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How To Stop Hair Fall After Smoothening/Straightening Treatment?

How To Stop Hair Fall After Smoothening/Straightening Treatment?
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Hey guys,

It’s been ages since we did this: My Solutions to Your Hair Queries!

I have my inbox filled with hair queries from you guys. I thought its high time, I share naturals tips and tricks to some of the most requested hair queries of all time. So let’s begin with today’s query:

How To Stop Hair Fall After Smoothening/Straightening Your Hair Chemically?

Hi Nimisha Dee,

I am 22 years old and did smoothening treatment one month back. I adore my hair now so much more. But the only problem is I am losing a lot of hair every day and a small bald patch is starting to come on my crown area.

Please help me di. I don’t want to be bald.

I did everything as the stylist said to me. Even kept using all the products that he asked me to but still, hair fall is growing day by day. What do I do? I have been a reader of your blog. I also follow you on Instagram and love your tips.

Dee, I am very scared. Please help me. 


Radhika Meshram

My Solution To Controlling Hair Fall After Smoothening

how to stop hair fall after smoothening

Every now and then, this question pops up on my screen.

I know how tempting and irresistible hair smoothening/ straightening treatments are. I did smoothening too while I was in my college and honestly loved every minute of it except when it  broke my precious hair. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Here is exactly how I controlled my hair fall and regrew my lost hair after losing them to these chemical treatments.

Oiling Is Your Hair’s Savior

Do not skip oiling, please!

I know you might say that your hairstylist has said a big no to oiling but it’s false. You are only suppose to skip hair oiling for the first two weeks and after that hair oiling is a must.

After putting your hair through these chemically harsh treatments, your hair loses its elasticity and strength. So the first thing you need to do is help their base get stronger. The best way to do that is regular oiling your hair.

To control hair fall and regrow new hair, I recommend you try these hair oils:

Use any of these oils and apply it directly onto your scalp. It will help strengthen your roots and you won’t lose any more of your precious hair.

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Add Rosemary Oil To The Shampoo Your Hair Stylist Recommended

Rosemary essential oil is one such amazing ingredient that helps control hair fall and regrow new hair quickly and effectively. There have been studies where rosemary essential oil has proven to be of the same result as minoxidil.

So what you need to do is:

Add 7-8 drops of rosemary essential oil in 2-3 tablespoons of your shampoo. Mix it well. Wet your hair and use this shampoo. Massage your scalp and hair length for a minute with it and then rinse it off with cold water. 

Try this simple hack and you will love the results for sure.

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Use Fenugreek or ACV Rinse Every Time You Wash Your Hair

After these chemical treatments, your pores get clogged and your hair roots become weaker. To treat them you need to do these hair rinses regularly:

I urge you to include hair rinses in your life and you will notice what one such simple step can do to your hair.

Ditch Serums & Befriend Argan Oil

Regular hair serums are loaded with chemicals that have a severe long term impact on your hair health. So while you are trying to repair your hair, ditch them and opt for argan oil instead.

This is something I do regularly.

Argan oil will not only work beautifully as a serum but will also help your hair stay frizz-free and healthy. You can also opt for a few drops of rosehip oil instead if you wish. It’s excellent oil that helps to repair damaged hair.

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Ditch Your Hair Dryers

how to control hair fall after smoothening

Even if you think, using hair dryers on the cool setting is okay, it’s not. Especially not if you are recovering from hair loss and damage. Always prefer air drying your hair. I know it takes a while but it is beneficial in the long run.

Opt For Deep Conditioning Homemade Hair Masks

Now that your hair has been damaged due to chemicals, its time to pamper them with some deep conditioning hair masks. Here are some of my favorite hair masks that you can try:

Take your pick and start doing deep conditioning treatments every other week. This will ensure your hair gets enough moisture and doesn’t break more.

Add These To Your Diet


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If you add just a few superfoods in your daily diet, you will be able to tackle this hair fall problem even quicker. Make sure you eat protein-rich foods like legumes, pulses, eggs, fish and a lot of leafy veggies. Also, eat tomatoes and raw onions daily. They help in controlling hair fall effectively.

Also Recommended: 5 Step Hair Spa For Hair Fall Control Using Ingredients From Your Kitchen.

Take Omega 3 Supplements

I discovered these by accident, literally. 

These little supplements can help you tremendously, better than you can imagine.

There hardly goes a day when I skip taking omega 3 supplements. These not only help you combat hair loss but also helps your hair get super healthy from within. It also triggers hair growth like anything.

Do give them a try, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian.

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Don’t Go For Coloring Treatments For A While

I know we all love beautifully colored hair. But even you know it deep in your heart that it is going to damage your hair furthermore. So instead of asking you to stop coloring your hair, I am going to request you to please don’t color your hair until you have tackled this hair fall problem effectively. 

But in case if you do, this might help:

Prevent Further Damage

While we are at it, prevention is always better than cure.

I mean why else are we even in quarantine right now, right? So make sure you take care of your hair nicely. Here are a few tips that might help you:

Along with all these, please keep in mind:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Sleep well
  • Stay away from stress
  • Use a silk pillowcase and
  • Switch to wooden comb from plastic ones.

I hope you guys find these little tips helpful in combating hair fall from smoothening or straightening. If you have any such tips that you think will benefit others, please do share via comments. Also check out the list of best products to keep your hair straight after straightening it.

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Also, I would like to apologize, if I haven’t replied to your hair queries. Please do share them again via comments and I will try my best to resolve them ASAP.

Have a lovely day!