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Ask Your Hair Queries

Ask Your Hair Queries

Hi Guys,

The day I started HairCareSquare, I never thought it would receive so much love and recognition so soon. You guys started trusting me and reaching out to me time and again. This made me start this series ‘Readers Queries + My Solutions’. I never knew it would be such a hit that you guys would flood my inbox on Instagram as well as my email with your queries and so much love.

Thank you so much for all the love and faith in me.

It overwhelms me sometimes!

Okay so coming back to the point.

I honestly have my Instagram and email filled with so many queries and your hair problems are getting lost somehow with other messages and emails. So here I am trying to make this more accessible to you guys.

As you all know I started this Reader’s Queries + My Solutions section so everyone in our community would benefit.

Please share your hair problems and ask your hair queries via this email address:

This email address is solely dedicated to receiving hair queries from our readers.

Be assured your privacy will be highly respected. We never disclose the names of our readers in the Reader’s Queries + My Solutions section. We change the names or rather skip the names depending on the queries and solutions. 

How To Share Your Hair Problems?

share your hair problems

First of all, please use the Search bar and type your hair problem or query, if its already asked and answered then this saves both of us some time.

If it isn’t there, please send me an email at

Things To Keep In Mind Before Asking Your Hair Queries

With that being said, please keep few things in mind before asking your hair queries:

  • This is not a one-on-one service. Since we are just two people managing the blog, it’s social media and every other aspect. It becomes next to impossible to answer each and every one individually. That is why we share the solutions on the blog where everyone benefits from it. For one on one solutions, you can ask via comments on the blog or our Instagram posts.
  • Once you ask your query, please be patient for at least a week before sharing the query again. 
  • Always use the search bar on the blog, to check if the query has already been asked by someone in the past. This will save everyone’s time.
  • While sharing the query, please be sure to add your:
  1. hair type
  2. scalp type
  3. skin type(this helps in better product recommendations)
  4. your hair query in detail( be as detail as possible, we are all friends here. No one is going to judge. Be as detailed as possible)
  5. any allergies of any ingredients
  6. any treatments you took or any masks you tried that didn’t work
  7. and include pictures of your hair and scalp(this helps in better assessing your problem. But please take into account we might use the pictures on the blog by blurring the face and you consent to the pictures being used. Or else be specific that you are not comfortable with the pictures being used. We only use the pictures when we think it might help other community members and you can be assured that your face won’t be revealed in any way. We only share pictures of hair and scalp to help readers understand the query better).

After this, please subscribe to the blog and for Push notifications, so you get to know as soon as the query has been resolved. 

Do I Charge Anything For This?

Nope, not even a single dime!

I personally do this because when I had my share of hair problems, internet was misguiding and lot of misinformation made my problems even worse. This is just my way of being there for you guys.

Lastly, please take into account that any remedies or solutions stated here cannot replace medical advice. This is just friendly advice and reader’s discretion is necessary.

Hope you guys can better ask your queries now and I will try my best to share the solutions to your hair problems ASAP. 

Thanks again for all the love and trust!

Have a lovely day.

Nimisha <3