hair mask for dry hair
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Hair Mask for Dry Hair: Get Silky Smooth Hair in 2 Hours!!!

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Hey Guys,

Last week I received lots of emails for Reader’s Queries (thank you so much for trusting me with your problems.) Most queries that I received was that people were having troubles dealing with dry hair, frizzy hair and most importantly gray hair.

If you are looking for a hair mask that will solve all these problems then I have a perfect solution for you guys. A hair mask that not only makes your hair smooth and silky but also covers your gray hair eventually. This hair mask also gives effect of hair spa at home.

DIY Hair Mask for Dry Hair

hair mask for dry hair

This is my favorite on the go hair mask when it comes to moisturizing dry hair. I made this with lot of tries and finally came up with this hair mask. I have gray hair and it was a mess until I discovered this hair mask. Do give it a try and you will see the results for yourself.

Things you will need

Why I used these Ingredients for this Hair Mask?

Coconut Milk : It is best natural deep conditioner which promotes hair growth, combats hair loss, prevents split ends and adds volume and shine to your hair.

Rose Water : It increases blood circulation, promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss, soothes your scalp and adds volume. This is why in ancient times, the princess and the queens used to incorporate rose petals and rose water while washing their hair.

Beetroot Juice: It is a rich source of Vitamin C, VitaminB6, Magnesium and Potassium. Beet root juice helps in reducing stress levels which is one of the main reasons of pre-mature hair greying and hair loss. Beet root is a natural hair colouring agent, helps in combating scalp inflammation and controls hair fall.

Hibiscus Powder : It is well known for its amazing qualities when it comes to hair care. It helps in coloring your hair naturally, prevents pre-mature greying of your hair, promotes re-growth, fights hair fall, adds shine to your hair, makes hair roots stronger, acts as natural conditioner, adds volume to your hair and even promotes healthy scalp.

Rose Petal Powder : It nourishes your scalp, removes flaky skin, promotes hair growth, adds volume, increases blood circulation and reduces hair fall.

How to Make This Hair Mask for Dry Hair?

Step 1 : Take a coconut (dried one) and then grate its skin, add half cup of water and squeeze out the milk. I am sure there are other ways to extract the coconut milk but I just find this one much more easier and effective. Keep this Coconut Milk aside.


[And with the remaining skin, I add Milkmaid (condensed milk) and just heat it on a medium flame for 2 minutes and I make Coconut Laddus, they just taste amazing. Try it, you will love it. ]

Step 2 : Take a Beetroot, grate it and squeeze out the juice. If you want you can add few tsps of water. Keep aside too.


Step 3 : Take a bowl and add 3 TSP of coconut milk.

Step 4 : Add 1 TSP of Beetroot Tea.



Step 5 : Add Hibiscus Powder(I use Etheric Hibiscus Powder) and Rose Petal Powder(I use Etheric Rose Petal Powder) to it.


hair mask for dry hair

Step 6 : Add 1 TSP (more or less to adjust the consistency of hair mask according to your need) of Rose water and mix well.

Step 7 : Your hair mask is ready to use.

hair mask for dry hair

How to Apply this Hair Mask?

Divide you hair in four equal sections and start applying this mask from roots to hair length and cover your scalp and hair length generously. Wear a shower cap or at least a plastic bag to prevent this hair mask from drying. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time in your shower trying to rinse it off and it will seem like the seasons outside your windows are changing. 😉

Leave this hair mask on for 45 – 60 minutes and then rinse it off with water and use a mild shampoo (preferably a one that is SLS free.) I usually don’t need to use conditioner after this hair mask because it is heavily moisturizing but if you need one try using a conditioner that is Silicone free.


  • Use this hair mask once a week for a month,i.e. at least 4 – 5 times to see the reddish tint on your hair.
  • This hair mask helps in taming your frizzy hair from its first use itself. It makes your hair super silky and soft.
  • Don’t store this hair mask. Always make a fresh one when you need to use.
  • Click your before and after pictures of your hair after using this hair mask for a month. And you will notice your hair length have increased and your hair texture and color have improved to a great extent.

Hope you guys would love this hair mask for dry hair. See you soon with new lots of diys and product reviews.

Have a lovely day guys!!!

Happy little birdie who is obsessed with online gaming, natural hacks, gorgeous hair and her warm cup of tea.


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