15 Stunning Red Knotless Braids To Try Now

red knotless braids

Red knotless braids are a popular trend in the world of hair braiding. These braids are similar to traditional box braids, but instead of being secured with knots at the root, they are attached to the hair with a special braiding technique that creates a seamless, smooth finish. This gives the red knotless braids a … Read more

21 Best Ash Purple Hair Color Ideas & How To Do It Right

ash purple hair color

We all love to experiment with different hair colors. If you want to join the latest hair color trend then you should definitely consider the ash purple hair color. It’s edgy… It’s beautiful… And this cool pastel-toned hair color surely gives you that instant makeover that will surely make you stand out from the crowd. … Read more

9 Best Sunflower Hair Color Ideas To Hop On The Trend

sunflower hair color ideas

If you want to hop on the latest hair color trends bandwagon then you should definitely consider sunflower hair color. As the name suggests it’s when you color your hair resembling a beautiful sunflower. It’s the perfect hair color for the summer season. It’s peppy, bright, and looks absolutely breathtaking. If you too are considering … Read more

What Is A Karen Haircut? Why Should You Avoid It In 2023?

karen haircut

If you have ever wondered, what is a Karen haircut or what does a Karen haircut look like? then you have reached at the right destination. ‘Karen’ is a viral term coined on the internet that refers to a privileged white woman with her signature ‘Karen haircut’ who often wants to ‘speak to the manager’ … Read more

5 Best Non Binary Haircuts For A More Androgynous Look

best non binary haircuts

Looking for non binary haircuts inspiration? Well, we have compiled a list of the best of them. After all your hair should truly represent how you are? When your hair aligns with you, it gives an instant boost of confidence and self-love, doesn’t it? And with these non binary haircuts, the androgynous look that you … Read more