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Why Does My Hair Curl At The End? 12 Reasons & Solutions

Why Does My Hair Curl At The End? 12 Reasons & Solutions

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Why does my hair curl at the end? How do I minimize or stop it?

I love curly hair, especially the natural curls but we can all agree that those unnatural and unmanageable curls at the ends of our hair are not our favorite thing. It creates a very unpleasant and unpolished appearance.

So why does hair curl at the end?

In this article, I am sharing my two cents on why it happens and what you can do to minimize or stop it for good.

Let’s dive in.

Why Does Hair Curl At The End Of Your Hair Length?

There are a lot of reasons behind those unwanted curls at the ends but here are the main ones that you need to take into account first:


This is probably the main culprit behind those unwanted hair curls at the end. 

Let me explain.

The ends of your hair strands are the oldest part of your entire hair length. These ends often go through a lot of damage, wear and tear, and dehydration. This leads to uneven distribution of weight which in turn makes your hair curl at the end. 


If you have long Indian hair like mine or have shoulder-length hair, then your hair is bound to go through wear and tear due to the friction between hair strands and your shoulder. This in turn leaves you with those unruly curly ends.

Wrong Hairstyle For Your Hair Type

Choosing the wrong hairstyle often leads to your hair curled at the ends. Especially if you have shoulder-length hair or face-framing bangs or face-framing hairstyles it leads to unruly curly ends. The simplest reason behind it is the added friction and the direction of your hair ends and your shoulder line is perpendicular to one another.

The quickest fix is to opt for easy hairstyles like layers for your curly hair or wavy hair. It will also create an illusion of volume and make your hair appear thicker. 


This is one such factor that plays a massive role in your hair’s texture, type, and shape. Genetics leads to defining the keratin structure of your hair strands and also defines your hair type. Although it doesn’t directly play a major role in your hair getting curls at the end it still plays a pivotal role. 


Stress leads to an unhealthy body which in turn leads to unhealthy hair, hair breakage, and hair fall. More often than not, this leaves your hair curly at the ends. It can also lead to severe hair loss. To prevent it, you can practice meditation for hair growth, practice balayam, do regular hair oiling treatment and opt for the inversion method for hair growth.

Hormonal Changes & Pregnancy

If your body is dealing with hormonal imbalance or if you are pregnant, then it takes a huge toll on your precious manes and makes your hair unmanageable, unruly and damaged.

A lot of women often complain about hair falling out after pregnancy. You can visit your doctor for better guidance and also ask them about the best supplements for the same. Usually, these supplements also help with Hirsutism aka excessive growth of facial hair. 

Also, don’t forget to check out the hair loss myths you need to stop believing.


If you recently changed your diet drastically then it will affect your tresses. It can lead to severe hair loss, hair breakage, and stunted hair growth.

Your hair needs proper nutrients, vitamins for hair growth, biotin, protein, and added minerals for healthy hair so that you don’t have to face those unwanted curls at the ends.

Also, check foods that cause hair loss that you need to stay away from. 

Climatic Change

Sudden change in climatic conditions needs a different level of TLC to protect your hair.

Like for dry climate, you will notice your hair facing damage, dull and frizzy hair with a lot of split ends. Or if you are suddenly dealing with a lot of humidity, you will see your hair getting more curly, and frizzy and your hair gets greasy fast.

No matter whether your hair being straight, wavy, curly, or coily, these sudden changes often leads to those unwanted curls at the end of your hair length. To fix it, just listen to what your hair needs and provide it with that extra TLC, and you are sorted. 

Seasonal Changes

Just like the climate, sudden seasonal changes not only take a while for your entire body to adapt but your hair too takes a while to adjust to the new setting. You also need to take extra care of your hair as per the season’s demands to protect your hair.

Heat And Other Hair Styling Treatments

We all know that our hair suffers a lot when we put them through treatments like heat styling, bleaching, bleach bath for hair, hair coloring treatments, hair smoothening, keratin treatments, or perming.

These harsh treatments not only leave your hair dry, brittle, and dehydrated but also leads to dry hair ends which often result in split ends or leave your hair with curls at the end.

Also read: DIY heat protectant at home

Using Wrong Hair Products

Sometimes despite our good intentions, we end up using the wrong products for our hair type. For example, you might be using curly hair products on your straight hair or vice versa. This often leads to not fulfilling your hair’s true needs and giving it something opposite and asking it to strive better. 

Also read the scientific study done on effects of different hair products on hair.

Improper Hair Care Routine

You might be following an entirely wrong hair care routine or you might be providing your hair with the wrong hair care treatments. Like you might be conditioning before shampooing or only washing your hair with water or you might be using regular conditioner as leave-in which might lead to weight down unwanted hair that curls at the end. 

why does my hair curl at the end

How to fix unwanted curls at the End?

Here are some easiest and quickest solutions to fix your hair curls at the end:

Opt For Right Haircut

The easiest fix is to get a haircut. Talk to your hairstylist or opt for a haircut that isn’t shoulder length or opt for a pixie or undercut which are non-binary haircuts that not only look fabulous but also prevent your hair from unwanted curls. 

Getting a trim also works well. It will lead to you cutting the lightweight ends of your hair length and you will experience that the weight imbalance has finally resorted. And you won’t be wondering anymore: why does my hair curl at the end?

You can also opt for a dutch braid or french braid to protect your hair from curling at the ends.

Forming a Proper Haircare Routine

When you take good care of your hair, your hair starts getting healthy and you won’t have to deal with that unmanageable curly hair. Also, take into account that you minimize the use of a blow dryer or if you must use it in the lowest settings possible. 

Also, incorporate a microfiber towel in to dry your hair.

hair care tips for moisturizing dry hair

Minimizing heat styling, especially the use of hair curlers, straighteners, or flat irons with teeth. It helps to achieve healthier hair that doesn’t curl much on its own. If you must, use a good heat protectant beforehand.

Best heat protectants in the market:

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Deep Condition Once a Week

It is recommended that you deep condition your hair at least once a week and make your hair ends stays hydrated and nourished. This will ensure that your hair won’t get curly at the ends. 

My favorite deep conditioning masks:

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A quick hack would be that you start applying a little conditioner on your hair ends before shampooing and this will prevent your hair from getting dry and curly. 

hair care tips for moisturizing dry hair

Use Silk Pillows

This is a basic thing that if you change in your life your hair will reward you greatly. The cotton pillowcases usually slip natural oils from your hair which is necessary for your hair to stay healthy. 

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Sleep In Protective Styles

Opting for a pineapple hairdo while sleeping helps to prevent your hair from dealing with further wear and tear and tangles which in turn would minimize your hair curl at the end.


I hope you found the answer along with some easy-to-follow hair care tips for your query: why does my hair curl at the end?

Be patient. Find the root cause and tackle it. If you need a helping hand, I am always there. Also, do share the hacks that have worked for you to stop your hair from curling at the end. I would love to read your input. 

Before you leave don’t forget to read: 

Have a lovely day.

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