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I Took Biotin Supplements For Hair Growth For A Month And This Happened?

Hey Guys,

Have you tried taking biotin pills for faster hair growth?

Being a hair blogger, people often ask me whether biotin supplement helps in better hair growth or not? Honestly, my hair grows about 2 inches a month and that is why I never felt the need of popping these pills. But every now and then usually a hair query in my email pops up asking about the effects and side effects of biotin for hair. I was always unable to answer your queries related to biotin pills.

So, I finally decided to be your guniea pig. And I will be trying out biotin pills for a month to see its effects and side effects. I hope you benefit from this post.

Wish me luck guys!

What Is Biotin?

Biotin is nothing but a water-soluble vitamin which claims to have a positive impact on our hair, skin and nail’s overall health and growth. It is quite popular in the beauty market. Besides from benefiting your hair and nails it also helps body to metabolize fats, protein as wells carbs.

Sounds really promising right? Let’s try it out.

Studies That Show Biotin Triggers Hair Growth

In 2015, a study conducted on women with thinning hair showed that women that took biotin pills for around 90 days showed improved hair growth and faced less hair loss.

Another study in 2012 also proved where women with the aforementioned problem were tested on placebo and this biotin supplement and the later definitely showed improved hair health. After 180 days they not only noticed effective hair growth but also glossier hair.

My Experience Of Taking Biotin For Hair Growth

I finally picked up Satthwa’s biotin supplements because I trust this brand. I have a tried lot of their hair care products in the past and I know how wonderful their quality is. So I felt pretty comfortable.

satthwa biotin supplement

Still just to be on the safe side, I discussed with my doctor. She advised me to take one pill per day in the beginning for two days and see whether I see any side effects like pimples, acne, rashes or uneasiness. After that, if everything goes right, I can continue.

How To Take These Satthwa Biotin Supplements?

My doctor advised me to take 1 biotin pill after dinner for a month. And I can continue if I wish to.

What Happened After I Took Satthwa Biotin Supplements For A Month?

satthwa biotin supplement

Okay, so after a month, I honestly have very good results to share about biotin pills. Although I didn’t see any triggered hair growth but my hair grew a little more than 2 inches. Its very little growth compared to what like my hair normally grows. But I definitely noticed that there were fewer hair strands every time I brushed my hair. My hair definitely feels healthier too.

Overall, I am unsure about whether it triggers hair growth but it definitely made my hair healthier and my nails feel strong too. It actually helped my nails grow faster. That was a really cool thing for me because my nails don’t grow faster and they break real easy.

The best part is biotin are water soluble vitamins that increase fat metabolism, I actually noticed that it helped me with my weight loss. That too after being terrible with my diet.

Any Side Effects Of Biotin?

My doctor warned me that there might be some side effects of taking biotin like

  • sudden breakouts, pimples, acne
  • itchy skin or rash
  • some uneasiness.

But luckily, I felt a little uneasy, as in, I had to take an antacid. But other than that everything went down smoothly.

Does Biotin Help Hair Growth? Do I Recommend Biotin Supplements?

My answer is yes!

But I still feel that you should try including more biotin-rich foods in your diet rather than popping pills.

Also here is a quick Hair Care Tip for you guys!

hair care tips by hair care square (1)

If your hair is falling more and is not growing fast enough than you can definitely give biotin pills a try. It also works effortlessly for beautiful and stronger nails.

A quick note:

My doctor told me that in order to see exact effects of biotin I need to take it at least for 90 days regularly. So far it has been a month but I will definitely keep you guys posted on this front.

I hope you guys enjoyed me being your guinea pig again and my experience helps you in some way. If you want me to try any other products or have a hair query in mind, don’t forget to share. See you soon with more solutions to your hair queries. Till then don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram to see what’s currently on my testing table.

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