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9 Quick And Easy To Do Hairstyles For College Girls

9 Quick And Easy To Do Hairstyles For College Girls

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Looking for quick and easy to do hairstyles for college girls that you can do in minutes in your car?

College is a time of growth and personal development described by many as the best days of their lives.  Most of us want to look good but don’t have a lot of time to do anything too complicated as we have class to attend, subjects to study, essays to write and parties to attend. 

Quick And Easy To Do Hairstyles For College Girls

So here are some quick and easy hairstyles for college girls you can try.

Easy hairstyles for college girls

Messy Bun

easy hairstyles for college girls

It’s an easy to do hairstyles for college girls. Its classic but for a reason, when you are running late first thing in the morning and are desperately grabbing for your notes and coffee there’s nothing easier than just throwing your hair into a messy bun. 

It’s the perfect hairstyle as the less effort you put in the better it looks.

Double Half Top Buns

easy hairstyles for college girls

This easy hairstyle gives you a fun change from your same old routine that’s easy to do and pretty comfortable to wear.  The best part is you don’t need super long hair as even shorter hairstyles can pull this cute look off. 

Stacked Buns

Either for those with long Indian hair or you can mimic with clip-ins this hairstyle gives a bit of a retro-space feel that is fun and comfortable as long as you don’t roll the buns too tight.

High Ponytail

The sleek chic high pony is timeless and if done correctly is completely mess-proof so it’s perfect when you have a bit of extra time in the morning and will be out the whole day with little time to fix it.  You will need to tie the pony tightly and secure with a good elastic and pins, so this can become a bit uncomfortable after a time.

Low Ponytail

easy hairstyles for college girls

Much easier and more flexible than its high variant this is the go to for those days you are feeling lazy.  You can spruce up your ponytail a bit with some braids if you feel like it or turning it into a side ponytail with some clever combing and pinning.

High Half-Pony

Another classic and a great fix for when your hair is loose but it’s not sitting right, pulling the front section of hair up in a ponytail you reveal the nice sitting hair beneath.  It gives you a bit of a lift and if you pull the sides down to blend into the rest of your hair it can give you an illusion of super thick hair.

You can also check out this detailed thin to thick hair journey to get thicker and voluminous hair.

Basic Braid

Either one long braid or double braids, the basic three strand braid is a good go to when your hair is misbehaving but you really don’t have the time to get it into decent shape.  The best part is if you leave it lose then you can get a very cute laid back look. 

Like with the low pony you can actually easily turn it into a side braid that makes it even easier for you to see what you are braiding.

French or Dutch Braids

For those who are willing to put in a bit more effort it’s worth looking into various styles of braids, you could look into fishtail braiding or 5 strand or more braids if you’re up for a real challenge.  However, for those looking for a bit of skill but aren’t ready to really go for it some basic French or Dutch braids provide a cute look that keeps your hair out your face.

Headbands, Hats and Beanies

easy hairstyles for college girls

Once you have started to get the hang of these hairstyles or even if you just leave your hair loose and natural you can quickly spruce up your look with the right hair accessories.  Hats and Beanies are invaluable when your hair isn’t at its best or a bit greasy during exam season. 

Headbands and scarves add a larger splash of color while keeping your hair out your eyes as you’re reading or writing.  Some nice clips and barrettes will top off a simple half up hairstyle with a bit of glam.

Hopefully there’s at least one style here that’s perfect for you and you should definitely experiment with loads of styles in order to keep your look fresh and to avoid getting bored doing the same thing day in day out.  And hey, college is all about trying new things so don’t worry if it doesn’t quite work out.

~Guest Post by Emily Henry, who writes about college life for sites like Academic Writing Service.

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