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21 Hair Regrowth Tips: How To Regrow Hair Naturally? Reader’s Query+My Solution!

Hey Guys,

Looking for natural ways to regrow your lost hair?

While going through reader’s queries last night, I came across emails where a lot of you wanted me to share some hair regrowth tips. So today I will share some of my favorite hair regrowth tips and tricks that actually have worked for me and I am sure it will definitely help you too.

hair regrowth tips: how to regrow hair naturally

Reader’s Query

Hi Nimisha,

With lots of hope and courage, I write this email to you. I really hope you would revert back. I recently discovered your blog and instantly fell in love with it. I admire how you help your readers. Please help me too.

I am 30 years old and I lost a lot of my crown hair. I got really sick few months back and lost that glow on my skin and lost almost half of my beautiful hair. My hair fall is now in control but my hair volume is half gone. My question is how to regrow my lost hair naturally? Is it still possible? With every hair strand, I lost a piece of my confidence. Please help me to get my lost hair back.

With love,

Jenny Pedro.

My Solution: How To Regrow Lost Hair Naturally?

Hi Jenny,

Thank you so much for writing in!

First of all, I would like to start by assuring you that your hair will definitely regrow back you just need little patience, a bit of hard work and regularity. And yes, a lot of positivity!

Below are the few things that I did that helped me regrow my lost hair and I am sure these tips and tricks will definitely help you too.

1. Hot Oil Treatment

Since you are a regular reader of HCS, you might already know how much I encourage regular hot oil treatments. I have found regular hot oil treatments to be very helpful. If you want strong and thick hair that is healthy from within than hot oil treatments is a must.

Do hot oil treatment using the hair oil that suits you at least twice a week and preferably keep it overnight. Since hair regrowth is your aim, definitely add castor oil, vitamin e oil or use Kalonji oil for the hot oil treatments and massage your hair very gently.

2. Inversion Method

While you do oil your hair, massage them too with extremely soft finger pressure or 5-10 minutes. No flip your hair upside down and slowly continue massaging with soft fingers for 2 minutes. You might feel little dizzy at first that is because of the extra blood flow to your hair. But it’s absolutely normal and nothing to be alarmed about. This will stimulate the blood flow and will help to regrow your hair faster.

3.Use Steam Before Washing Your Oiled Hair

Use steam to help the oil better penetrate the hair shafts. This, in turn, promotes hair growth. You can use hot water and towel for steam or use a steam cap.

4. Right Temperature Water for Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair with right temperature water is very important. Always make sure you use normal room temperature water or cold water and never ever use hot water to wash your hair. You can check out this post for more details.

5. Choose The Right Hair Products

If you use right hair care products, half of the battle is already won. Just make sure to keep these small tips in mind while you pick up your hair products from the shelves.


While choosing the right shampoo to opt for products that say weightless or light weight in the ingredients list. If you have a particular shampoo that already suits you then just add few drops of rosemary essential oil to your shampoo(complete recipe here). This will definitely show you quick results.

My personal favorite shampoos are Iha Biospume Shampoo, Tvakh Coffee Bean Shampoo and Iles Formula.


While choosing the conditioner, make sure to opt for a silicone and paraben free conditioner. This is because silicones and parabens tend to leave the layer of buildup on your hair and scalp which damages your hair and scalp’s overall health in the long run.

Hair Rinse

Do a hair rinse every time you wash your hair. Make sure to do a fenugreek hair rinse every time you wash your hair. If you want to know more about hair rinse then you can check it out here.


Don’t opt for regular hair serums you have in the market. Opt for argan oil, rosehip oilor jojoba as a hair serum instead. This will not only make your hair more manageable but will repair your hair inside out.

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6. Include Essential Oils In Your Hair Care Routine

Essential oils are slowly becoming essentials of our day to day life. Reason being they are that effective. Just a few drops have the power to work wonders. Start adding rosemary, lavender or tea tree oil to your day to day life. Add these to your hair oil, shampoo, conditioner or bathing water for that matter. Just make sure to not go overboard with these and always do a patch test before you use these.

Adding essential oils will help in speeding up your hair growth and will also help in increasing your hair volume effectively.

7. Ditch Your Towel For Drying Your Hair

I know this may sound a little odd to you, but if you are using your regular towel to dry your hair then this is one of the main reasons for your damaged hair and hair fall. The fibers in the regular towel are extremely harsh on you hair. Opt for a soft t-shirt instead to dry your hair. This will be gentle on your hair and you will see the improvement in your hair very soon.

8.Use A Wide Tooth Wooden Comb

I recently started using a wooden comb for my hair and saw a drastic improvement. I lose very fewer hair strands compared to what I used to lose before and have seen that my hair appears much healthier now. The reason behind using a wide tooth wooden comb is that this stimulates blood circulation and helps in distributing your natural oils effectively to your entire hair length. A wooden comb is a must for me now. Do give it a try and you will love the results too.

9. Don’t Tie Your Hair Too Tightly

Tying your hair tightly in tight pony tails or even braids or any other hair styles actually weakens your hair follicles. This causes your hair to fall out more. Opt for loose braids or open hair instead.

10. Stay Away From Chemicals Treatments and Heat Styling

This is a common thing but people usually tend to ignore it. Make sure you opt for hair products that are organic and free of harsh chemicals. Limit harsh treatments like hair coloring, straightening, hair botox, hair smoothening. The chemicals involved and the heat in these treatments have a very harsh and damaging effect in the long run. Slowly these will lead to gray hair, damaged hair and in some extreme cases baldness too.

11. Go For An Onion Hair Mask

This is my go to treatment whenever I need to control my hair fall and regrow my lost hair I make an onion hair mask. For making this hair mask, you need onion juice, bhringraj oil, castor oil and vitamin e capsules. You can check out the complete recipe here.

Make sure to apply this hair mask once every week and you will definitely see beautiful and noticeable results.

12. Fenugreek Hair Masks

Fenugreek is my all time favorite ingredient when it comes to hair care. I use fenugreek for my hair since childhood. I recently shared my favorite fenugreek hair recipes. But for hair regrowth simple soak fenugreek overnight in water and grind it into a fine paste. Now add freshly extracted aloe vera gel and apply this hair mask.

This hair mask shows fabulous results. Use it once a week and you will love your hair from first time itself.

13. Include Amla In Your Day To Day Life

Amla or Indian gooseberry is very effective for hair regrowth. I usually eat it raw or its juice or even apply its hair mask. You can also add amla powder to your hair oil for best results.

14. Aloe Vera Is Your Hair’s Best Friend

We all know what a fabulous ingredient aloe vera is. I usually use aloe vera in 5 different ways for my hair. But since hair regrowth and volume is your main concern then use freshly extracted aloe vera and apply it to your hair and scalp generously before your hot oil treatments. Now apply your hot hair oil and leave overnight. This will help the aloe vera to work better on your hair and scalp and will promote hair regrowth.

15. Moisturize Your Hair Well

If your hair lack moisture then your hair will get damaged and you will lose more hair. Moisturizing your hair is an important step towards healthier hair regrowth. To know how to moisturize extremely dry hair, you can read this post.

16. Eat Right

Eating healthy and drinking lot of water plays a crucial role in your hair’s overall health. Make sure you,

  • Eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies
  • Eat lentils and beans
  • Include flax seeds in your daily diet

Along with these also keep in mind.

hair regrowth tips hair regrowth tips

17. Try Yoga

Yoga is very effective and has been proved by various studies to be very effective in hair regrowth. Do at least 10 minutes yoga daily. And if you at least do just Balayam and Suryanamaskar, your hair will definitely show you the beautiful results.

18. Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the main reasons behind hair loss. If you lead a stressful life you will end up losing your precious hair too. Every day at least for 20 minutes, do what makes you happy. Paint, dance, since, watch your self in a mirror click new photos of yourself, image yourself winning an Oscar and give a fake interview. Just simply dedicate 20 minutes to yourself and do whatever in the world it takes to keep you happy and be your old happy self.

19. Sleep Well & Use Silk Pillow

You need at least 8 hours of sleep otherwise it starts affecting your hair very adversely. make sure you get a quiet and peaceful sleep. Also, make sure to switch to silk pillow cases. Cotton pillow cases actually strip natural oils from your scalp which in turn leads to damaged hair. Silk pillows are gentle on your hair while your sleep.

20. Get Your Medical Problems Treated

If you tried all of these and still facing hair fall and your hair is refusing to grow then it’s time for the tough call. You need to go to your doctor and get yourself checked for any medical conditions.

21. Positivity

Last but not the least, make sure you stay positive and trust yourself. Trust that your efforts are paying off. Stay positive that your hair is improving each day. Provide yourself with a lot of positive reinforcements and you will see how beautifully your hair grows faster.

Hope this post helped you in some way. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group where I share reader’s queries too. See you soon with a lot of home remedies and hair care tips.

Have a lovely day!

Happy little birdie who is obsessed with online gaming, natural hacks, gorgeous hair and her warm cup of tea.


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