My Hair Growth Journey with Hair Regime, Before & After Pictures and Hair Care Tips!

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Hey Guys,

 Finally, I am here with my hair growth journey!

A few days back, I shared a picture of my hair transformation on my Instagram and got so many requests to share my hair growth journey. This was the first time I got 100% ‘Yes’ in my stories too. Finally, after so much procrastination, I am here today to share my hair growth journey with you.

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This journey started off with this very blog. If you have been following me from the initial days of HCS, you might know that I used to have shoulder length hair.

I have had short hair since school days. My mom never let me grow my hair. As soon as I grew my hair a little, she would just take me to a salon and get my hair cut very short 🙁


Why Mom??? Why???

 I looked like such a weirdo 😉

Now coming back to my hair growth journey, here is before and after picture of my hair.

hair growth journeyCan you see a huge difference? My hair has not only become longer but also thicker and healthier too. If you might notice, my hair has become straighter and less wavy too. (That’s the difference of moisturizing my hair and scalp well. I am going to share how I made my hair silkier soon.)

My Hair Growth Journey

Here is everything I did in these 12 months, that totally was a game changer for my hair.

I Chose To Trim Instead Of Cutting My Hair

I know you must have heard it or read it somewhere that you need to get regular haircuts to grow your hair faster. It is one of the biggest myth and I am the live testimony of it. Cutting your hair only makes your hair shorter. Getting your hair trimmed a little, every 4-5 months is more than enough if you are aiming for longer and healthier hair.

In these last 12 months, I trimmed my hair thrice but just half an inch each time. This made sure, that I wasn’t losing the entire hair length that I grew while getting my hair cut.

Why trimming then?

Trimming prevented split/dry ends and my ends appeared healthy. My ends used to get very dry and that made me get my hair trimmed. If it happens with you, try this hair care tip.

hair care tips

I Started Regular Hot Oil Treatment

This has been another big step in my hair growth journey. I used to be very hesitant to hair oiling. I hated the messy and sticky step. I still remember when it used to be weekend and my mom used to call me with hot oil in her hand, ready to do champi on my head and I used to make all kinds of excuses to just run and avoid it.

But trust me, moms know better.

Regular hot oil treatments with hair oil that suits your hair type work amazing.

Initially, I used to oil my hair with either Parachute hair oil or Bajaj almond drops hair oil because these were the oils in my home. Later I started researching more for my blog and followed so many Bloggers and YouTubers and discovered that there are so many hair oils that actually are much better than the normal coconut oil.

Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil- 300 Ml
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  • It is Light & Non sticky and makes hair lustrous.

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Here is my all-time favorite hair growth oil recipe

DIY hair ol for hair growth


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Directions: Mix these all really well and warm them together using double boiler method. Now store these in a glass container in a cool place. I usually make this everytime I apply hair oil but you can make a bigger batch and store it for longer duration too.

Steam Helped Trigger My Hair Growth

After applying hot oil, I most of the time give them steam using my steam cap. This little steam cap was one of the best investments that I made for my hair.

Why steam?

What steam does, is that it helps the oil to better penetrate into your hair shafts and scalp. It also helps in stimulating blood circulation making hair grow faster and healthier from within. Thus, the thicker hair.

VICARKO Hair Steamer Thermal Heat Cap 𝐄𝐱𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐝 Deep Conditioning Natural Black Hair Scalp Treatment Spa Hot Head Care Electric for Home Use
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Inversion Method and Head Massage

Inversion method is nothing but basically, a massaging technique where you just sit (or stand), invert your head with your hair facing down and let gravity work its magic while you massage.

inversion method

Along with the inversion method, I massage my hair softly every night before going to bed. This helps me relax and also helps the blood flow stimulation. This is extremely soothing. Try it and you will definitely see your hair grow faster.

I Started Eating Foods That Are Biotin Rich And Trigger Hair Growth

hair care tips by hair care square (13)

I started incorporating tomatoes, broccoli and other things in my daily diet.

hair care tips by hair care square (13)

If you eat eggs than they provide protein to your body. Definitely start incorporating these. I also started taking Omega3 capsules because my eye doctor recommended it to me and noticed it helped me trigger my hair growth too. If you are really keen to trigger your hair growth, then omega 3 definitely works fabulously. Just make sure you just concern first with your doctor.

I Tackled My Hair fall

This is a major step in any hair growth journey. You need to control your hair fall and regrow your lost hair at the same time. Here is what I did

I Applied More Natural Masks

I am a firm believer that natural masks go a long way. They do take time to deliver results but the results are more lasting and effective. I personally applied these hair masks more often

I Did Hair Spa Once A Month

Hair spa helps to not only make your hair more manageable but also keep your hair healthy from within. This is because the steam and that extra care helps your hair get healthier from within

Here is how to do hair spa at home with step by step instructions.

I Ditched Chemicals And Heat…

Well for most of it.

Being a blogger, I need to keep trying lot of different products that have chemicals but I always make sure to use as fewer chemicals as I can. Chemicals like SLS, Parabens, Silicones, mineral oils make your hair worst. Some of them strip off your natural oils while some just cling to your hair and build up a layer of chemicals making your hair extremely frizzy and damaged. So, I made sure to avoid them as much as possible.

I minimized heat styling too. And whenever I did use a straightener or a hair curler, I made sure to use a serum and hair protector before it.

I Went For Hair Detox Every Two Months

Now since I can’t skip chemicals entirely, I need to make sure to remove the layers of buildup from my hair and scalp with hair detox treatment. I personally detox my hair every two months either by using a hair detox mask.

I Tried Maintaining A Healthy Scalp

To maintain a healthy scalp, I did regular hot oil treatments, used hair rinses, and hair masks.

Earlier my scalp was extremely itchy and flaky. Dandruff was a permanent resident on my scalp but with a lot of care, my scalp is now healthy and clean. But since I have a dry scalp, I still need to take a lot of efforts.

Here is what I did:

hair care tips by hair care square (7)

I Used Hair Rinses

Hair rinses made my hair what they are today.

Hair Rinse method is nothing but making a decoction using different ingredients and pouring it on your shampooed hair, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinsing it off with normal water. You can read more about hair rinse method here.

I personally change my hair rinse as per my hair’s need. For hair growth, I personally believe in

Wooden Comb Saved My Hair

Wooden combs are just the best.

Earlier, I used to use plastic combs and each time I used to run it through my hair, it used to pluck a few hair strands. But with wooden comb, it hardly breaks my hair.

I personally have experience that my hair fall has reduced and my hair growth has triggered massively because of this. What wooden comb does is that it basically distributes the natural oils from your scalp to your entire hair length. Plus, they stimulate blood circulation which in turn reduces hair fall and triggers your hair growth.

I am using this particular one and it has totally changed my hair for the better.

I Avoided Sun, Dust, And Pollution

Sun rays, dust and pollution damages your hair like they damage your skin. Make sure you apply good sunscreen or cover your hair well before you step into the sun.

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Hope you find this post helpful. Let me know if you liked this new series where I share my hair stories with you. And if you want to share your hair story with us, please do share it. I would love to have you onboard.

See you soon with a lot more. Don’t forget to join our facebook group and follow me on my Instagram to see what’s on my testing table now.

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Have a lovely day!

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