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Foods That Cause Hair Loss & Tips To Combat It

Foods That Cause Hair Loss & Tips To Combat It

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Are there any foods that cause hair loss?

The simple and surprising answer is yes…

Just because hair loss is usually a genetically inherited tendency does not mean there isn’t any other cause of hair loss.

There may be numerous reasons behind your hair loss but in most cases, thanks to beauty of science, hair loss is a treatable situation and we are continually learning something new everyday.

When it comes to moderation, nutrition is the key and while there is no one food that can stop hair loss immediately, there are foods that you can reject which could generally rob the body of important nutrients required for healthy hair growth.

Foods That Cause Hair Loss

This is the list of foods that actually have a really bad effect on your hair health. Try to avoid them as much as you can.

foods that cause hair loss

Foods that cause hair loss are:

  • Fried food
  • Sugary Cereals
  • Dairy Products
  • Selenium
  • and others.

Fried food

fried food that cause hair loss

I bet you guessed this one right.

Fried foods though being super delicious are really bad when it comes to your hair health.

Use of high fat, hydrogenated oils and fried foods should be reject at all costs. Studies have shown that attached saturated and monounsaturated fat increases testosterone levels which could potentially cause to elevated levels of DHT.

While hydrogenated oils are thought to affect hair growth by suppressing important fatty acids required for fit hair. Not just that, high-fat diets can cause to coronary disease, diabetes, and obesity.

That is why fried foods are number one on the list of foods that cause hair loss.

Sugary Cereals

fried food that cause hair loss

These foods have such high glycemic indices that they without doubt cause blood-sugar spikes something which is conductive to early hair thinning. It is no shock that ever rising number of men suffering from hair loss when you look at the typical western breakfast of sugary cereals and pasteurized milk.

Processed cereals have an extremely high glycemic load because the natural fiber from the plant has been eliminated, which would cause it to digest and be absorbed into our bodies more gradually.

Dairy Products

fried food that cause hair loss

Dairy can damage hair follicles because of its extremely acidic nature and its capability to cause allergic responses.

The initial reason why acidic foods can cause hair loss is that they can activate allergic responses leading to a cascade of immune reactions in which our body tends to damage cells, tissues such as hair follicles in a process known as inflammation.  The outcome is constricted blood flow which causes hair loss and balding.

Dairy products itself are not bad but the pasteurization process that it goes via is. The pasteurization process damages an enzyme that permits us to digest dairy in the first place.


foods that contain Selenium

Foods that have a high amount of selenium like nuts, meat, bread, eggs and others can cause hair fall. Although the body does need traces of selenium because it is considered as an antioxidant but if taken in big amounts can cause to hair loss.

Have a look at this study conducted in December 2018 on role of minerals and vitamins in hair loss.

Selenium is a mineral found in the periodic table that is famous to the body’s immune system and also works to stop damage to tissues and cells. Additionally it is also known to help fight cardiovascular disease, cancer and thyroid diseases.

Other Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Apart from these main culprits, tobacco chewing, smoking, diet sodas and alcohol also contribute to your hair loss.

Hope you find this list of foods that cause hair loss helpful. Take them into account and get your hair fall in control. See you soon with more remedies to help you keep your hair fall in control.

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~written by Claire.

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