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How To Make And Use Kalonji Oil For Hair Loss And Hair Regrowth?

Have you tried Kalonji oil for hair yet?

I use Kalonji oil to control my hair loss, regrow my lost hair and darken my hair color. I add Kalonji oil to my hair oil that I make to cover gray hair naturally. I learned this from my mom. She actually adds Kalonji to her henna and indigo hair mask and it works like a charm.

If you are worried about hair loss too and want to regrow your lost hair and increase your hair’s volume, then this will definitely help you.

What Is Kalonji Oil?

Kalonji oil is nothing but the oil that is made from extracting the oil from the black seed. Usually, the cold pressed extracted oil from black seed oil is the best but I have my own version of Kalonji oil recipe which has worked quite well for me. I make the oil by infusing black seeds with different oils.

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How To Make And Use Kalonji Oil For Hair Loss And Hair Regrowth?

Benefits Of Kalonji Oil For Hair

benefits of kalonji oil for hair

As I mentioned above Kalonji oil is very effective ingredient when it comes to treating your hair problems. It helps in

  • controlling hair fall
  • treating baldness
  • helps in regrowth of hair
  • triggering hair growth
  • helps to darken your hair over time.

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Can I Buy Kalonji Oil?

If you don’t want to make your own and just want to use a cold pressed Kalonji oil, you can give this one a try.

How To Make Kalonji Oil For Hair?

As I mentioned above, Kalonji oil that is cold pressed is very good and effective. But I usually like making my own recipes. And here is my version of Kalonji oil recipe.

For making this oil you will need


Take Kalonji seeds and crush them to make powder.

Now take a non-metallic bowl and add Coconut oil with Castor oil and heat it using indirect heat method to enhance its nutrients for 10 minutes.

Now add kalonji seeds powder and fenugreek seeds powder. (Make sure the bowl is off the heat now)

Let the seeds infuse with the oils for next 24 hours.

The next day, strain the oil using the muslin cloth and store it in a glass jar.

The oil stays good for 8-10 days. Just make sure you keep it away from direct sunlight.

How To Use Kalonji Oil for Hair Loss and Regrowth?

Detangle your hair and part your hair in small sections. Now apply kalonji oil, like you would apply any other hair oil. Leave it overnight.

Next morning make sure to give your hair hot steam with a towel or a hot steaming cap to help the oil better penetrate the scalp and hair shafts.

Now shampoo using a sulfate free shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Do this twice a week and you will start seeing a noticeable difference soon. Your hair will start to grow back and you will see a considerable difference in your hair fall too.

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Why Does This work?

Massaging your hair with Kalonji oil helps in regrowth of hair by stimulating blood circulation. Kalonji oil has good penetrative properties that help the oil to penetrate better and treat your scalp from within. It also helps in maintaining a healthy scalp and stimulating your hair growth.

Hope you find this Kalonji oil for hair fall and hair regrowth recipe useful. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group for more interesting tips and recipes.

See you soon with a lot of home remedies, hair care tips and solutions to reader’s queries.

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