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How To Get Slime Out Of Hair In 3 Ways: Kids & Pet-Friendly Ideas

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Have you ever faced the stubborn slime stuck to your hair? And while trying to remove it, have you noticed it sticks harder.

What to do in such case?

How To Get Slime Out Of Hair?



A lot of children love to make slime, and because it is sticky, as a result it may end up on their clothes, toys, or even in their hair, or in the pet’s coat. Though this may sound like a formidable problem, there are many ways which are effective in getting slime out of hair.

Top 3 ways to get slime out of hair:

  • ACV
  • Oil
  • Hair Conditioner

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar for hair

The first method we could use which has been proven to work in removing slime out of hair is by using apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar has excellent clarifying properties. It works fantastically to remove build-up from your hair. This quality is exactly what we need to get slime out of hair.

Also the acidity contained in the apple cider vinegar helps to break up the slime’s grip.

For this method, combine a cup of the apple cider vinegar and three cups water in a bottle.

Apply the vinegar and water mixture on the affected area where the slime is stuck. Keep pouring the mixture over the slime while rubbing it gently and massaging as you try to break it up in your fingers or use a wide tooth comb.

You could also dip the hair strand in the cup with the solution and massage the slime to dislodge it.

Run a comb through your hair to make sure all the slime particles are removed and none are remaining. Diluted apple cider vinegar is completely safe to use on your pets and on children.


Oil is another great and effective way to remove slime out of hair.

You can use any oil you have, including sunflower oil, olive oil, melted coconut oil, or even baby oil. But for better and faster results, the thicker the oil consistency, the quicker it will get slime out of hair.

Oil will help by breaking up the lodged slime in the hair.

Try massaging the oil of your choice into the hair strands where the slime is stuck, rubbing it in the direction of the hair growth. After a while you should be able to feel the slime coming out. Try combing through the strands to help break up the slimy particles.

While plant-based oils are both child and pet friendly, avoid using any baby oil for your pet, as this could potentially be harmful for them.

Hair Conditioner

conditioner to get slime out of hair

Since the majority of hair conditioners contain oil, this can be another effective and simple way to get slime out of hair.

First, rinse the affected hair strands with warm water thoroughly.

Then apply the conditioner liberally, massaging it in whilst combing through the hair strands to dislodge and break up slime particles.

As well as that, the conditioner will help detangle the hair which could have been stuck together in a clump or matted. After drawing out all of the gooey slime, shampoo as normal.

This method is child-friendly, but as for your pet, if you are removing slime out of their fur, use a conditioner specially designed for them.

For hair strands that had been stained a different color due to a food coloring used, you could try a shampoo like Tresemme Clarifying shampoo or Halo egg shampoo, which has been proven to be efficient in removing the color.

Another way, if this method did not work, would be to wipe the area with rubbing alcohol on a damp washcloth to try to remove the staining.

Let us know which methods worked best for you in removing slime out of hair for you.

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