Does Head And Shoulders Cause Hair Loss? Good Or Bad For Your Hair?

does head and shoulders cause hair loss

Does Head and Shoulders cause hair loss? Does it work on the dandruff problem? Is Head and Shoulders bad for your hair or is it good for your hair? This query popped into my inbox last night and I found it intriguing. I thought let’s discuss it here. After all, a lot of you appreciated … Read more

Supplements To Stop Facial Hair Growth In Females Naturally: Hirsutism

supplements to stop facial hair growth

Are there any supplements to stop facial hair growth? Is there a way to stop facial hair growth in females naturally? These questions recently started making their way into my inbox. A lot of readers wanted to know how to deal with hirsutism in a natural way.  I thought let’s discuss this today.  I can … Read more

Is Garnier Fructis Good For Your Hair? Or Is It Bad? Let’s Discuss

is garnier fructis good for your hair

Is Garnier Fructis good for your hair? Or is it bad for your hair? While browsing through the reader’s queries last night, I came across this one. I thought that’s a different hair query than usual. I need to take a moment and answer it. Let’s discuss… 🙂 Is Garnier Fructis Good For Your Hair? … Read more

Why Does My Hair Get Greasy Fast? 13 Tips To Stop It

why does my hair get greasy so fast

‘Why does my hair get greasy fast?’ It is very common to have oil popping up from your scalp leaving your hair oily, greasy, and without any volume to flaunt. This oil is actually very beneficial for your hair and scalp health. It helps in healthy hair that stays strong at the roots. But as … Read more

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately In 5 Steps|Tried & Tested

How to stop hair fall immediately

Rarely sunsets without this query finding its way in my inbox: How to stop hair fall? From last week, this has become the most requested one. And since its the time when we are continuing with our Reader’s Queries and My Solutions series, I thought why not help you guys find a quicker way to get … Read more

How To Do Hair Smoothening At Home: A Step By Step Guide

Hair Smoothening At Home

Hey Guys, Each one of us dreams of those frizz-free, manageable, and silky smooth hair. But those harsh smoothening treatments are so damaging in the long run. Plus, the added expense and the regular maintenance afterward are pretty big cons too.  While going through your hair queries last night, I landed on an email where … Read more

How To Fix Dull Lifeless Hair? Natural Tips That Actually Work

How to add life to dull and lifeless hair?

Ever since I started my Reader’s Queries Section on this hair blog, this has been one of the most requested queries: How to fix and add life to dull hair? Now that we are back with the series again, I thought this would be a perfect hair problem that I can address. So if you … Read more

How To Stop Hair Fall After Smoothening/Straightening Treatment?

how to stop hair fall after smoothening/straightening

Hey guys, It’s been ages since we did this: My Solutions to Your Hair Queries! I have my inbox filled with hair queries from you guys. I thought its high time, I share naturals tips and tricks to some of the most requested hair queries of all time. So let’s begin with today’s query: How To … Read more

Nail Rubbing For Hair Growth & Baldness| Balayam Basics and Results

nail rubbing for hair growth and baldness

Have you heard about Balayam where simply by nail rubbing your hair grows faster and healthier? Well, last night, while going through your hair queries, I found this one. It was an interesting one. I have received this query time and again. Thought it’s a good time to talk about it. Let me just start … Read more

How To Protect Your Hair From Hard Water? 9 Tips To Save Your Hair

Hey Guys, Washing hair regularly is one of the best ways to maintain healthy hair. To do this properly, you need to have the best hair products which include water as the main ingredient. Those who have soft water has it easy but when it comes to hard water, the situation is different. The worst … Read more

15 Things I Did To Control My Hair Fall & Regrow My Lost Hair: Naturally & Effectively!

how to control hair fall and regrow lost hair

Hi guys, Are you still struggling with hair loss problems? Since I started Reader’s Queries Series here. Hardly goes any day when I don’t receive a message from somebody asking me for a good hair loss remedy  and natural hair regrowth tips that will help to achieve the lost hair volume. If you have been … Read more

How to Moisturize Extremely Dry Hair at Home

Struggling to moisturize extremely dry hair? Like promised I am finally starting this new series on HCS called – Reader’s Queries. Here I will be trying to help you guys deal better with your hair problems and find a solution on it. I have received so many emails and messages where lot of you were … Read more

7 Hair Growth Methods That Actually Work

hair growth methods

Hey guys, Are you searching for hair growth methods that actually work? Ever since I started HCS and especially the Readers Queries Section, a lot of you reach out time and again for natural and actual hair growth tips and tricks that work. My Personal Favorite Hair Growth Methods That Actually Work In the past, … Read more

21 Tips To Regrow Hair In 3 Weeks

hair regrowth

Looking for natural tips to regrow hair naturally in 3 weeks? While going through reader’s queries last night, I came across emails where a lot of you wanted me to share some natural hair regrowth tips. So today I will share some of my favorite hair regrowth tips and home remedies that actually have worked … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair Naturally? 15 Exclusive Tips

how to get rid of oily hair

Struggling with oily hair? Looking for a solution to get rid of oily hair naturally? While going through Reader’s Queries last night, I found this one to be a common problem faced by many of my readers. A lot of you were asking for the right way to treat your oily hair. That’s when I … Read more

How To Stop Hair Fall After Pregnancy Or Child Birth: Reader’s Query+My Solution!

How To Stop Hair Fall After Pregnancy Or Child Birth

Hey Guys, A lot of you have been reaching out to me to help with control hair fall after delivery. I know it has been pending for quite a while now. So today I finally am here with the solution. I sincerely hope it help you in someway. Tips and Home Remedies to Control Your … Read more

How Many Strands Of Hair Loss Per Day Is Too Many? Are You Facing Severe Hair Loss?

how much hair fall is too much

Hey Guys, How much hair fall is normal? How many hair strands of hair loss per day is too many? Why am I writing about this today? Its because I constantly get emails and messages from people that they are suffering from severe hair loss and they are afraid they might get bald. Every other … Read more

Why You Should Switch To Wooden Combs: Top 10 Benefits!

wooden comb

Ever since I shared my hair growth journey, a lot of you reached out to me to ask does wooden comb actually make any difference? Why you should actually use a wooden comb? What are its uses, side effects, how to use it, how to clean it and what not? So I thought once and … Read more

How To Stop Hair From Falling Out After Coloring? 13 Effective Tips

How To Stop Hair From Falling Out After Coloring

Are you struggling to stop hair from falling out after coloring? Hair starts falling after coloring because hair goes through damage after you color them. It’s been ages since I have shared solutions to your hair queries here. I keep sharing some solutions on my Instagram Stories, Facebook Group and on Quora but I felt … Read more