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Benefits Of Hot Oil Treatment For Natural Hair Growth Using Double Boiler Method

Benefits Of Hot Oil Treatment For Natural Hair Growth Using Double Boiler Method

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Hot oil treatments are really good and beneficial for your hair and scalp health. I have been doing hot oil treatments since I was a little girl to solve all my hair problems and I can’t recommend it enough. 

If you are new to this, don’t worry I will explain everything in detail including the benefits of this treatment, how to heat your oil, which oil to use, and how to do hot oil treatment for natural hair growth the right way. 

Let’s discuss.

Hot Oil Treatment For Natural Hair Growth

Hot oil treatment is a pre-poo treatment where you apply warm oil on your hair and scalp to solve your hair problems and achieve faster hair growth naturally.

On this beauty blog, I preach the Indian hair oiling routine a lot. It is one of the long Indian hair secrets that I learned from my elders. In my oiling routine, I always make it a habit to heat up the hair oil using the double boiler method to enhance its nutrients more and reap the maximum benefits from the hot oil treatment.

Is Heating Oil Good For Hair?

Yes, heating(or a better word would be warming here) your hair oil before you apply it on your hair and scalp is really good. The heat helps the oil penetrate better into your hair shafts nourishing them from within while it induces better blood flow in the scalp which helps your hair grow faster. You can read more about the same, here.

Hot oil treatment helps in retaining back the moisture in the hair strands. If you would say so does the normal oiling but the difference is that the heat of the hot oil actually helps to open the cuticles and thus helps in better penetration and helps in increasing blood circulation and strengthening the roots.

Benefits Of Hot Oil Treatment

As I already mentioned there are multiple benefits of hot oil treatments for hair. You name your hair problem and there might be just the right oil in Ayurveda that might help you deal with them. But here are the most important benefits of hot oil treatment that might convince you to give it a try:

hot oil treatment using double boiler method

Nourishes Dry Hair And Scalp

If you have dry hair that doesn’t feel nourished no matter how many deep conditioning hair masks or hair spa treatments you might undergo, then try hot oiling treatment. Oils have the power to go deep within your hair shafts and nourish them from the inside. 

And when you opt for heating your hair oil using the double boiler method it helps to open up the cuticles for better penetration of hair oil into your hair shafts. For best results, to moisturize extremely dry hair, opt for a combination of penetrating and sealing oils.

Controls Dandruff And Soothes Scalp

If you have an itchy scalp, dandruff, or minor scalp infections, using neem oil, tea tree essential oil, or a hair mask of coconut oil with a couple of camphor tablets for your hot oil treatment can soothe your scalp in just one use. 

Repairs Hair Damage

If you have dull and damaged hair that just appears lifeless, a few rounds of hot oil treatment can be game-changing. Hair oils that are rich in antioxidants and repairing properties can go deep within your shafts and repair them for good.

Induces Faster Hair Growth

When I was on my hair growth journey, I made hot oil treatment an integral part of my hair care routine. Incorporating hair oils for thicker hair growth that are backed by multiple scientific studies are an effective first step to faster hair growth.

Helps Control Hair Fall

There are a lot of scientific studies done that prove that hair oils are very effective at controlling hair loss. There was a study where rosemary essential oil was proved equally effective as minoxidil to combat hair loss and regrow new hair.

Prevents Split Ends And Tangles

Our hair especially the ends deal with a lot of wear and tear daily. Plus, not everyone’s protective natural hair oils from the scalp reach their hair end. Not unless you regularly use a good leave-in or deep conditioning hair mask or incorporate a wooden comb in your routine or best of all the hot oil treatment.

If you are someone who is dealing with split ends often then applying warm oil to your hair ends that penetrates deep within your hair shafts might just do the trick. I personally have a habit of applying argan oil and it works very well for me to prevent split ends.

Helps With Hair Regrowth

Hair regrowth is something that we all desire but if you are dealing with severe hair loss or going bald, then your patience slowly starts to wear off. I have been there.

I was going through a bad phase and dealt with severe hair loss. And here is how hot oil treatment helped me control my hair fall and regrow my lost hair.

Promotes Better Hair Elasticity

Hair elasticity is one of the most important aspects of healthy hair. It’s the ability of your hair to which you can stretch it. Hot oil treatment helps improve hair elasticity and in turn, rewards you with healthier hair. 

Darkens Grey Hair Naturally (optional)

This is only for some of my readers who have naturally jet-black hair or dark-colored hair and are dealing with premature grey hair. Incorporating hibiscus hair oil, amla hair oil, or this homemade hair oil to cover grey hair will help you achieve darker hair over time. 

What Hair Oil Do You Use For Hot Oil Treatment?

We live in a world where we have been spoilt with choices for the best hair oils. And choosing one for your hair can be confusing. Here are some key points to keep in mind for opting the best hair oil for your hair type and concern:

  • Opt for cold-pressed hair oils as they retain the highest nutrients in the hair oils, unlike other hair oils that are extracted via heating your hair oils.
  • Stay away from hair oils with a lot of preservatives, mineral oils, or added fragrances as these ingredients might trigger your concerns more.
  • Buy hair oils with a combination of high-quality hair oils in their purest form.
  • Invest in a hair oil as per your hair type and concern.

To pick the best hair oil for your hair, here is a quick guide that might help:

Hair Concerns Hair Oil  
Hair Fall Control  
Faster Hair Growth  
Dry & Damaged Hair  
Dandruff Control  

What Is The Double Boiling Method?

To reap the maximum benefits of hot oil treatment, it is always recommended not to heat your oil directly in a microwave or direct flame. It will lead to a lot of good nutrients getting either destroyed or evaporated. 

The best way to heat your oil is to follow the double boiler method!

The double boiler method is where you warm up the hair oil of your choice in a small bowl and place it in a bigger container with hot water. The heat from the hot water warms up the oil making it ideal to be used for hot oil treatments.

How To Heat Oil Using The Double Boiler Method?

  • Take a saucepan or a bigger container with a flat surface and pour about 200 ml of water. Place it on the gas with a low flame until the water is fairly hot. Turn off the flame. Or you can simply add hot water to the saucepan or the container of your choice. 
  • Then take a small bowl and add the oil you will be using and place it onto the saucepan with hot water in it. Now let the oil heat up a little bit. I usually leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Take the oil after it is perfectly warm.
  • Don’t leave the hair oil in that hot water for too long. We just want that hair oil to be warm to enhance its nutrients.

That’s it! You have just successfully warmed up your oil using the double boiler method.

How To Do Hot Oil Treatment?

  • Start by detangling your hair well. Make sure there are no hair tangles or knots. 
  • Part your hair in four sections and apply the hair oil to the roots and scalp with your fingers or you might use cotton balls.
  • Apply the hot oil to your scalp and entire hair length well. 
  • Do a scalp massage for 5 minutes using your fingertips or you might also try the inversion method for faster hair growth.
  • Leave it for at least half an hour.

For best results pamper your hair with some steam for 5 minutes before you proceed with your shampoo, hair conditioner, and the rest of your hair care routine.

When To Apply Your Hot Oil Treatment?

The best time to apply your hot oil is half an hour before you wash your hair. Some people prefer keeping it overnight too. But beware as it might lead to breakouts. 

Over To You

Hope you found this detailed guide on hot oil treatment for natural hair growth using the double boiler method useful. I cannot stress the benefits of hot oil treatment enough. Just give it a try and you will know what a huge impact it would have on your hair’s overall health. 

Try avoiding the common mistakes that we all make unknowingly while oiling our hair which damages our hair.

I would love to hear which is your favorite hair oil and any other hair oiling tips you might have for me. Before you leave, don’t forget to check out:

Have a lovely day!

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