5 Best Hot Rollers For Short Hair: Buying Guide & Reviews

best hot rollers for short hair

Using hot rollers for short hair to achieve that extra volume and those perfect curls is an excellent idea. It causes minimal hair damage when compared to a curling iron or flat iron. But it gives that instant voluminous effect and perfect curly hair especially if you have shorter-length hair.  We have compiled a list … Read more

11 Best Alcohol-Free Hairsprays of 2023

best alcohol-free hairspray

Alcohol-free hairsprays are making their way to the list of most cherished hair products lately. This is because using alcohol-free hairspray not only holds your style in place, adds shine and volume that too without all the added dryness and irritated scalp problems. It’s high time, we realize the benefits of alcohol-free hairsprays and incorporate … Read more

Is Suave Good For Your Hair? Or Really Bad For Your Hair?

is suave good for your hair

Is Suave good for your hair or bad? Suave is good for your hair because it is formulated with high-quality organically sourced ingredients like rosemary oil, mango butter, shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, and others which help repair your dry hair and promote healthy hair. The Suave brand is owned by Unilever and is … Read more

15 Stunning Red Knotless Braids To Try Now

red knotless braids

Red knotless braids are a popular trend in the world of hair braiding. These braids are similar to traditional box braids, but instead of being secured with knots at the root, they are attached to the hair with a special braiding technique that creates a seamless, smooth finish. This gives the red knotless braids a … Read more

21 Half Blonde Half Black Hair Style Ideas That Are Trending In 2023

half blonde half black hair

Half blonde half black hair, also known as a two-tone or half and half hair color, is a hair color trend that involves dyeing one half of the hair blonde and the other half black. This style has gained popularity due to its edgy and unique look, and it can be a great way to … Read more

Brillo Pad Hair: Causes & Tips On How to Soften Unruly Manes

brillo pad hair meaning

Brillo pad hair, also known as “bird’s nest hair,” is a term used to describe hair that is dry, frizzy, unruly, and damaged that looks like a brillo pad. It can be difficult to manage and style, and often feels rough and tangly to the touch. If you have experienced brillo pad hair, you are … Read more

21 Half Red Half Black Hair Ideas To Inspire Your Next Bold Look

half red half black hair

Half red half black hair is a trendy and bold hair color trend that involves dyeing half of your hair red and the other half black. This style has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people are looking for ways to make a statement with their hair color. One reason half … Read more

Does Maui Moisture Cause Hair Loss? Lets Discuss

does maui moisture cause hair loss

Does Maui Moisture Cause Hair Loss? Is Maui Moisture good for your hair or is it really damaging for your hair? No, Maui Moisture does not cause hair loss. however, in some cases, it might lead to hair damage or hair breakage. Its shampoos contain ingredients like DMDM hydantoin, sodium hydroxide, and isopropyl alcohol which … Read more

Can You Really Grow 2 Inches Of Hair In A Month? Exclusive Tips That Might Help

what does two inches of hair look like

Can you really grow 2 inches of hair in a month? What does 2 inches of hair look like?  These queries often land in my inbox ever since I shared my hair growth journey with before and after pictures. If you too are looking for not a quick fix but for some effort that will … Read more

7 Best Flat Iron For Curly Hair (In-Depth Reviews & Buying Guide)

best flat iron for curly hair

Using a flat iron for curly hair to achieve that perfect straight hair is always a good idea. But the market is filled with countless options to choose from. And yes, it can get quite overwhelming. To help you find that perfect hair straightener for curly hair, keep these things in mind: If you have … Read more

7 Exclusive Tips To Improve Hair Health Naturally

improve hair health

The state of your hair health says a lot about you. And if you are looking for tips to improve your hair health naturally overtime, then you have landed at the right place. Here’s a quick but comprehensive guide to help you improve hair health with minimal efforts. What Affects Your Hair Health? Before delving … Read more