How To Fix Dull Lifeless Hair? Natural Tips That Actually Work

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Ever since I started my Reader’s Queries Section on this hair blog, this has been one of the most requested queries: How to fix and add life to dull hair?

Now that we are back with the series again, I thought this would be a perfect hair problem that I can address. So if you have dull or lifeless hair and you are looking for some interesting tips and natural remedies to add life back in your locks, read on!

How To Add Life To Dull Lifeless Hair?

Here are few natural hacks that I have personally tried and tested to treat and fix dull lifeless hair:

How to add life to dull and lifeless hair?

Be Gentle With Your Hair

Let’s start with the basics.

This is the simplest mistake I have seen people make. If you handle your precious hair harshly, they will get damaged. Always be gentle. As gentle and loving as you can while handling your hair.

What I Mean By Saying Be Gentle With Your Hair?

I mean

  • Don’t brush them while your hair is wet,
  • Avoid being vigorous while you detangle them and
  • Don’t throw a lot of chemically loaded products at them.

These are your hair.

Love them…nurture them and they will become beautiful.

Apply Products With Your Fingers

This is another basic tip but people tend to go the other way.

I know it feels messy but it has a long term benefit. Always try using your fingers while you oil your hair or apply any hair mask or even while you detangle your hair. 

Why You Ask?

Using harsh brushes with strong bristles and pointy tips are one of the slowest damaging agents. They create friction which disrupts your hair shafts.

But when you use your fingers, it not only has a calming effect but also doesn’t damage your hair. Try it and you will notice a huge difference in your hair.

Use Avocado Oil 

Avocado oil adds life to your dull hair effectively. I can vouch for it.

The wonderful nourishing oil has such quick results when it comes to fixing dull hair, it is just remarkable.


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Just make sure you use cold-pressed avocado oil for best results like this one.

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Try Co-washing

I love co-washing my hair.

I do it very often especially when my hair feels dry and starts appearing lifeless. It simply means using silicone and paraben-free conditioner instead of shampoo to clean your hair. It is less harsh on your hair and your hair feels extremely soft afterwards.

Use A Shampoo That Has Natural Oils

add life to dull lifeless hair

I know a lot of people find it uncomfortable using just conditioner to wash your hair. If you are one of them who just can’t make do without your shampoo, then don’t worry I have got your back.

Opt for a shampoo that contains natural oils as its active ingredient. You can also opt for products that are tagged moisturizing, repairing, or strengthening.

Use Wide-Tooth Comb While You Condition

While you condition your hair, take a wide-tooth comb in the shower. Apply little conditioner on your damp hair and using your wide tooth comb slowly detangle your hair. This will make sure your hair gets detangled well and appear healthy.

how to add life to dull lifeless hair

Green Tea Adds Instant Life

I always do this whenever my hair starts appearing dull.


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Just brew some green tea and pour it on your hair as the last rinse. You will not believe what wonderful effects it has until you try it yourself. 

Ditch Regular Serum And Use Rosehip Oil Or Argan Oil Instead

I have shared this hack before but only because its oh so darn good. Opt for Rosehip oil or argan oil as your serum and you will thank me for this hack.


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Last update on 2023-01-31 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Don’t Use Hard Water Or Hot Water On Your Hair

Okay, this is yet another basic hair care tip to fix your dull and lifess hair. 

Hard water is extremely damaging to your hair as well as your scalp’s health. You need to try to wash your hair with water that is soft or loaded with minerals. 

Also, make sure you always rinse your hair with cold or at least room temperature water. Hot water not only steals natural oil from your hair but leaves your hair dry and prone to damage. Whereas cold water adds a beautiful shine and helps to seal the moisture in.

Air-Drying Your Hair Is The Best Option

I know when we step out of the bathroom with wet hair how badly we wanna reach out to our hairdryer. But let me tell you a few minutes spent air drying your wet hair goes a long way. 

But if you are in a rush and absolutely must need to use your hairdryer, opt for cold setting or lowest temperature setting and don’t forget to use a good heat protectant before.

Heat Tools Are A Big No-No For Dull Hair

We all use tools for styling. Even I am guilty of using my hair straighteners, curlers, and dryers sometimes. But we can always limit their usage. 

And don’t forget to use a good heat protectant beforehand. 

Don’t Color, Use Henna & Indigo Instead

Hair colors damage our hair from within. The chemicals in them reach deep within the hair shafts and leave our hair damaged. So try minimizing your hair color usage.

Opt for natural remedies to color your hair like henna and indigo hair mask.

Deep Condition Twice A Week

If your hair lacks moisture, there is a solid chance that your hair is gonna appear lifeless and break very easily. To fix it, you need to deep condition your hair at least twice a week. 

My favorite deep conditioning masks that deliver quickest results:

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A Wooden Comb Is Your Best Bet

When you use regular plastic combs, they create bad friction and static effect on your hair. It damages your hair shafts and results in brittle hair with a lot of split ends. Whereas when you use wooden combs, it distributes the natural oils from your scalp to your entire hair length. This adds a beautiful effect to your dull lifeless hair.

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Do Hair Spa Once A Month

Hair spas are the quickest hack in the book when you need to add life to dull hair.

Within a couple of hours, your hair starts to feel healthier. So here are my quickest tips to do hair spa at home:

Clarify Your Hair

This simply means removing build-up from your hair and scalp.

To do this the simplest way does ACV rinse once a week. But I do a little more intense clarifying. 

Try this: How to do hair detox?

Along with these make sure to eat well, drink plenty of fluids, and take a good 8 hours of sleep every night.

If you have any other tips you would like to add, do hit the comments button. 

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