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How Many Strands Of Hair Loss Per Day Is Too Many? Are You Facing Severe Hair Loss?

How Many Strands Of Hair Loss Per Day Is Too Many? Are You Facing Severe Hair Loss?

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Hey Guys,

How much hair fall is normal?

How many hair strands of hair loss per day is too many?

Why am I writing about this today?

Its because I constantly get emails and messages from people that they are suffering from severe hair loss and they are afraid they might get bald. Every other day, I get messages of people complaining that their hair keep falling out. But as I talk to them, usually they are confusing their hair shedding as severe hair loss. If you too are thinking that you are suffering from severe hair loss, please read ahead.

Hair Shedding v/s Hair Loss

When you are losing your hair and new hair grows back in place of the hair that you have lost, it is called hair shedding. But severe hair loss is when you lose a lot of hair strands but over a period of time, you notice that not a lot of hair is growing back and you start noticing bald patches or spots. More often people get confused between these two.

So How Many Strands Of Hair Loss Per Day Is Too Many?

Its normal to lose 100 strands of hair daily. It’s completely natural and normal. You will lose more strands while you oil, wash or comb your hair. You will definitely notice more hair fall if and when season changes or you are under a lot of stress or even if you were sick. Even I lose about 80-90 strands in an entire day. Even more sometimes.

how many strands of hair loss per day is too many

What Does 100 Strands Of Hair Look Like?

This is yet another question that gets popped up in my inbox quite often. So, here is how 100 strands of hair look like.

What does 100 strands of hair look like

How To Exactly Know Whether You Have Severe Hair Fall Or Just Hair Shedding?


I get it. It’s not as simple as it sounds to differentiate between hair shedding and hair loss. 

So here is a quick test that you can do to find out whether you are losing your hair or not. 

Run your fingers through a particular section of hair and if you see that 10-12 hair strands are hugging your fingers then you might be losing more hair than normal. Try this again in another section, like if you tried running your fingers through hair in the front section, this time run your fingers a couple of times in the back and see how many hair strands come off. 

Usually, if you are losing every 10 strands among 100, it is unnatural.

However Its completely natural and normal if you lose less than 5-6 strands each time. But if you are losing more, you might be facing severe hair loss.

Reasons for Severe Hair Loss

Following are some of the very common reasons that you might experience triggered hair loss:

  • Seasonal Change
  • Unhealthy scalp
  • Hormonal changes/imbalance
  • Fallen sick lately
  • A reaction of certain hair product
  • Using a lot of harsh treatments like hair coloring, hair straightening, smoothing
  • Using a lot of heat on your hair for styling
  • Improper diet
  • Less intake of water and many others.

When To Consult Your Doctor?

So, if you are losing more than 150-200 hair strands per day and new hair aren’t growing back or you notice bald patches being visible on your hair than you need to consult your doctor.

how many strands of hair loss per day is too many

So, What To Do If You Are Shedding More Hair? How To Control It? Here Are Few HCS Tips That Will Help You

  • Drink at least 20 glasses of water
  • Eat raw tomato and onions daily
  • Brush your hair using wooden comb twice daily(here’s why you need to use wooden comb for hair?)
  • Hot oil massage once a week at least using the hair oil that suits your hair type.
  • Steam your oiled hair before washing
  • Use shampoos that are free of SLS and other harmful chemicals.

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Hope this post helped you in some way. If you still have doubts, please don’t hesitate to share via comments. See you soon with more solutions to your hair queries, lot more hair care tips, and home remedies. Till then to see what’s on my testing table or which diy I am currently experimenting with, you can follow me on my Instagram.

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Wednesday 20th of February 2019

Thanks for the info, it really helped me. I became concerned about hair loss lately. I noticed that after washing there are lots of hair strands stuck in my drain. I have checked your list and now I'm off to buy a new shampoo.

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