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5 Best Non Binary Haircuts For A More Androgynous Look

5 Best Non Binary Haircuts For A More Androgynous Look

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Looking for non binary haircuts inspiration? Well, we have compiled a list of the best of them.

After all your hair should truly represent how you are? When your hair aligns with you, it gives an instant boost of confidence and self-love, doesn’t it?

And with these non binary haircuts, the androgynous look that you can achieve where you break the stereotypical hairstyle norms and look soft yet masculine at the same time is just so alluring.

With more and more celebrities sporting a good non-binary hairstyle, be it Miley Cyrus with her signature undercut style, K-pop sensations sporting the trails with mullets, it’s the perfect time to give it a go. Non binary haircuts are a true goldmine for anyone who desires an androgynous look.

With the internet filled with countless non-binary hairstyles for your inspiration, we have picked our top favorite from them, that we think would look great on anyone.

Best Non Binary Haircuts For Your Inspiration

Before we start discussing the best non binary haircuts, we would like to give a brief disclaimer:

Non binary representation is all about heartily expressing your true self without conforming to societal norms. It’s breaking barriers and accepting yourself visually what you think is best for you. Even if it means that you select an outfit, a haircut, or your makeup regardless of gender affinity.

Also, every hairstyle is a non binary hairstyle by itself. If you set your heart on any particular hairstyle, don’t hold yourself behind and own it. Because at the end of the day, all that truly matters is that your hairstyle truly represents who you truly are.

Here is a list of some of our favorite non binary haircuts for your inspiration. We have picked up these androgynous hairstyles based on their popularity, ease of maintenance, ease to customize as per your needs, compatibility with different face types, and suitable for people of all genders.

If you are looking to join the bandwagon and experiment with a non binary haircut, take these into account.

The Undercut


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The undercut is one of the most versatile and popular non binary haircuts out there. If you want to try an androgynous look without going overboard, then this hairstyle is the perfect one to experiment with. The undercut hairstyles leave you an abundant room to experiment with and make your own signature look.

If you aren’t sure what undercut is, it is a simple, modern, and chic hairstyle where the upper section of your hair is left long while trimming the lower section of your hair to an evidently shorter length comparatively. To experiment you can simply change your hair color, add or cut bangs add waves, patterns, and designs, and even choose your desired hair length.

This non binary haircut suits most face types. With celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and others rocking undercut in their own style, you know you can’t go wrong with this one.

Discuss with your hairstylist, what is your exact hair goal and start rocking this androgynous look in no time.

The Pixie

Pixie is one of the most opted gender-neutral haircuts. They are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. With pixie, you have limited options for customization but you can definitely spice it up with beautiful highlights or a pop of color.

To achieve the perfect pixie, you need to go shorter hair on the back and sides of your head while a bit longer hair on the top combined with soft bangs. The best part about this non-binary haircut is that it’s super easy to achieve and not that high maintenance. You might have noticed Emma Watson flaunting her perfect pixie that we can’t get enough of.

The only con that we could think of is that pixies don’t suit well for people with oval faces. To match your oval face you need to discuss it beforehand with your hairstylist who might change your bangs subtly or adjust them to match your face.

The Bob


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Bob is one of those non-binary haircuts that suit every face type. For the perfect blend, you just need to have a quick word with your hairstylist.

The bob is a haircut that is achieved by cutting your hair short till your jaw or even shorter than that and is accompanied by beautiful bangs. Despite being such a short length, you can experiment with different hair colors, and highlights, styling it as straight, curly, or with soft waves.

The customization options are countless.

You can also experiment with changing your bangs to curtain bangs or moon bangs or have a word with your stylist as to which one is ideal for your face structure.

The best part about the bob haircut is that it’s so easy to maintain and pull off that you can’t help but fall in love with them. With the bob, you always look presentable. It works best if you have thin hair and you want to achieve thicker hair.

The Mullet


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If you love long hair and still wanna pull off an androgynous look, try experimenting with the mullet. Mullets are often short in front and long at the back with soft bangs. You can even skip the bangs. The perfect example of someone with a good mullet haircut is Billy Eilish.

Mullets are a bit tricky to master so a good idea to achieve the perfect one is to discuss it with your hairstylist. Check the photos of their previous work on this hairstyle and then go ahead. Most often if you have an opinion that mullets aren’t a good non-binary haircut then there is a strong chance that the hairstylist screwed it up.

It is easy to style and looks like a perfect example of an ideal androgynous haircut. It’s super easy to maintain and leaves a huge room to experiment with different hair accessories.

The Pompadour


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We saved the best one for the last.

There is hardly anyone who wouldn’t love the pompadour haircut. It’s the epitome of a non binary haircuts and how attractive they look.

A pompadour is a tricky hairstyle to master and is often created by perfectly gelled tufts of your locks that are then rolled back to create an illusion of a mound of hair in the frontal region.

While in the early days, pompadours would often make you think of a slick and perfectly gelled appearance but lately, it is all about creating a messy yet casually chic look. Most hairstylists often recommend this hairstyle when you ask for a good non binary haircut, that is because it suits almost everyone and leaves the hairstylist a huge room of growth to experiment with and customize it t match your needs.

With a pompadour, you can customize your hair color and your hair length. You can even customize it by incorporating different non binary haircuts like the undercut with the pompadour. This is the perfect hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crown.

However, this sexy haircut has some cons which you should also take into account. This haircut often requires huge maintenance and daily dedicated time to bring it to perfection. You will need to incorporate different hairsprays or gels in your hair care routine. And you will need to make hair spa at home an integral part of your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Non Binary Haircuts

Question: What is a gender-neutral haircut or a non binary haircut?

Answer: A haircut that helps you look androgynous, i.e., it doesn’t make you look too feminine or masculine. Basically, a haircut that is suitable for people of all genders. It’s the perfect combination of soft yet edgy at the same time.

Question: What androgynous haircut should I get?

Answer: There are many androgynous haircuts out there. But the best of them that we recommend are:

  • The Undercut
  • The Pixie
  • The Bob Cut
  • The Mullet
  • The Pompadour

But the possibilities are endless.

Question: Can you have a non binary haircut with long hair?

Answer: Yes, you absolutely can sport a non binary haircut with long hair. Just take into account how you style it. You can also consider the undercuts, the pompadour, or a bob.

Question: What happens if I mess up my non binary haircut?

Answer: There are a lot of things you can do in case your non binary haircut doesn’t turn out as your desired. You can change the length, ask your hairstylists to add or better frame your bangs, add highlights, or if you mess up with your hair color, you can always use a good clarifying shampoo to remove hair color at home.

A good idea would be to talk to your hairstylist or use a hair color changer app beforehand so you don’t end up disappointed with your haircut.


There are countless options to experiment with when you think about sporting a non binary hairstyle. If you are afraid star by as simple as an undercut or go as bold as a pompadour. Just make sure, your haircut justifies who you are.

Be bold, be beautiful, and experiment with your ideal haircut. And before you go, don’t forget to check:

Have a lovely day.

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