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7 Benefits Of Hair Steaming & Its Vital Role In Faster Hair Growth

7 Benefits Of Hair Steaming & Its Vital Role In Faster Hair Growth

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Explore the benefits of hair steaming with this beginner-friendly guide that will help you achieve your hair goals faster!

What Is Hair Steaming?

Hair steaming is a process in which steam is used to open up pores and cuticles of hair follicles that helps your hair mask, hair oils, or deep conditioners to penetrate deep with the layers of hair and scalp and nourish them from within. 

Hair steaming is beneficial for all hair types in general as it helps moisture to penetrate deep within the layers of your hair promoting better hair health. It is specifically more beneficial for people with thick hair, dry hair, damaged hair, or curly hair. However, if you have thin hair that lacks volume then you need to do this in moderation and at lesser temperatures. 

Benefits Of Hair Steaming

There are several benefits of hair steaming that have been backed by scientific studies. Here are some of the potential advantages of steaming your hair weekly:

Improves Scalp Health

Steaming your hair regularly helps in improving your scalp health. The heat helps get rid off dead skin cells and promotes better production of natural oils as required by your hair and scalp for ideal health. It also helps remove flakes and promotes better blood flow. (1)

Hydrates And Nourishes Hair

When you use steam on your oiled hair, the heat helps open the cuticles of your hair shaft which in turn helps better absorption of hair oil or hair mask. This helps your hair with low porosity absorb the nourishment from the masks better.

Promotes Faster Hair Growth

Hair steaming helps induce better blood flow to your scalp which in turn helps your hair grow faster and thicker. If you combine the goodness of hair steaming with regular scalp massage it helps in increasing your hair volume too as concluded in this study

Reduces Hair Breakage And Split-ends

If you are someone who is dealing with a lot of hair breakage and split ends then you need to incorporate hair steaming into your routine. It will help nourish your damaged and fragile manes and prevent hair breakage as well as split ends.

Does Scalp And Hair Detox

It helps detoxifies and resets hair and scalp for forming a new hair care routine. If you are looking to start over a new routine with more suitable products to improve your hair health then steam helps detoxify your hair and scalp by removing product build-up and helping it reset for your new and improved routine. 

An Integral Part Of Hair Spa

If you have ever had a hair spa then you know that hair steaming is an integral part of any hair spa treatment. This is because it helps detoxify and better nourish your hair. 

Improves Hair Elasticity

When you make hair steaming an integral part of your routine it promotes better elasticity and you will notice that your hair tangles less and it doesn’t curl at the end either. It also deeply nourishes your hair so they don’t look like brillo pad hair anymore.

Disadvantages Of Hair Steaming

Like every story has two sides, hair steaming also comes with some disadvantages:

Overdoing Might Result In Damage

If you overdo hair steaming especially at higher temperatures then you are bound to deal with dry and damaged hair that breaks easily and looks dull. 

Not Ideal For People With Thin Hair

Hair steaming also is not ideal for people with thin hair as it might weigh down your hair even more. But if you do it in moderation and combine it with the right set of products like I did when I was on my thin to thick hair journey then it might work like a charm. 

Might Fade Your Hair Color

As steam opens the cuticles it lightens your dye pigments in the process. This in turn results in your hair color fading faster. 


This process though is beneficial but you will need to assess a particular time of your day to get the job done as it requires 10-20 minutes to do it the right way. If you lead an extremely hectic life this might be a hassle. 

Can Cause Injuries

If not done with caution, the heat from hair steaming might lead to some serious injuries. So always proceed with caution whenever you deal with heat. (2)

How To Steam Hair At Home?

If you have been on this beauty blog before, you might know that I prefer using a thermal steam cap to steam my hair at home. It is cheap yet very effective and comfortable. But you can also opt for the towel method. I am sharing instructions for both of them below:

Method 1: Using a Thermal Steamer

  1. Start by removing tangles from your hair and apply a hair mask or conditioner or hair oil that you prefer. Just make sure whatever you opt for doesn’t contain mineral oils or silicones otherwise it will irritate your scalp or lead to product build-up.
  2. Cover your entire hair length and concentrate well on roots and ends. 
  3. Tie your hair in a swoop ponytail or a bun. For my long Indian hair, I prefer a bun. 
  4. Turn on the steamer and set it to a low heat setting.
  5. Place the steaming cap over your head, making sure that all of your hair is inside the cap.
  6. Steam your hair for around 10-20 minutes to allow the steam to penetrate your hair well.
  7. After removing the cap, massage your scalp with your fingertips for better penetration of the product and it will also help you feel more relaxed and pampered.
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That’s it you are done!

Method 2: DIY Hot Towel Steaming At Home

  1. Start by detangling your hair and applying the hair mask of your choice. 
  2. Dip your towel in hot water and wring out the excess water. As the water might be hot make sure you do it very carefully and don’t harm yourself in the process. 
  3. Tie your hair in a bun.
  4. Place the hot towel around your head, covering your hair length well.
  5. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Massage your scalp well for the next 5 minutes and if you want faster hair growth then try the inversion method for hair growth
  7. Follow up by washing your hair with just water and then continue your shampooing and conditioning routine as usual. 


  • It is best to do hair steaming once a week or twice a month as per your hair needs. 
  • If your hair is dry, opt for a good deep conditioning hair mask but if you are dealing with hair fall opt for hair oil along with rosemary essential oil for hair fall control and faster hair regrowth. 
  • Following up with a scalp massage doubles the benefit of your hair-steaming process. 


  • Don’t overdo hair steaming as it might lead to heat damage or moisture overload. 
  • Don’t combine protein masks and steaming often as it might lead to protein overload. 

Over To You: Is Steaming Good For Your Hair?

Yes, hair steaming is good for your hair as we have already established. It helps improve hair and scalp health by detoxifying, nourishing, and inducing faster hair growth. It is ideal for most hair types when done once week or twice a month for 20 minutes but if you have thin hair only do it once a month for just 5 minutes. 

Have you tried hair steaming at home? What is your favorite way to steam your hair? I would love to hear your input too. Before you leave, don’t forget to check out:

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