Trust Me on this !!!

People who were making fun of me 1 year back for quitting CA Final without even appearing are now asking me to give them hair advice and some of them went bit to far and asked me for a personalized hair treatment. And trust me some of them even told me to tutor their kids for 100 rs. while I was going through failure. And now they are asking me to teach them and their kids about Blogging. Lolz… How times change !!! These same people used to pity my parents because their daughter was a failure who is just wasting her time on computer. Now they want me to teach them how I earn money and what exactly I do. Well it feels heavenly, when the people who used to think you are a loser, suddenly starts praising you. I guess you might feel I am being Proudy but No!!! I am just sharing the experience for some of you who might have gone through a bad time.

I want you to know that there will be a better tomorrow. Trust me on this !!!

“Its okay if you Quit.

Its okay if you are not on top.

Its okay if you don’t have life all figured out.

Its okay if people think you are a loser.

All that matters is what you feel about yourself.”

If by chance you felt a bit connection or want to start a new part of your life and want to follow the path that I did, I am more than happy to share it with you all. Consider this my way of thanking you for just being awesome, visiting HCS, reading this post and more importantly, Thank You for Believing in yourself !!!!

How to start a Beauty Blog (or any other blog) on your own?

I know I went a bit too long but lets get back to the point. As I mentioned before, this beauty blog gave me, an Identity, Financial Independence, Lots of Blogging Friends, Free beauty Products too and most importantly gave me my Confidence back !!! I hope you start one for any reason you like (you can start one just for the sake of Fun or for some side Income) and have fun !!!

So, lets start.

1. Find a Niche for your Blog

I get it if you don’t want to write about beauty and hair and makeup but want to write about something else that you are passionate about. For starting a blog, you need to find a Niche… I know it is a techie word but it means you need to find out what you want to write about. What you are passionate about. Like here at HCS, I write about hair care, you can find anything you like.

Why you need a niche for your blog.

Lets take in account two scenarios.

Scene A : A blog that writes about Dogs

Scene B : A blog that writes about everything in the world like make up, cooking along with some posts on Dogs.

Which blog will you trust more for accurate advice on Dogs. I am sure you will go to First Blog !!!

Hence, find a Niche!!!

2. Find a Domain Name

I know more techie words. But this is just a name for your blog like mine is Find yours!!!

I get it, Finding the perfect name for your blog is like finding that perfect name for your baby. I know it takes time. Be patient and don’t be afraid of being creative.

Keep these things in mind while finding a good domain name

  1. Find something that matches your niche.
  2. Keep it short and simple. So that it is easy to remember.
  3. Always try to get .com as an extension instead of any other. But if you can’t its not end of the world.
  4. Try not to include numbers in your domain name, people get confused whether to use numbers or spell them.
  5. Try to just use it one words or two.

3. Host your Blog on Self Hosted WordPress

So far, I hope you have your Niche(if not beauty) and Domain Name decided. Now lets, make your blog go live. We are going to host your blog on WordPress (Self Hosted) using Bluehost. I know you might be thinking, I am talking in Hebrew but this is actually really really simple and will take less than 5 minutes to get your blog up and running !!!

Step 1 : Click here and you will be redirected to Bluehost through my special link which will get you amazing discount. Now click on the Green Button ‘Get Started Now’.

how to start a beauty blog

Step 2 : Select the Basic Package. Since you are a beginner. This is all you need right now.

how to start a beauty blog

Step 3 : Now you need to enter your domain name in first column (since you have just decided and not registered it before.) But in case, you have already registered your domain name, enter it in the 2nd box.

how to start a beauty blog

Step 4 : Now just fill up your Contact details below. Be sure to enter valid Email id since you will be receiving more details via email.

how to start a beauty blog

Step 5 : Now Continue on ‘Package Information’ and select the one for 36 months. This is recommended because you will get the best deal out of it and save much more. Also, Bluehost asks you to pay full amount upfront so that they can provide you with this amazing deal.

If you feel this is too much you can always choose to buy hosting for 12 months. Also, don’t even keep any doubts regarding money, if you are unsatisfied, Bluehost offers money back guarantee (which I am 100% sure you won’t be needing it)

how to start a beauty blog

You can see, other options available. You can always come back later and add them but you won’t be needing them right now. So, just skip it.

Step 6 : Enter your billing information. (Debit Card works too, in case you don’t have a Credit card. Because I don’t Have one too!!!) Now click ‘Next’.
how to start a beauty blog

Step 7 : Now, again Bluehost offers some other options that you can add, but you just skip all of it at the moment and click on Green Button below that says ‘Complete’.

Step 8 : You finally completed the process and officially you now have a Bluehost account. Congratulations!!! I am so proud of you !!!

how to start a beauty blog

Step 9 : Click on ‘Create Password’ button and create a strong password and remember it. You know being a blogger, I have so many accounts that sometimes I just lose track of them. It is always good that you create an excel file for storing all of them together.

how to start a beauty blog

Step 10 : Now its time to finally login to that account. Login to hosting and not in to start a beauty blogStep 11 : Now once you are logged in click on ‘I Can Do It’ button. Because you can !!!

how to start a beauty blog

Step 12 : Now click on ‘Install WordPress’ option . In case you can’t seem to locate it, its under ‘Website Builders tab.’

how to start a beauty blog

Step 13 : Now click on green button ‘Install’.

how to start a beauty blog

Step 14 : Now click both the boxes.

how to start a beauty blog

Step 15 : Now under ‘Show advanced options’ create a Name for your blog , Username and super secretive Password for your amazing blog !!! And Click ‘Install’.how to start a beauty blog

Step 16 : Now see this green bar shows your blog is being installed. Feeling butterflies in stomach??? I get it. I felt the same while installing mine.

how to start a beauty blog

Step 17 : YAY !!! You did it. You will receive an email from Mojo market place, save it for future. You are going to need it. Now in the email you will find an Admin url, click on it and it will take you to your blog’s login screen.


Step 18 : For getting you password you need to go back to your Bluehost account and click on the very bottom and you will see an alert sign and click on View to view your details. This expires within 12 hours so please get it from there in the mean time.

Step 19 : Now that you have your login id and password, why not write your first post. Just write that thing in your heart out and share it with the world.

“It is okay if you feel everyone won’t understand.

It is okay if you make some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

It is okay if you are scared. Trust me everyone is.”

Just write your heart out and trust me in the blogging world, no one is judging. That is the best part.

I know you did a lot of work today. So I will just end the post here. We will continue soon with how to make your blog pretty and other basics you need to know. And most importantly how you can make money from your blog.

Just few basics to keep in mind

  • Write honestly, don’t copy. If someone finds out you copied their content, you might land in copyright issues. Don’t be a spammer.
  • Write atleast 500 words per post with a good headline and clear pictures.
  • To make money first you need to build a website with killer content. At the moment when you start, try to just focus on content for the time being. After all you don’t get people connecting with you until you write amazing content. Give them a reason to come back to your blog.
  • Post consistently.

Just in case you are stuck at any point, shoot me an email at and I will try my best to answer it ASAP. Also, if you wish to hire me for doing all this techie part for you feel free to shoot me an email at with subject ‘Do the Techie Part’ and I will do this all for you and you just focus on that fun part of blogging.

Hope Blogging helps you find your identity and financial independence like it did for me. Till then please feel free to share your views via comments because your comments and shares makes my day and makes me smile from ear to ear.

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Have a lovely day!

Happy little birdie who is obsessed with online gaming, natural hacks, gorgeous hair and her warm cup of tea.




    First of all. Never ever fear. Failure is another word for learning. Having said that, you have an awesome blog and you found your niche. It’s great that you are encouraging others to do so, to get into blogging too.

  • Zwitsy

    Glad that aside from pointing out the reason why those who are interested in blog should start now is that you also shared the step by step on how to set their account. I hope this will help newbies and those aspired to be a blogger. πŸ™‚

  • Kat

    It’s great that you’re blogging about something that you’re very knowledgeable about. πŸ™‚ I’ve found great tips here in your website.

    I think people should definitely start their own blogs, but for the right reasons. Impressing other people or making yourself look like someone other than yourself is not one of them. But again, to each his own. We all have our reasons for doing things.

  • Erika Ravnsborg

    Very cool and very good advice . I really like your beauty blog . You have interesting products and I like all your different fonts

  • Cykaniki

    I’m new to blogging and, I’m just sharing everything that I’m inspired to, as of the moment, still learning so this really helps, thank you for encouragement

  • Carola

    Great that you’re inspiring others to do what they love as well! It’s so much fun to write about what you love <3. That's amazing. I love to write as well. For me it's to help others (Provide information & share experiences) but also helps me a lot: By writing about my experiences, I evaluate as well. I'm more conscious of what I did, said & saw. It's give me the chance to relive it!

    Love it that you're explaining how people can start. Starting is the hardest!

  • Nya

    This is great advice for people who might be thinking of setting up a blog for the first time (beauty or not). what you said about the niche is very true, and these are the blogs that get the best and most targeted traffic. However, I should also add that the best about blogging is talking about whatever you want to talk to, for the love of what you do. I feel the passion can come through the words too:) Keep the great work.

  • Sam Coronado (@followyouroad)

    I was in the beauty industry before and have created articles for marketing it. But I find that I can’t really keep it up because it’s not something I’m passionate about. Good job on a million views and I hope you get more projects!

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