Best Hair Oils For Summer Season-Reader's Query My Solution!!!
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Best Hair Oils For Summer Season-Reader’s Query My Solution!!!

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Hey Guys,

How are you???

I am back with another Reader’s Query !!!

First of all, thank you so much for showing so much love to this new series. I can’t thank you enough for so many emails and messages. I will try my level best to help you out with these. 🙂

Reader’s Query

Hello Nimisha,

How are you? Hope you are doing great. I love how you are helping everyone with your efforts and knowledge. Please help me out too. I would be really grateful. I have dry and damaged hair, hair fall and my hair volume is out of question. I have read that you stress on doing regular hot oil treatments but I am one of those people who simply hates to oil my hair. And that too in summers, I just couldn’t bare oiling. Can I skip the oil and get my problems solved? Please suggest if there is a way out or any oils that are lighter and non stick that I can give a try. I would really appreciate if you could take sometime to reply and help me out. Thank you.


My Solution

Hey Sadiya,

First of all, thank you so much for the kind words. That really means a lot. 🙂

I hear you girl. I have been there. I just simply hated oiling. I still do sometimes. But honestly dear, hair oil for hair is to food for your body. Its a must! At least do it for an hour or two but do it. Specially if you have dry and damaged hair and hair fall. The main reason for your hair fall might be because you are avoiding the hair oil. Please don’t skip it. Do go for hot oil treatments. It would definitely help you achieve healthy hair. Also, since you have dry hair don’t forget to read this post on how to moisturize dry hair.

Now as you want oils that are lighter and non-sticky that are perfect for summer then I definitely have some options in store for you. These hair oils will definitely help you out as they are non sticky but are definitely Pocket me Rocket kinda oils.

Best Hair Oils For Summer Season

Best Hair Oils For Summer Season-Reader's Query My Solution!!!

1.Argan Oil

This has to be number one on my list. If you are regular reader of HCS, you definitely know it already that this is my obsession. I just have fallen head over heels in love with argan oil. Argan oil is the best option for summers and or those who love using light oils. I use it as a hair serum after every time I wash my hair.

You can give these a try :OGX Natures Absolutes & Organix.

best hair oils for summer

2.Rosehip Oil

Since you are looking for a lighter hair oil this summer, rosehip oil has to be on the list. This oil is not only light in weight but it also repairs sun damage. I use rosehip oil not only for my hair but also for my skin. I have shared three Diys too using Rosehip oil that you can check here.

You can give these a try: Natures Absolutes, Natures Absolutes and Juicy Chemistry.

best hair oil for summer

3.Grapeseed Oil

It is one of the must have hair care oils specially or summers. Grapeseed oil has extremely hydrating effects on your hair. It makes your hair healthy from inside out. I like using it as a natural leave-in conditioner. It also adds instant life and shine to your hair without weighing it down.

You can give these a try :Allin Exporters and Soulflower.

best hair oil for summer : grapeseed oil

4.Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is very well known in the hair care industry for its amazing and beneficial effects. It works as nature’s one of the best healer and moisturizer. It also helps in removing sun tan, helps in growing healthy nails, helps in triggering hair growth, moisturizes hair, adds shine and what not. I use it as my go to hair oil on the days when I am just feeling lazy to go for a regular champi.

You can give these a try :Soulflower and Allin Exporters.

best hair oil for summer

5.Avocado Oil

Avocado oil helps in improving blood circulation thus helps in promoting healthy hair inside out. It also moisturizes hair making it really smooth and long. It also treats dry scalp making it perfect partner of your hair this summers. I love using avocado oil.

You can give these brands a try : Natures Absolutes and St. Botanicals.

best hair oils for summer : avocado oil

6.Almond Oil

Almond oil is very well known for being light weight and at the same time nourishing your hair and scalp. Almond oil is really soothing on your scalp and helps in treating dandruff.

You can give these a try : Rogan Badam and Patanjali

best hair oils for summer : almond oil

Just give these hair oils a try. They won’t weigh your hair down. In fact they will get absorbed in your hair very well making them super manageable and healthy. But please don’t skip oiling. 😉 Also do share if you have any other oils for me to add to this list of best hair oils for summer.

Hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you in someway. Do share if you have any queries in my facebook group or via contact form.

Have a lovely day!!!

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