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Quarantine Hair Hacks To Try For Healthy Hair During Lockdown

Quarantine Hair Hacks To Try For Healthy Hair During Lockdown

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Hey Guys,

How are you doing? With the increase in the lockdown time, we all are stuck at home for awhile longer now. I hope you guys are doing okay. 

I am really bored out of my mind. That’s when I thought my peeps would be having a bit of extra time too during quarantine. So why not utilize this time to pamper our hair. So, here I am with some quick and easy to do quarantine hair hacks at home.

Quarantine Hair Hacks

Here are a few of my favorite hair hacks that will transform your hair completely.

quarantine hair hacks

Do A Steamy Hot Oil Treatment

Don’t get confused by the heading, it’s not something sexy that I am recommending 😉 Although it is a very soothing and relaxing activity.

I am actually talking about doing a hot oil treatment followed by a lot of steam.

This step will ensure that your scalp and entire hair length gets plenty of nutrition and hydration that they deserve.  Plus, you will feel a sense of calmness afterwards.

To do this, you will need:

To do a steamy hot oil treatment,

Take the desired quantity of hair oil as per your hair length in a bowl. Now heat it using indirect heat method or double boiler method, to enhance the nutrients of oil and you get the best of results.

Now apply this hair oil concentrating more on your scalp and your entire hair lengths. Make sure you don’t skip the hair ends. The ends suffer the most so pamper them well enough.

Leave the oil for about 30 minutes, you can leave it overnight too. 

Now heat your steaming thermal cap and pamper your locks with some steam. Only give steam for 5-7 minutes and no more than that. This step will ensure that oil penetrates well enough into your hair and scalp.

Massage your hair for 5 minutes and then shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

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Apply Conditioner For An Hour

This is the quickest hair hack I have for you which I learned it from my hairstylist.

To do this, just damp your hair with water. Apply the conditioner you have handy at home concentrating well on hair length especially on those dry ends. Leave it on for an hour. Now rinse it off using normal tap water. Don’t use hot water. That’s it, you are sorted.

What this will do?

Doing this, it will moisturize your dry hair very well. Think of it as a mini hair spa at home.

Do A Homemade Deep Conditioning Treatment

We all use heat for styling and damage our hair one way or the other. So the quickest way to give back a little nutrition to your hair is to do the deep conditioning treatment.

Here are my favorite homemade deep conditioning hair masks you can give them a try

Do A Protein Treatment

This is the best way to get your hair healthier from within. To do protein treatment try these :

Get Your Scalp Healthy Again

We all know this well if the base is healthier our hair is at its healthiest.

Yet every day I see people ignoring their scalp’s health. To get your hair back to its healthier self, make sure you tackle your scalp issues.

Also after every 2 months, opt for scalp detox treatment at home.

Opt For Inversion Method For Hair Growth

Although highly debated, I have an a really strong belief in this hair growth method. Doing inversion once a month actually does help with your hair growth. I think its the best thing to take upon this quarantine for healthier hair and faster growth.

Nail Rubbing Exercise

No matter how silly it may feel, this one is actually good for your hair.

Do try including this 5-minute exercise in your quarantine time. After all, it doesn’t hurt to try, right? After all you only gotta rub your nails against each other. 

Do Hair Spa At Home

You all knew that this was something I am going to include for sure. I have been doing hair spa at home for years now and I urge it to my peeps to do it as always.

So do hair spa is my next quarantine hair hack:

Do give these a quick try. I hope you guys benefit from these simple hair hacks in this difficult quarantine time. If you have any other tips or hacks you would like to add, do leave a comment.

Have a lovely day!