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Harmful Chemicals in Hair Products To Avoid for Healthy Hair

Harmful Chemicals in Hair Products To Avoid for Healthy Hair

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Eating the right foods, exercising, taking vitamins when necessary, and even reducing stress, will all support a healthy head of hair. However, if you are aiming to grow out your hair and keep it safe, there are some hair products with harmful chemicals you should avoid at all costs.

While this can be a little hard to navigate the hair product do’s and don’ts, keep reading to learn how to be an informed consumer and make better choices about what you use on your hair. 

Harmful Chemicals In Hair Products: What Should You Avoid? 

Did you know that harmful chemicals in hair products can be dangerous not only for your hair but also for your health?

And what’s even scarier is that these products hide under products you trust with labels stating they are all-natural or have pure ingredients.

Knowing what’s in your products will help you avoid potentially harmful components on your hair and body. Here is a list of toxic chemicals to skip next time you buy your favorite hair products:

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates
  • Alcohol
  • Fragrances
  • PEG
  • TEA
  • Colors

You might be reading this list and wondering why these chemicals are so harmful to you. They do tend to be in the majority of hair products- so why does this matter? Well, take, for instance, parabens. 

Parabens are these harmful chemicals have been found to mimic estrogen in your body, which can disrupt your endocrine system. Using products that include ingredients like sulfates has been found to build up in your body and, at the very worst, can cause cancer and also irritate your eyes, lungs, and skin.

These harmful chemicals in hair products are also irritants that can disrupt your hair texture and leave your hair feeling worse than it started. This eventually leads to severe hair fall.

So yes, being more conscious of the hair products you use will help you keep your hair happy, healthy and also help protect your body from harm.

There are plenty of organic, sulfate-free shampoos available on the market today, so try to read the labels and do your research before buying any new hair products. 

Other Toxic Hair Products To Avoid

Along with avoiding harmful chemicals on your hair, there are a few other products you should avoid to support your #hairgoals, and a few on this list might surprise you. 

Your Pillowcase

Yes, you read that right. 

Your pillowcase can damage your hair, so it might be time for an upgrade. Pillowcases made from cotton can soak up your natural hair oils, causing breakage and potentially hair loss. So, using a pillowcase made from silk or satin can help your hair keep its natural moisture and also helps prevent hair breakage from rubbing against your pillow. 

Hair Styling Tools

This one might sting a bit, but yes those beach waves might need to happen a little less often. Repetitive heat styling can damage and even break your hair, so take it easy on the heat styling. And when you must style your hair use a good heat protectant beforehand to prevent hair damage.

Your Hair Brush

When was the last time you cleaned out your hairbrush?

If it’s been a while, you might want to add that to your to-do list right away. Old hair styling tools that haven’t been cleaned can be full of germs and residue that you don’t want to put on your hair. And while you are at it switch from plastic ones to wooden comb for better hair health.

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Your Hair Tie

Say it isn’t so. That signature messy bun might be making you bald.

You see, when you pull your hair back too tight and too often, it can cause hair breakage and thinning. To avoid this, use soft scrunchies and let your hair flow naturally as much as possible. 

So What If The Damage is Already Done?

If you are already experiencing hair loss because of harmful chemicals in hair products, all is not lost. You can do a few things to grow back your hair. Here are some easy ways to support healthy hair growth from home.

Eat healthy foods

Your body needs a wholesome diet to have the proper nutrients for hair growth. Try to fill your plate with plenty of greens, beans, fruits, fatty fish, berries, avocados, and eggs. 

Move your body

Exercise is great for increasing blood circulation, which makes your scalp a whole lot happier. Try to get in a bit of movement every day. 

Try hair therapy

No, this isn’t what it sounds like. 

Hair restoring low-level laser therapy treatment is an at-home hair growth method that uses laser light to grow your hair. It’s pretty easy. You just put on a laser hair restoration cap for a few minutes every other day and will typically see some growth in a few months.

Manage your stress

Stress is not good for your hair, and it can cause excessive hair shedding and balding if you don’t keep it managed. Try adding in some weekly yoga, meditation for hair, balayam or even journaling for a happier and healthier you. 

It’s crazy how much goes into making your hair healthy. While this might seem overwhelming, just start small. Start with avoiding harmful ingredients in your shampoo and conditioners, swap out your hair shampoo with an sls-free one, get a new pillowcase, and add some extra healthy foods to your plate.

Small, consistent changes always lead up to big changes. 

~Written by Tiffany Fuller, a writer with a passion for holistic wellness, working for illumiflow, a revolutionary brand dedicated to helping you fight hair loss.

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