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How I Use Green Tea For Hair Growth and Hair Loss?

Hey Guys,

Have you tried using green tea for hair growth and hair loss?

I have always had a soft spot for green tea when it comes to hair care. It just delivers quicker results than any other ingredient out there. Plus, it instantly just adds that new life and new shine to your dull and lifeless hair. It is great antioxidant too and has the power to transform your hair in just one go.

Benefits Of Green Tea For Hair

benefits of green tea for hair

  • Green tea controls hair loss
  • Green tea triggers hair growth
  • Green tea adds shine to your dull and lifeless hair
  • Green tea works as a natural conditioner
  • It controls dandruff and psoriasis
  • It helps sealing in moisture
  • It protects hair from sun damage
  • Green tea controls baldness because it contains DHT blockers

How I Use Green Tea For Hair?

green tea for hair growth and hair loss

Green Tea Hair Rinse

This is my favorite and probably the most effective way of using green tea for hair. If you are not aware of the hair rinse method then you can check here for more details.

green tea for hair growth and hair loss

What you need to do is simply brew green tea bag in a cup of hot water and let it cool down completely. Now, after you wash your hair, simply pour this green tea on your hair and scalp and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Now rinse it off with normal water (don’t use hot water to rinse it off).

Another way of doing this is used tea bags. I actually have developed the habit of drinking a cup of green tea daily. So, I keep the used green tea bags in my refrigerator and then on the day of my hair wash, I simply brew these babies again. It works fabulously for me.

Drinking Green Tea With Honey

green tea for hair growth and hair loss

Are you like me, who can’t stand the taste of green tea but are truly amazed by its powers? Recently I landed on a tea brand called teame teas. They actually claimed that they deal in better green tea and not bitter ones. So, I gave them a try and to my surprise they actually were true. Their green tea comes in too many variants and actually has a taste that can make you drink a cup of your green tea daily.

I just brew the green tea of my choice in a cup of hot water and then add 1 spoon of honey and simply have it. I have actually started drinking one cup of green tea a day and have noticed a great difference in my hair and skin. The cold and fever that used to visit me quite often have actually become distant relatives now.

Adding Green Tea To Shampoo

green tea for hair growth and hair loss

If you are a regular reader here, then you might already know that I have the habit of adding weird things to my shampoo. Here is a detailed post on how to enhance your shampoo and what should you add to it according to your hair’s needs. This time I added green tea to my shampoo and noticed that my hair was really silky yet bouncy and my scalp felt fresh and clean.

To try this method, simply add 2 tsp of green tea to your regular shampoo, mix well and simply use it like your normal shampoo. This will give you the noticeable difference from one wash. With regular use, you will definitely see your hair grow faster and healthier.

Green Tea Hair Mask

green tea for hair growth and hair loss

Green tea hair mask is really fabulous. Whenever my hair starts appearing dull and lifeless, I just apply this hair mask as a quick fix.

Ingredients: Green tea bags, water, and honey.

Method: Brew 1 cup of green tea and mix it with 4 tablespoons of honey. Now mix it well. Apply this hair mask generously on your hair and scalp and leave it on for 60 minutes. Now rinse it off and shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

These are some of the ways, I take advantage of green tea for my hair. Hope you found this post useful. Regular use of green tea in your hair care routine will definitely help you achieve your hair goals quicker. Stay tuned for more hair care tips, product reviews, diys, home remedies and solutions to your hair problems. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group and follow me on my Instagram to find out what is on my testing table.

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