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Benefits Of Scalp Massage: How To Speed Up Hair Growth

Most people prioritize body massages as a means of relieving stress, only experiencing scalp massages in the beginning of their chosen massage package where the head or scalp are never prioritized. Because of this, more and more people are missing out on the benefits of scalp massages.

If you want to know how to massage your scalp to speed up hair growth, then stick around towards the end so you too can enjoy the added benefits of scalp massage.

Benefits Of Scalp Massage

Releasing Tension

There’s nothing better than a good, firm head massage, especially for people that suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. There’s no better feeling than sleeping or waking up comfortably without that familiar agonizing pounding. A good massage always works as an instant stress buster.

Thicker Locks

There are studies that closely relates consistent scalp massages for a few minutes daily to growth of thicker locks, making hair so much stronger, aiding in making hair appear more healthy and voluminous.

Here is a study conducted in Japan in 2016 which proved regular scalp massage helps in achieving thicker fuller hair.

Stronger And Faster Hair Growth

Massaging your scalp contributes to the strengthening of follicles which then result in minimizing hair loss or hair fall, and in turn causes the follicles to regrow faster.

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Treatment For Alopecia

There are multiple claims of folks who observed their own study into scalp massages benefiting hair regrowth, finding that regular head massages helped fight their hair loss and even in patients with alopecia.

How To Do Scalp Massage?benefits of scalp massage

While You Shower

Showers are just one of our daily activities that we can consider relaxing, so why not enhance it by giving yourself a scalp massage when it’s time to wash your hair. Make sure to use varying pressures all along your head and make the best of it.

Make sure to not scratch your scalp with nails otherwise you will end up causing more damage to your hair.

Electronic Massagers

With the wonders of modern technology, we no longer have to rely on external sources for a massage session. You can purchase electronic brushes and head massagers online to enhance your daily scalp massage.

Essential Oils

Plant extracted essential oils benefit your scalp’s sebum production and regulate problems such as dandruff, hair fall and even scalp dryness. To use essential oils in your scalp massage sessions, you can dilute them with a carrier oil like coconut in order to penetrate into the scalp.

Apart From Scalp Massage, Here Are Some Hair Growth Hacks

Vitamins And Minerals

Your hair needs maintenance and sustenance just like the rest of you. So give it what it needs with vitamins such as D, C, B5 and minerals like Omega 3 and 6, zinc and iron.

Prescribed Ointments

If you’re suffering particularly from conditions that cause hair loss, it pays to try out doctor recommended ointments that’ll soothe your scalp that’ll help it regrow your hair.

Take Keratin

Keratin aids in a healthier and fuller looking mane. Taking these supplements can reduce hair loss and improve your hair’s thickness and luster, along with improving each strand’s strength, making it easier for you to maintain longer hair.

Use Protein

Protein hair masks are easily accessible both online and in drug stores. If they aren’t available in your area, you can try these homemade hair masks for protein treatment:

Have a good and relaxing massage folks.

~Written by M. Bisht

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