Elon Musk Hair Transformation: How He Got His Hair Back?

Have you ever wondered about Elon Musk’s hair transformation and how exactly did he get his hair back? Elon Musk is a man who has some extraordinary achievements under his belt. He is one of the most popular name for over two decades. Whatever he does, becomes the talk of the town. Even Elon Musk’s … Read more

21 Causes Of Hair Loss And Solutions To Tackle It Immediately

causes of hair loss

We all lose our precious hair every day. Someday it is just a strand or two. But there comes a phase where you start noticing your precious manes everywhere. You find them on your pillows, on your hairbrushes, on your bathroom floor, and literally everywhere. You start to freak out. You start worrying about whether … Read more

Best Shampoo For Hair Fall: Cruelty-Free And Affordable Options

best shampoo for hair loss

Which is the best shampoo for hair fall? Since I started Reader’s Queries section on this hair blog of mine, there hardly goes a day when I don’t come across this question. If you are someone who is suffering from severe hair fall, and looking for a shampoo to tackle this hair problem, then this … Read more

Laser Therapy For Hair Loss: Does It Really Work?

laser therapy for hair

If you are experiencing severe hair loss, balding or hair thinning, you have most likely been on the hunt for the best ways to regrow your hair. And the market these days is filled with hundreds of options. There are topical treatments, transplant surgeries, vitamins, and even micro-needling. Along with these popular hair growth and … Read more

Going Bald? How To Regrow Hair On Bald Spots Fast?

how to know if you are going bald

Typically you will know when you are going bald or experiencing hair thinning. You might be wiling to regrow hair on bald spots fast. You might notice more shedding than usual or visible patches of missing hair. Hair loss tends to begin at the hairline in an m shape for men, and women might notice … Read more

Benefits Of Onion For Hair: How To Use It The Right Way?

onion for hair

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of onion for hair, then you are probably living under the rock. Everyday, more and more people opt for onion juice for faster hair growth and post their success stories online raving about it. But when I think of onions, what most likely crosses my mind is a … Read more

Hair Loss Solutions: Hacks To Combat Hair Loss Effectively

hair loss solution

Unfortunately, we are living in a world where at least some level of hair loss is experienced by the vast majority of the population. Many people have a genetic predisposition to androgenetic alopecia, or pattern baldness, which causes thinning hair in specific places on the scalp. Some even suffer from alopecia areata or telogen effluvium, … Read more

Derma Roller For Hair Loss & Faster Hair Growth |How To Use?

derma roller for hair

Have you tried using derma roller for hair loss control and faster hair growth yet? Its the latest buzz in the hair industry and as an enthusiast I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Plus, I got a lot of requests to share my two cents on derma rollers and whether or not they work … Read more

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately In 5 Steps|Tried & Tested

How to stop hair fall immediately

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How To Stop Hair Fall After Smoothening/Straightening Treatment?

how to stop hair fall after smoothening/straightening

Hey guys, It’s been ages since we did this: My Solutions to Your Hair Queries! I have my inbox filled with hair queries from you guys. I thought its high time, I share naturals tips and tricks to some of the most requested hair queries of all time. So let’s begin with today’s query: How To … Read more

15 Things I Did To Control My Hair Fall & Regrow My Lost Hair: Naturally & Effectively!

how to control hair fall and regrow lost hair

Hi guys, Are you still struggling with hair loss problems? Since I started Reader’s Queries Series here. Hardly goes any day when I don’t receive a message from somebody asking me for a good hair loss remedy  and natural hair regrowth tips that will help to achieve the lost hair volume. If you have been … Read more

How To Stop Hair Fall After Pregnancy Or Child Birth: Reader’s Query+My Solution!

How To Stop Hair Fall After Pregnancy Or Child Birth

Hey Guys, A lot of you have been reaching out to me to help with control hair fall after delivery. I know it has been pending for quite a while now. So today I finally am here with the solution. I sincerely hope it help you in someway. Tips and Home Remedies to Control Your … Read more

5 Step Hair Spa At Home For Hair Fall Control Using Ingredients In Your Kitchen

hair spa at home for hair fall

Don’t feel stirred up as you find the only escape to good hair is a haircut or a hair spa spending all your gold on salons. With the easy availability of exotic nutrient-rich edible ingredients, one can easily ditch the spa therapies done at any parlor. Step into your comfort zone as you use the … Read more

Benefits Of Guava Leaves For Hair: DIYs & Exclusive Tips

Benefits of Guava leaves for hair

Have you tried using guava leaves for hair loss? The guava leaves is packed with vitamins that promote renewal and repair of damaged cells throughout the body, including the hair cells. The leaves of guava are great for use on the hair and scalp because they contain vitamin B2 and Vitamin C, which have several … Read more

How To Make Fenugreek Oil At Home: Benefits and Uses!

diy fenugreek oil benefits and uses

Hey guys, Have you tried using fenugreek oil for hair yet? I have already shared in the past why and how I use fenugreek for my hair growth and controlling my hair fall. Also shared a small and quick way of making this diy fenugreek oil. But since a lot of you wanted me to … Read more

How Many Strands Of Hair Loss Per Day Is Too Many? Are You Facing Severe Hair Loss?

how much hair fall is too much

Hey Guys, How much hair fall is normal? How many hair strands of hair loss per day is too many? Why am I writing about this today? Its because I constantly get emails and messages from people that they are suffering from severe hair loss and they are afraid they might get bald. Every other … Read more

Benefits Of Rosemary Essential Oil For Hair: Tips & DIYs Included

rosemary for hair

Have you used rosemary essential oil for hair loss yet? I am sure you must have heard that it helps with dandruff, hair growth, hair loss, regrowth of hair and what not. Rosemary essential oil is a type of essential oil that is extracted from the rosemary plant by cold press method. It smells absolutely … Read more

How To Stop Hair From Falling Out After Coloring? 13 Effective Tips

How To Stop Hair From Falling Out After Coloring

Are you struggling to stop hair from falling out after coloring? Hair starts falling after coloring because hair goes through damage after you color them. It’s been ages since I have shared solutions to your hair queries here. I keep sharing some solutions on my Instagram Stories, Facebook Group and on Quora but I felt … Read more

How To Protect Your Hair From Pollution And Prevent Hair Fall?

how to protect your hair from pollution

Have you ever wondered how to protect your hair from pollution? Pollution wrecks our hair and skin from within. The harmful pollutants, dust, smoke, and whatnot present in the air these days are one of the major causes of our hair fall and damaged hair. Have you tried almost everything but the hair fall and … Read more