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My Grey Hair Reversal Story: How I Got Rid Of Premature Greys, Naturally

Hey Guys,

As most of you already know that I have grey hair. And I often share quick remedies and hacks that help to maintain and hide greys naturally. So recently I thought of sharing my grey hair reversal story with you guys.

Here it goes…

Let Me Start By Sharing A Little Bit Of When & How My Hair Started Turning Grey?

I have had grey hair from an early age. There were a lot of reasons behind it like

  • Genetics(my dad had his grey hair since his school days too)
  • Side effects of a lot of medicines(I got sick in 6th grade and had to be injected with some strong anti-biotics every week just so I could survive. One of the main side effects of these injections was premature greying of hair)
  • Improper nutrition(I have always been a picky eater and somebody who doesn’t enjoy those green leafy vegetable and fruits)
  • Bad lifestyle(During my chartered accountancy days, as a student, I used to stay up every night to study and sleep late in the morning)
  • Drinking too much tea/caffeine(I am still guilty of doing this)
  • Not taking good care of my hair(as much as I take care of my hair nowadays, I didn’t when I lived in a hostel in Nagpur. I used to avoid oiling my hair for months and didn’t take any good care).

You name the thing that you should avoid but I bet I had done it. And sadly due to all this, my greys started popping at a very young age.

My Grey Hair Reversal Story

So now that you know why I had grey hair since my school days, here is what I did to cover them rather hide them naturally.

A Clarifying Shampoo

The first thing I did was to use a clarifying shampoo.

Why you ask?

Its because a lot of other products(oils with mineral oils, conditioners with silicones, serums, hair colors, and what not) leaves a layer of build-up. Until and unless you get rid of that layer, any color won’t stay on your hair for long. So the first step is to use a good clarifying shampoo.

My favorite is Halo shampoo and Pantene clarifying shampoo but you can use any clarifying shampoo of your choice.

I Oil My Hair Twice a Week With Homemade Hair Oils

If you are a regular reader of this hair blog, you might already know that I make different hair oils that help to cover your grey hair naturally. I usually make the oil in small batches and use them regularly.Mostly twice a week.

These hair oils help to cover greys overtime. It takes around a month of regular application to show noticeable results. But trust me this is the best hair hack for keeping those greys in control.

hair care tips by hair care square (21)

I Used SLS Free Shampoo

Now, this is a crucial step if you want your hair to be colored naturally.

Why you ask?

SLS cleans your hair and scalp very harshly just like a detergent cleans clothes. So as the natural colors don’t have chemicals that go deep in your hair shaft, the SLS shampoo removes the effect of natural home remedies and masks every time you shampoo. Therefore using a shampoo that is herbal and SLS free is a must in this case.

I Pour Coffee Rinse Every time I Wash My Hair


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This works like a charm. Coffee starts staining your hair overtime. It adds a layer of dark brown to your grey hair. Do it every time you wash your hair.

I Use Henna And Indigo Hair Mask

henna and indigo for gray hair

Now I have shared this hair mask long back on this blog and why it works. Let me tell you again that it works like a dream. You simply need to apply this hair mask once a month or twice if needed and this mask alone has the superpower to hide those greys naturally.

Click on the above link to read in detail about the henna indigo mask. But a quick note please don’t mix hair colors and henna. If you colored your hair, please don’t use henna for at least 2 months and Vice-a-Versa. Because doing this you can get a serious allergic reaction.

Deep Condition With Coconut and Beetroot Mask

diy hair mask to color your hair red naturally at home

Henna and indigo mask or any hair color has a drying effect on your hair. So opting for coconut milk and beetroot mask this mask not only adds a beautiful reddish tint to your hair but also makes your hair super smooth. Think of it as a hair spa for your hair to add more natural color.

I Eat Raw Onion & Tomatoes Every Day

I still do this religiously.

I eat onion and tomato daily. Not only are these the best natural resource of biotin but also helps prevent more hair from premature graying.

I Take Omega 3 Supplements

If you are my regular reader, you might know how I almost lost my eyesight and after surgery how my eyes caught the infection and since then the doctor told me to consume omega 3 supplement daily.

Initially I thought that these were just for improving my eyesight but these helped me prevent premature greying of hair. It also makes hair grow faster. I find it beneficial more than biotin for hair growth.

I Consume 1 TSP Amla Powder

I know it sounds gross but it works.

Your hair starts becoming grey when your body stops the production of melanin. And amla helps your body fill that void. Therefore I eat amla powder before going to bed and it has helped my grey hair to turn black again.

I Prevent My Hair From Sun Damage

Sun damage is one of the reasons that your hair turns gray prematurely. If you are not yet doing anything to prevent your hair from harmful sun rays, then none of this will ever give you 100% results.


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I Keep Chemicals Away From My Scalp

Along with all these tips, one thing I made sure is that I limited using chemicals on my scalp. The more chemicals like ammonia, mineral oils, SLS, silicons, tea, and dea touch your scalp, the more damage they cause to your follicles. They even make your hair prematurely grey for life. Make sure your scalp is clean and you try your best to prevent these from touching your scalp.

I Sleep At Least 7 Hours Daily

This is yet another common thing you will now but it is probably the most important one. Good sleep, especially in a dark room, helps with your hair’s overall health. Also staying away from any stress and worries is a win-win when it comes to hair health.

I follow all these steps religiously. And it helps keep my greys hidden naturally really well. Rather, I was able to reverse my greys that too naturally.

But you need to do this regularly and consistently because the roots that grow back, grow grey until amla powder and regular intake of your proper nutrients and vitamins show their magic. Which again is a very slow process.

So until then, eat right, Sleep well and follow these hacks and you will be able to reverse your greys naturally too.

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