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Why Inversion Method For Hair Growth Actually Works?

Why Inversion Method For Hair Growth Actually Works?

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Everyday people all over the world are looking for quicker methods to grow their hair without much trouble. With companies producing and marketing new products every day on international platforms, some have gone ahead to buy expensive gels or supplements to help grow hair quickly. However, there is a new hair grow method in town, and it is trending all over online and social media platforms called The Inversion Method For Hair Growth. As the name suggests, the inversion method for hair growth requires you to bend your head down to stimulate growth.

Here Is How The Inversion Method Works

The method requires you to invert your head for a few minutes. By bending your head, you increase the flow of blood to your follicles which stimulate the growth of hair for a few inches. You do not necessarily have to do a handstand you can still realize positive outcomes when you bend your head by the side of your bed, sitting on a chair and hanging your head between your legs or by sleeping on your back and hanging your head downwards across the bed.

Reports claim that by bending your head, you will achieve one-inch growth of hair every week. Scientifically, human hair grows half an inch to 2 inches every month. But with the new inversion method, the one-inch increase per week is very appealing to every individual who wants to experience rapid hair growth.

How To Do The Inversion Method Properly?

inversion method for hair growth

a) Choose your ideal hair oil according to your hair type and apply on the scalp evenly then massage it gently.

b) Choose your best position to invert your head for a few minutes. You could sit on a chair, and bend your head or lie flat on your back across the bed and invert your head or any other position that makes you feel comfortable.

c) Wait for at least two hours before doing anything else and let the oil be absorbed into the scalp. Wash off excess oil if necessary.

d) Perform the procedure every day for one full week then skip at least three weeks before doing it again. The gap between procedures prevents your body from getting used to extra blood flow thus hampering the method from working.

Inversion Method Benefits

One important aspect of the inversion method is that it stimulates hair follicles that help it to grow longer. The method can be said to stimulate hair growth in two ways, one by is by causing hair movement when performing a massage of the scalp and the other is by allowing blood to flow to your head. Hence stimulating hair follicles for growth is the main reason inversion method for hair growth actually works.

Below Are The Best Suitable Types Of Oil Recommended For Use During The Practice

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You can basically use any hair oil that you fancy, just make sure that they are cold pressed and free of harsh chemicals like mineral oils and parabens.

What Are The Side Effects Of This Method?

Most common inversion method side effects are nausea and dizziness. Most women in dire need to grow hair quickly experience these side effects as a result of holding their heads down for long periods. If you experience these feelings, you should abort the practice immediately so that your body could recover from them. Also if you have health issues or you are pregnant, you should seek the doctor’s advice before attempting it.

With mild side effects, the method is probably worth trying to achieve natural hair growth. Many attempts by people across the globe have shown that the technique is workable. Remember the procedure will produce optimum results once you invert your head and massage the scalp properly.

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Tuesday 18th of June 2019

Why is inversion method helpful? I am having amazing results... damn please tel why it works

Momita Banerjee

Monday 17th of June 2019

Can I do it everyday?

Naziya Khan

Saturday 15th of June 2019

I feel giddy after this

Veda Unnadkar

Saturday 15th of June 2019

Thank you for sharing didu. This works really well


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

I love your blog