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Hair Oiling Treatment: Benefits,How To Apply & Should You Leave It Overnight Or Before Washing?

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Since I started my Reader’s Queries section, I have been getting some common questions about the hair oiling treatment. So, I decided to answer all your hair oiling treatment-related queries.

Yesterday I asked you guys on my Instagram stories, to share the questions you have in mind regarding hair oiling treatment. I was stunned by the amazing response. Within a couple of hours, you guys flooded my Instagram’s inbox with so many hair oiling queries. I selected the most common queries from your emails and messages and I am answering them here for you.

Is Hair Oiling Important For Hair?

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Hair oiling is one of the best things you can do for your hair.

I swear by the amazing benefits of hair oiling treatment. It personally helped me a lot in my hair growth journey. If you are someone who is struggling to grow your hair or struggling to combat your dandruff, hair fall or even split ends, please don’t skip oiling your hair at any cost.

Benefits and Uses Of Hair Oiling Treatment

Which Hair Oil Should You Use For Your Hair Oiling Treatment?

This is one of the most requested questions.

Nature has blessed us with so many amazing hair oils to choose from. There is Coconut oil, castor oil, argan oil, olive oil, avocado oil and the list goes on. Plus, there are so many brands out there that add to our dilemma.

Here is what you should do?

Find out your hair type and use the hair oil that suits your hair type. This will definitely help you find your ideal hair oil.

Also, here are some quick #HairCareTips for you

Prefer using cold pressed oils. These oils though cost more but will benefit you much more than the other hair oils that are loaded with harmful ingredients.

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hair care tips by hair care square (29)

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Is Mixing Different Hair Oils Together A Good Idea?


If you can take advantage of so many different oils then why not hop on board. I experiment with different oils all the time. I not only mix different oils together but also infuse them with different herbs and wonderful ingredients.

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Here are some of my favorite DIY hair oil recipes that I make and absolutely adore:

Should You Apply Oil On Washed Hair Or On Hair You Are About To Wash?

Applying oil either way is fine.

Personally, I prefer oiling my hair before washing because I love flaunting my nourished and manageable hair. But if you prefer oiling your washed hair make sure you let your hair dry completely before oiling.

Also, don’t keep oil in your hair for more than 24 hours. It may lead to breakouts and damaged hair.

How To Heat Your Hair Oil The Right Way And Why You Should?

This is another query that kept popping in my inbox. Its a fair question after all.

Applying your hair oil the right way is crucial. But before you apply it just make sure to heat it right. You have to heat your oil to enhance its nutrients even more. For that, you need to heat it using a double boiler method.

Why heat your hair oil?

Heating your oil will make sure that the oil gets warm enough to penetrate in your scalp and hair shaft well. Thus, you benefit more from your hair oiling treatment.

How To Apply Oil To Scalp?

Oiling your scalp well is the base of any hair oiling treatment.

It is as important as watering a growing plant.

I usually dip my fingers in my hot oil (Read warm), and apply it by partying very small sections of my hair. If you are not comfortable using your fingers use cotton to apply oil on your scalp. Be gentle while applying the oil and slowly use your fingers to massage and dab the oil onto the scalp. Repeat this until you oil your entire scalp.

How To Apply Oil On Hair Properly?

If you believe in the myth, that your oiling your hair length won’t do any good to your hair than you need to get over it. Oiling your hair well is as important as sunlight to a growing plant. I have seen people oil their scalp and don’t oil their hair lengths. This is one of the biggest mistakes ever.

To apply oil on your hair length, first, begin by brushing your hair using a wide tooth comb(preferably use a wooden comb). As you apply oil on your scalp, part small sections and apply oil using your fingers. I prefer using my fingers as well as palms to cover my entire hair length. By palms, I mean, I simply apply oil on my palms and apply it onto my hair length like applying hair conditioner by moving my palms. Don’t rub your palms against your hair.

Now once your hair is very well oiled, its time to slowly massage your hair and scalp well. Make sure you don’t use your nails but use the tips of your fingers to gently massage and stimulate the blood circulation.

After you oiled your hair I am sure the next question that pops your head is, ‘how long should you leave oil in your hair?’

Oiling Hair Overnight Or Before Washing: How Long To Keep Oil In Hair?

This is another commonly asked question in my readers query section.

Oiling hair overnight is very beneficial.

If you just oil your hair once a week, I would recommend you to oil your hair and keep it overnight. But if you oil your hair twice a week, oil your hair once overnight and the next time keep it for one hour before washing. This is exactly what I do.

Applying Oil To Hair Daily Good Or Bad?

Excess of anything is bad. So is the case of hair oiling.

There is oiling and then there is too much oiling. Don’t overdo it.

Applying oil daily does more damage to your hair than it benefits. If you keep oil daily in your hair, then it builds up a layer of oil which does not let your hair breath by clogging the pores. It also attracts dirt, dust, and pollution which in turn damages your hair and gifts your hair fall split ends and overall damaged hair. Ideally, you should oil twice a week and it is more than enough to make your hair stronger from within.

What Happens If You Stop Oiling Your Hair?

If you stop oiling your hair entirely than it will make your scalp and hair dry which will gradually progress to dandruff, split ends, dry hair and hair fall. I would request you to not skip oiling.

Is Hair Oil Necessary For Both Men and Women?


Oiling hair for men and women is a must. Especially if you are someone who is struggling with dandruff, hair fall, dry hair, damaged hair and split-ends.

Should People With Very Oily Hair and Greasy Scalp Use Hair Oil?


Even though you have an oily scalp, oiling with different oils like Coconut oil, castor oil, bhringraj oil will help you get healthier thicker hair that will grow faster. If you feel these are very heavy oils or you don’t want to add more oil to your scalp and hair, then opt for lighter oils like Avocado oil or Argan oil.

Also read: best hair oil for the summer season that are light and less sticky!

Should People With Oily Skin Use Hair Oil?


I am one of those people who get breakouts if the oil is kept for a longer duration. If you have the same issue, then here is a quick tip for you:

Apply hair oil and wear a shower cap and avoid keeping oil for a longer duration.

Additional #HairCareTip for you to double the effect of your hair oiling treatment

Use steam.

Give your oiled hair 15 minutes of steam and watch the difference.

Steam helps to better penetrate the oils into your scalp and hair shaft. I personally use the steam cap that helps me get thicker, longer and healthier hair. But you can also use the towel or napkin to pamper your hair with some steam.

Hope this post was helpful. If you have any other queries, feel free to ask in the comments. To see what I am up to now, follow me on my Instagram or join our facebook group.

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