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Add These to Your Shampoo and have Problem Free Hair !!!

Add These to Your Shampoo and have Problem Free Hair !!!

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Hi gorgeous,

Have you ever had that dilemma of changing that perfect shampoo? Sometimes a shampoo suits your hair and is working great on your hair problems but you recently colored your hair and suddenly are forced (well not literally ) to use a color protect shampoo.

I simply hate changing my shampoo and conditioner but since I am a beauty blogger I have got no choice but to try different products on my hair to review them for you guys. See how much I sacrifice for you guys.

But in this post I will share with you some exciting recipes where you can use ingredients from your kitchen and add them to your favorite shampoo to get rid of your hair problems.


Make your own Shampoos for Different Hair Care Needs

Today I have amazing tips for you guys. You know using these tips you can continue using your favorite shampoo by adding few ingredients to it. Just try using a shampoo that is free from SLS, Paraben and Silicones for best results. These work with all shampoos though.

1.Make your own Anti-dandruff Shampoo using Aspirin

Yes you heard it right. Aspirin !!! Most anti-dandruff shampoos contains Aspirin. If you are in love with your shampoo but are suddenly facing the problem of dandruff and flaky scalp then just add an Aspirin to it. For exact steps refer to the method given below.

diy anti dandruff shampoo using aspirin


Method of making your own anti-dandruff shampoo

Step 1 : Just take an Aspirin and powder it using mortar pestle or hammer or pretty much anything.

Step 2 : Add this powder to almost 4 to 5 tsp of shampoo. Mix well.

Step 3 : Now apply this shampoo on your wet hair as usual and lather well. Massage slowly on your scalp and leave it on for 5 minutes so that Aspirin can work.

Step 4 : After 5 minutes wash it off with water and use the conditioner of your choice.


2. Make your own Hair Growth Shampoo using Rosemary Essential Oil

You can make your own hair growth shampoo by using simple Rosemary essential oil to it. Rosemary essential oil not only promotes hair growth but also gives you a healthier scalp. It is one of my favorite essential oils which I add to my base oils for quick hair growth.

make your own hair grwoth shampoo using rosemary


Step 1 : Take your favorite shampoo bottle.

Step 2 : Add about 30 t0 40 drops of essential oil to it.

Step 3 : Shake well and use the shampoo whenever needed.


  • You can add or reduce the amount of rosemary oil depending on your need.
  • This does not have any side effects and will work really great for your hair and scalp.
  • You can also add rosemary oil to your conditioner instead.

3. Make Your own Color Protect Shampoo using Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are like me who love to color your hair often but don’t like to change your shampoo to color protect shampoo then this is the best recipe trust me. All you need is few tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar. Hair colors are alkaline in nature and ACV being acidic helps in maintaining PH of your hair thus helps in preventing your hair color. You might also like to check out these tips to you must read if you color your hair.

make your own color protect shampoo sing apple cider vinegar


Step 1 : Take your all time favorite shampoo bottle.

Step 2 : Add about 2 to 3 tsp of ACV to it.

Step 3 : Shake well before each use. And shampoo as usual.


  • It works as really great color protect shampoo.
  • It is really cheap option available compared to expensive color protect shampoos.
  • It does not smell bad. I promise.

4. Make your own clarifying shampoos using ACV and Lemon Juice

Clarifying shampoos can be brutal because they strip off natural oils from your hair and scalp along with product build up. But it is absolutely necessary that you use a good clarifying shampoo like Halo at least once a month to detoxify your hair and scalp. Good news is you can make your own instead of buying by adding ACV and lemon juice.

make your own shampoo using lemon juice


Step 1 : Take you favourite shampoo bottle.

Step 2 : Add few drops of ACV and few drops of lemon juice to your shampoo bottle.

Step 3 : Shake well each time you use.


  • It has no side effects.
  • It won’t smell bad.

5. Make you own Shampoo for Oily Hair using Sage Oil

You know oily hair can be a big mess. Here is a solution that your hair will absolutely adore.



Step 1 : Take you favorite shampoo bottle.

Step 2 : Add 30 to 40 drops of Sage oil to your shampoo

Step 3 : Shake well each time you use.

6. Make your own shampoo for all your Hair Care needs.

This is the one that I make and is my personal favorite. This not only strengthens hair, conditions hair, works as clarifying shampoo, color safe shampoo but also hair growth.

Method coming soon.


  • All these have absolutely no side effects
  • Does not reduce shelf life of your shampoo

Hope you guys enjoyed the post . Please share it with your friends and do leave your opinions via comments because you guys know, your comments makes me smile from ear to ear.

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