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Hair Products With SPF:Sunscreen for Hair is an Absolute Must in Summers + a DIY !!!

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Hair Products with SPF aka sunscreen for hair???


Well don’t be! Its really a thing. Like your skin suffers damage when it comes in contact with harmful UV Rays so is the case for your beautiful precious hair. When your hair comes in contact with UV Rays, it loses its moisture leaving your hair and scalp dry, damaged and brittle. It basically makes your hair lifeless and limp. So how do you protect it??? Simple use a hair product with SPF 20 minutes before you step outside!!!

Hair Products With SPF:Sunscreen for Hair is an Absolute Must in Summers + a DIY !!!

Hair Products with SPF to Protect your Hair from Sun Damage:My Top 5 Recommendations

If you are following me on my Instagram, you might have already known that this post and Summer hair care tips to protect your hair from summer is coming up. It took me a bit of while because I was experimenting with few products and working on a DIY Sunscreen for your hair. Hope my hard work pays off and would help you out in some way.

Argan Oil Hair Protector Spray 4 oz by Premium Nature

hair products with spf in India

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You know how much I love argan oil. I love the products that are infused with argan oil or the ones that contains argan oil extracts. Hence, this one had to be my first pick. This Hair Spray not only protects your hair from Sun but also helps in healing the already damaged ones.  If you are looking for a good sun protect spray for your hair, this is by far the best one. You can get it from Amazon.

Shwarzkopf Bc Sun Protect Spray Conditioner

hair products with spf in India

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Shwarzkopf is a brand that needs no introduction. You will find that most salons recommend their products. This sun protect hair spray is not just an ordinary spray. This is because along with sun protect it works great as conditioner too. It is definitely worth a try. It is easily available on Amazon too.

Paul Mitchell Sun Shield Conditioning Spray 

hair products with spf in India

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Paul Mitchel is a well known hair care brand around the globe. Its one of the leading global brands. Its sunscreen for hair is quite great. Its light weight and non greasy and won’t weigh your hair down. It protects hair to a great extent. If you want to give it a try, its easily available on Amazon too.

Silk Oil of Morocco Sun Shield Spray

hair products with spf in India

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This sun protect contains oil and you know how much I believe in oil for hair. As a result, this had to be in my list. This one not only protects your hair from sun damage but also nourishes it at the same time. The only downside is that it weighs down hair a bit. Its definitely wort a shot though. You can check more on Amazon.

This one was my last and most difficult to pick. This one works great as far as sun protect is concerned but leaves a bit greasiness behind. That was a bit off putting for me. But nevertheless you can give it a try. It might work for you because it worked great for my sister. Hence, I considered it for this list.

These are the products that will definitely help you prevent your hair from sun damage. Also here is a #haircaretip that will help you find more products.

hair care tips for moisturizing dry hair

DIY Sunscreen for Your Hair / Homemade Sunscreen

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