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How To Mix And Use Henna And Indigo For Gray Hair?

How To Mix And Use Henna And Indigo For Gray Hair?

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Have you tried using organic henna and indigo for gray hair yet?

I know I write a lot about covering your gray hair naturally.

I have a Diy Hair Oil to cover Gray Hair, a DIY hair mask to have red tints to your hair and condition your hair at the same time as well as a hair rinse to help you cover gray hair naturally.

But that’s because I had premature grey hair since teenage.

I usually write about how I cover my gray hair naturally. But today, I am writing about how my mom covers her grays naturally using henna and indigo mix. And mind you, my mom has the long, jet black and thick hair. She is actually the inspiration behind this hair blog..

Now let me share how she covers her gray hair naturally using organic henna and indigo mix. She has her own recipe to make this indigo and henna hair mask and I thought I should definitely share it with you guys.

So lets get started.

Ingredients for Making Henna and Indigo Hair Mask

For making this hair mask you will need couple of more things as well along with henna and indigo.

You will need for making hair mask

For preparing and application of hair mask, you will need

  • Shower Cap (To help the mask from excess drying and dripping)
  • Old t-shirt(Since this is a messy process wear old clothes)
  • Towel (To protect your clothes from dripping)
  • (To apply the hair mask)
  • (To part sections while applying the mask)
  • (To Prevent your hands from staining)
  • Petroleum Jelly (To apply it around face and neckline to prevent from staining)

Step by Step Procedure to Make this Henna and Indigo For Gray Hair

1. Take Iron wok and add 200gms of henna powder to it. Now add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or yogurt to henna and mix well. This is because lemon juice or yogurt contains Vitamin C which helps better dye release of henna and will help you have darker color from first application.

2. Now add warm water slowly to henna and keep mixing it until you achieve yogurt like consistency or you form a thick but smooth paste. Keep this henna mixture overnight.

Henna takes at least 8 hours to release dye.

Use a hair brush or a spoon to mix. Avoid using hands because it immediately stains your hands.

3. The next morning, just stir this soaked henna paste once and now add 200 gms Indigo Powder along with pinch of salt and mix well. Salt helps indigo to release dye and thus you will have darker color. If you think the paste is extremely thick you can add water to adjust its consistency as you desire.

henna and indigo for gray hair


4. Your Henna and indigo mix for gray hair is ready to use.

Henna and Indigo Ratio

If you are looking to achieve jet black hair keep consistency of henna to indigo equal, i.e, 50:50 but if you are aiming to achieve brown color and not black then keep consistency of henna to indigo of about 2:1.

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henna and indigo for gray hair

Add These Ingredients to Henna and Indigo to Control Hair Fall, Trigger Hair Growth and Deep Condition Your Hair at the Same Time – My Mom’s Secret Recipe <3

As I mentioned above that this is my mom’s recipe and she has jet black and thick hair. She barely has the problem of hair fall or dandruff. So here is the secret. The ingredients that she adds to this hair mask.

1. Fenugreek Seeds Powder

Optional but using fenugreek for hair helps to condition hair and controls hair fall effectively. You can also add homemade fenugreek oil.

If you are unaware of this then you are definitely missing onto lot in your hair care. Fenugreek seeds are well known for

  • deep conditioning your hair
  • triggering hair growth
  • controlling hair fall
  • combating dandruff
  • treating split ends
  • adding volume and shine to your hair
  • makes hair silky and soft.

Fenugreek seeds are super easy to find in any super market, grocery store or you can even get it from Amazon. We usually grind these seeds to make fenugreek seeds powder. Add just 1 tsp of this powder or fenugreek oil to your henna and indigo mix right before its application.

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2. Onion Seeds Powder

In India, it is popularly known as kalonji. (Optional but it triggers your hair growth and helps to regrow hair faster.)

Onions helps in triggering your hair’s regrowth. So the hair that you have lost eventually, onion helps in effective regrowth of those hair. Along with this, it also helps in

  • treating scalp infections
  • treating scalp disorders like psoriasis
  • triggers hair growth
  • reduces hair fall.

Onion seeds are super easy to find in any super market, grocery store or you can even get blackseed oil from Amazon. We usually grind these seeds to make onion seeds powder. Add just 1 tsp of this powder to your hair mask right before its application.

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3.Castor Oil

Castor oil is the best hair oils ever. (Optional but makes hair extra soft and thick)

It helps in

  • thickening your hair
  • combating hair fall
  • adding extra volume to your  hair
  • making hair super soft
  • deep conditions your hair
  • triggering hair growth.

Castor oil is really easily available on any super market as well as on Amazon. Just add 1 tsp of castor oil to your henna and indigo hair mask 5 minutes before the application.

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4. Vitamin E Oil

(Optional but helps in adding extra nourishment to your hair)

Vitamin E Oil helps in

  • adding extra nourishment to your hair
  • making hair super soft and manageable
  • repairing dull and lifeless hair
  • promoting hair growth.

I usually buy Evion Vitamin E capsules from a nearby shop. You can absolutely find these on Evion Vitamin E capsules as well. Add oil from these capsules to your hair mask, 5 minutes before you apply this hair mask. I usually add oil from 3-4 capsules in one go.

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5.Tea Or Coffee (Optional but helps For getting Darker Color)

I love using tea for making hair rinse to darken the hair color naturally but tea and coffee also helps in

  • achieving darker hair color
  • conditioning your hair
  • repairing lifeless hair.

You can brew tea or coffee whatever you prefer. Strain it and use it to soak henna and make a thick paste instead of water.

6.Hibiscus Flower Petals

(optional but makes hair color darker and combats hair fall)

If you are regular reader of HCS, you might already know, what a big fan I am of hibiscus flowers. I use it in making my diy hair oil for covering gray hair as well as homemade hibiscus hair oil. This is because hibiscus flower

  • darkens your hair color
  • treats dandruff
  • adds life to lifeless hair
  • combats hair fall
  • triggers hair growth
  • makes hair silky and manageable.

To mix hibiscus flower petals to your hair mask simply wash the petals gently and then add it to your mixer and add little water and make a fine paste. Add this paste to your hair mask 5 minutes before you apply your hair mask.

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7.Rose Petals

(Optional but adds life and health to your hair)

I love using rose petals for my hair. I have used it before to make my hair smell good, making hair mask for dry hair making rose water for hair and many more DIYs. This is because it

  • treats dandruff
  • adds life to lifeless hair
  • combats hair fall
  • triggers hair growth
  • makes hair silky and manageable.

Add fresh or dried Rose Petals to grinder and add this mixture to your henna and indigo hair mask just couple of minutes before applying this hair mask. You can also add rose petal powder instead.

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8. Fresh Amla Pulp or Amla Powder

(Optional but darkens your hair color)

We all know, Amla/Indian Gooseberry is widely used in Indian hair care routines. This is because Amla

  • deep conditions hair
  • darkens hair color
  • makes hair healthy and strong
  • combats dandruff and hair fall.

If you have fresh Amla, just grind and add the pulp to this hair mask. Or you can add amla powder or amla juice or even a tsp of homemade amla oil as well. Add a tsp just 5 minutes before you use this henna and indigo together.

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9. Triphala Powder

(Optional but triggers hair growth)

If you have not heard about this one, then you are definitely missing out on so much.

Triphala powder is an ayurvedic natural herb for hair growth. It will accelerate your hair growth like no other ingredient can hair will make your hair super voluminous and grow faster. Add this just 5 minute before using henna and indigo hair mask.

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10. Fresh Aloe Vera Gel

(Optional but deep conditions your hair)

We all know benefits  of aloe vera for hair and skin care. It would have been wrong if we don’t add these to our hair mask. Aloe vera is well known for

  • deep conditioning hair
  • treating dandruff
  • promoting hair growth
  • making hair silky and manageable and what not.

Just extract the gel from aloe vera leaves. Grind it in grinder with little water and add this to your henna and indigo mask just 5 minutes before you apply this mask.

*I usually add all these ingredients in the grinder and grind them together to form a paste and add this to henna and indigo hair mask.

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How To Use Henna and Indigo For Grey Hair?

henna and indigo for gray hair

Before you start applying this hair mask, do some preps.

1. Apply petroleum jelly along your face line as well as ears to prevent them from staining. Wear your gloves and detangle your hair.

2. Now part small sections of your hair and apply this mask using the hair brush. Apply from roots to ends of your hair. Make sure you are covering each strand carefully and generously with this mask. Cover your entire hair length.

3. After you are done applying hair mask and covered your entire hair, tie it up using a rubber band or hair clip. If you have long hair go for bun.

4. Cover your hair with a shower cap. This will ensure that your hair mask won’t drip or dry out and at the same time, because of shower cap the heat from your scalp helps in better trapping the hair color.

Don’t leave it open, otherwise your hair mask will dry out and it will be a good test for your patience to remove this hair mask from your hair.

5. Leave this mask for 2 hours and then wash your hair with water only. Make sure you are not using hot water. This will result in fading your hair color and leaving your hair a bit dry.

6. Use a mild shampoo or a SLS-free shampoo to wash off the hair mask completely. 

7. Now just use your favorite conditioner and you are good to flaunt your naturally colored silky hair.

What is Henna and Indigo Two Step Process and Why I Don’t Recommend That?

henna and indigo for gray hair

If you are aware of henna and indigo then you must have heard people using a two step process for enhanced effects. Now what is henna and indigo two step process? Usually people apply this hair mask in two step process.

Step 1 : Soak henna by mixing with 1 tsp yogurt and warm water. Keep overnight and apply it the next morning. Keep henna hair mask for 2 hours and then rinse it off with water.

Step 2 : Don’t shampoo after henna instead mix indigo and water and add pinch of salt and make a thick paste. Now apply this immediately and leave it on for 1 hour and then rinse it off with water. You can use a mild shampoo and conditioner if desired.

*I don’t recommend this step because

  • honestly that is just too much work
  • it does not give much enhanced results.

Instead you can absolutely mix henna and indigo together. This will help you save lot of energy and time. Plus, you absolutely get the results with by mixing the two together too.

There is just one condition to this, for the first time you use henna and indigo on your hair, you need to follow the two step process because indigo needs a layer of henna to work better but from next time, since your hair already has layer of henna from first application, you can definitely just mix these together and use.

Like I do.

Where To Buy Best Organic Henna and Indigo Powder For Hair?

I couldn’t find indigo powder in any local stores in my city. Hence, usually I get mine from Amazon.

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Notes to Keep in Mind

  • Always do a patch test before using this or any other diy or product for the first time.
  • Never apply henna and any other ready made hair color without the gap of at least 2 months between both. This is because unknowingly you might get allergic to other if you used the other one. Always do a patch test first.
  • Use this hair masks once every 15 days until the desired color is achieved. Then you can use it once a month then limit this hair mask to once every three months.

Quick Additional Tips To Use Henna And Indigo For Hair

  • If you want dark brown color and not black then add 75%henna and 25% indigo. The lighter color you want, reduce the quantity of indigo accordingly.
  • For some people two step method works better and indigo delivers better color after henna. For me, one step method worked best. Try it out to find which method works best for you.
  • Indigo is not harmful. It is actually a completely natural dye like henna and it is derived from leaves of the plant.

Over to You

Hope you find this post useful. This being a completely natural way to cover your gray hair, it takes at least 4-5 applications to completely cover your gray hair but you will see difference from first time itself.

Well the secret to my mom’s beautiful jet black and healthy hair is out. Hope you take advantage of this henna and indigo hair mask recipe and benefit from this diy. 

Have a lovely day!

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These tips for how to color your hair is really so helpful for me... Becuase we should know about the right way to color your hair and how to apply it... I would like to say thank you for your tips...

Adam Williams

Sunday 3rd of November 2019

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Thursday 25th of July 2019

hi !how to do a patch work for indigo n heena


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