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DIY Amla Oil To Cover Grey Hair & Combat Hair Loss

Hey Guys,

Today I am sharing a wonderful recipe that my grandma makes very often. Mind you I am stealing her secret of long & thick hair.

Whenever I visit her, she insists on making this amla oil and massaging it generously on my hair. I dreaded it when I was a kid. But now I always urge her to make an extra bottle of her special amla oil so I can take it with me.

Benefits Of Amla Oil For Hair

Benefits of Amla oil for hair

We all are well aware of how wonderful Indian gooseberry is when it comes to your hair and skin. Loaded with vitamin c it heals your damaged scalp and fights those itchy infections too. It also darkens hair over time with regular usage and combats hair loss. Plus it adds a wonderful shine and infuses hair growth too.

What more can you ask for, right?

DIY Amla Oil

I absolutely love homemade oils.

I find them really therapeutic. whenever we make anything at home we never compromise on quality and its full of love. The same is this oil. My grandma makes it with so much affection for all of us.

Here is how she makes it:



  1. Take a bowl and add the extra virgin coconut oil to it.
  2. Add the amla powder or freshly extracted amla juice whatever you have handy. Both of them work well. Mix well.
  3. Now put this combo on a double boiler.
  4. After the oil starts getting warmer, add fenugreek powder and neem leaves to it. Adding fenugreek and neem helps fight scalp infections and combats hair loss effectively.
  5. Heat it for 5 minutes until the oil gets darker. Now turn off the gas and let the oil cool aside.
  6. Strain the oil using a muslin cloth and store your freshly made amla oil for a month. Just make sure you keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight.

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How To Apply Amla Oil On Hair?

While applying this homemade amla oil, make sure you detangle your hair first. Now part your hair into smaller sections and apply this oil using your fingertips. Massage well and for best results leave it overnight. Shampoo and condition your hair the next morning as usual.

If possible practice the inversion method for more improved results.

Why Would This Oil Work?

Its because it is loaded with just the right set of ingredients.

  • Amla in the oil helps cover grey hair effectively and adds a wonderful shine.
  • Coconut oil that we are using as the base oil, adds moisture, and triggers hair growth.
  • Neem leaves help fight all scalp infections.
  • Fenugreek powder helps combat hair loss.

So if you use this hair oil regularly, not only will it cover grey hair naturally over time but will also heal your scalp and control hair fall.

Here is a quick HairCareTipByHCS For you guys:


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I hope you guys will cherish my grandma’s recipe as much as I do. Do give it a try. I would love to hear about your experiences.

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