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My Hair Growth Journey Vol-2: How I Grew My Hair From 18 To 31 Inches This Year

My Hair Growth Journey Vol-2: How I Grew My Hair From 18 To 31 Inches This Year

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Hey guys,

It’s been more than a year since I shared my hair growth journey with you guys. And last week when I shared my latest hair pictures on Instagram stories, so many of you messaged me to share my updated hair care routine that I followed to achieve this hair length. I thought it was the perfect timing.

So without further delay, lets jump right in.

Let Me Start By Sharing The Picture Of My Current Hair Length And Texture

hair growth journey before and after

As you can see from the picture, my hair have grown to almost 31 inches this year. My hair has gotten thicker & softer. I have been able to keep my greys in control naturally. My hair has become less wavy and also has a beautiful shine to it.

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I will be sharing every detail in this post as to what I did that changed my hair game totally.

I Tackled My Hair Problems

The first step in any hair growth journey is tackling your current hair problems.

I made sure to take care of all my hair problems to achieve those beautiful long hair. If you are just starting your hair journey too, then here is how you do it:

I Switched To 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Oils

If you have ever been on this hair blog before, you know how much I rave about the benefits of regular hot oil treatments. I believe oiling your hair, gives you faster and most long-lasting results.

Oiling your hair is a mandatory step in my hair care routine.

But using the wrong hair oil for your hot oil treatment can put all your efforts in vain.

So How Would You Choose The Right Hair Oil?

It’s quite simple.

Firstly, make sure to opt for hair oils that are meant for your hair type. Then make sure that you use 100% pure cold-pressed oils or at least opt for ones that don’t have mineral oils in them. Mineral oils present in the hair oils, causes build-up on your scalp which damages your hair and scalp in the long run.

Why Opt For Cold-Pressed Oils?

Because they retain the maximum nutritional benefits and are free of chemicals. I use this homemade hair growth oil most of the times but occasionally I also use Avocado Oil by Natures Absolutes.

NOW Solutions, Avocado Oil, 100% Pure Moisturizing Oil, Nutrient Rich and Hydrating, 4-Ounce
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You can also try these other homemade hair oils based on your hair’s needs

Zhou Organic Black Seed Oil | 100% Virgin Cold Pressed Omega 3 6 9 | Super Antioxidant for Immune Support, Joints, Digestion, Hair & Skin | Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO | 8oz
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Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera Gel from freshly cut 100% Pure Aloe - Big 12oz - HighestQuality, Texas grown, Vegan, Unscented - For Face, Skin, Hair, Sunburn relief
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Pampering My Hair With Some Steam Was The Best Decision

I always try to include some steam my hair care routine unless I am in a rush. Whenever its the weekend, I apply any hair oil based on my current needs and then simply I give them some steam using my steam cap. You can also do it using a hot towel.

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What Does The Steam Do For Hair?

Whenever you give your hair some warm steam, it helps in opening the pores on your scalp. Which in turn helps the hair oil penetrate deep into our scalp and hair shaft.

This treats scalp infections quicker and stimulates blood circulation. Your hair and scalp will get the maximum benefits from this hot oil treatment.

I Befriended Dry Shampoos

I have dry hair and even drier scalp. That is why I avoid washing my hair. I wash my hair with the regular SLS free shampoo, once a week and for the rest of the week whenever my hair or scalp feels dirty, sweaty or greasy, I simply use my dry shampoo by Vishisht Lifestyle. A spoonful of the dry shampoo refreshes my hair within seconds.

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Give it a try. Once you opt for any dry shampoo, then there is no going back.

I Started Using Conditioner Before Shampoo

Yes, you read that right.

Conditioner before shampoo.

hair care tips

Why you ask?

As your hair length increases, your ends become dry and brittle. Using conditioner on my hair length before shampoo, prevented my ends from getting dryer. This, in turn, helps me save my hair length and the best part, no more split ends.

I also occasionally used BBlunt's leave-in conditioner whenever I needed to style my hair or when my hair became uncontrollably frizzy.

BBLUNT Repair Remedy Shampoo for Damaged Hair, with Keratin and Argan Oil, 400 ml
  • A deep-nourishing shampoo for damaged, brittle hair
  • Packed with a blend of Keratin and Argan Oil for complete repair
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I Trimmed Instead Of Cutting

This has become a tradition for me.

I rarely cut my hair. I always trim them.

My hair grows fast and despite taking good care I sometimes end up with brittle ends. So Instead of going for a hair cut and losing 2-3 inches of hair length every time, I simply prefer trimming those brittle ends. My mom does this for me.

This makes sure that I don’t lose my hair length. And my hair appears healthy and gorgeous.

“It is a myth that your hair grows faster if you cut them. Your hair length has nothing to do with your hair cut.”

Hair Rinses Are Still My Hair’s BFF

Hair rinse is something that I talk about all the time on my hair blog. It is a step where you opt to rinse your hair with water that has been infused with any other ingredient. You can read more about hair rinses here.

For best results, try these:

  • For hair that lacks shine, do the last hair rinse with some green tea.
  • To treat scalp infection, go for an ACV rinse or lemon rinse
  • For faster hair growth and hair fall control, opt for rosemary water for hair or fenugreek hair rinse.

Just trust me on this and notice the difference. Hair rinses are one such long Indian hair secrets that I inherited growing up.

I Opted For Natural Homemade Chemical-Free Hair Masks

I love DIYing my hair masks and use them for treating every hair problem of mine.

So far these homemade hair masks have been a great helping hand for improving my hair’s overall length and texture.

I Maintained My Healthy Scalp

This is a very crucial step in any hair growth journey.

If your scalp is in distress then your hair will never grow or regrow faster.

To fight scalp infections and dandruff, I used neem oil or coconut oil with camphor tablets. I also made sure to wash my hair with a good anti-dandruff shampoo and follow it up with an ACV or lemon rinse.

hair care tips for dandruff

I Protected My Hair From Climate Change

Whenever the season changes, it takes a toll on your hair and scalp. Suddenly you start losing hair when the winters arrive or that greasy itchy scalp declares the arrival of summer. And don’t even get me started on the damage that monsoon season brings along.

So I made sure to change my hair care routine as per the weather.

Here is how I did that

I Repaired My Hair Damage That Hard Water, Dust, and Pollution Caused

No matter how well you take care, but hard water, pollution, dust, and dirt damage your hair like they damage your skin. You need to take a little extra measure to prevent your hair from these 

I Did Hair Spa At Home Once A Month


I have been doing these for more than 2 years now and the hair spas have drastically changed my hair. But I never opt for hair spas in the salon. I prefer to do it the old school way,i.e. at home. Here is how you can too

I Used Natural Ways To Style My Hair

I love styling my hair. Let’s face it who among us doesn’t. But the heat appliances have a permanent damaging effect on your hair. If you use a lot of heat for styling regularly, then after a while your hair simply appears dead and fried. So I tried to opt for natural ways to curl or straighten my hair.

And whenever I used heat for styling, I made sure to use heat protectants every time. 

I Opted For Natural Oils As My Hair Serums

Instead of that regular store-bought chemically loaded hair serums, I usually use argan oil or rosehip oil as my hair serum. Argan oil is very effective in taming those frizzy hair and rosehip oil prevents your hair from damage. Do give it a try.

I Added Onions, Tomatoes, Pulses, and Legumes to my diet

hair growth tips - how to increase your hair growth

These are natural biotin-rich superfoods that help your hair grow thicker and quicker. Make sure you eat these and protein-rich leafy veggies in your diet if you desire those beautiful hair.


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Other Things That I Did For My Hair

Other than the things I listed above,

I tried to cover almost each and everything I did this year to grow my hair faster and healthier. I hope you guys benefit from it. If you have any hair queries or any doubts feel free to ask away in the comments section or via my Instagram messages.

hair growth journey before and after

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