my thin to thick hair journey
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My Thin To Thick Hair Journey| How To Get Hair Thicker

I often get compliments about my hair. People adore its color, shine, length, and most of it, its thickness.

We all desire that thick hair crown on our head, don’t we?

But due to our lifestyle choices, wrong products, bad eating habits, pollution, stress, and other countless factors, we lose that beautiful crown one hair strand at a time.

I went through the same.

I had the thickest hair growing up but as I got older and busier, I neglected my hair. Plus, the hostel life, its hard water, improper diet, and lack of management ruined my hair more.

There came a time when my hair started appearing fried and my scalp became more visible. I still remember how freaked out I was when I started shedding more than 500 strands of hair per day.

Then I decided I need to take charge and change this. This was not the age to lose my crown glory after all.

And so I did it.

I managed to get my hair from thin to thick, that too with natural remedies.

My Thin To Thick Hair Journey

thin to thick hair journey

Like always, let’s talk proof first.

Here is my before and after picture of thin to thick hair to give you guys an idea of my hair transformation.

What I Did To Increase Hair Thickness?

‘How to increase hair thickness,’ this is one of the most requested queries on my blog. I believe one out of every five messages I get, is about hair thinning and struggling to get thicker hair.

I hear you.

I have been there and these are the exact steps I followed that helped me and I urge you to give them a shot.

Pick Up The Right Hair Oil For Your Hair

This is by far one of the common mistakes that people make, aka, using the wrong hair oil. Always pick the hair oil according to your hair type and its needs.

And when you land on your favourite hair oil, make sure you use cold-pressed oils that don’t contain mineral oils. Otherwise, these mineral oils clog your pores and nutrients don’t reach your scalp like they are supposed to.


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Use oils that support hair thickness like

I personally love experimenting with my hair oils but if you want me to just share the one that would help you get thicker hair with more volume, opt for castor oil with few drops of rosemary oil. It is the best hair oil to get thick hair faster.

I oiled my hair twice a week, along with gentle massage and a little steam before hair wash. It worked well for me but I urge you to oil your hair at least once a week.

Don’t Over-Wash

I know we all want to flaunt our washed hair every day but washing your hair every day might be the biggest culprit of you losing those hair strands.

“Why?” you ask.

Because you have natural oils on your scalp.

These oils nurture, protect, and help your hair grow faster. But if you wash your hair daily, you don’t give your scalp a fair chance to develop these natural oils.

Over washing often leads to hair loss and damage. Which results in you losing your hair crown slowly yet steadily. So always make sure you don’t wash your hair every day. Washing them twice a week is more than sufficient.

In case if your hair feels oily and greasy, try these hacks or simply use a good dry shampoo to make them appear fresh again.


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Use Leave-Ins Over Regular Conditioners

This is what I learned by experience. Leave-ins helped me tremendously. They are lightweight compared to regular deep conditioners and add a wonderful bounce to the hair.

Use Argan Oil Or Rosehip Oil As Your Hair Serum

I have shared this tip hundreds of time on my blog before.

Ditch your regular hair serum and start using argan oil or rosehip oil as your hair serum. They work fantastic as hair serums. You won’t experience any frizz and your hair will have a wonderful shine.

The cherry on the cake is that these oils protect your hair from sun damage, dryness, and work as a hair serum at the same time.

Do Fenugreek Hair Rinse

This is one tip I will say that even if you are not losing your hair, do it.

There seldom goes a time when I washed my hair and skipped my fenugreek hair rinse. I swear by it.

To make a fenugreek hair rinse, simple soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight, strain the water, and use it as a last rinse after you are done washing your hair.

Here is a more in depth explanation of these:

Fix Your Scalp Issues

This is one of the most important things for healthy hair, i.e, a healthy scalp.

Find out if you have any scalp issues, like its itchy, flaky, dandruff, severe dandruff, dermatitis, lice, or whether its scalp infections that is making your scalp unhealthy.


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If you are struggling with any of these problems, just do a lemon hair rinse or an acv hair rinse regularly. Use a shampoo that works for your hair problem and add a few drops of tea tree oil to your regular oil.

If the problem is severe a trip to your doctor will be a worth visit.

Prevent Your Hair From Hard Water Damage

Hard water damages your hair from within. And the damage is so bad and deep that it takes a lot of effort to get your hair back to its healthy state. Here is how you can protect your hair from hard water damage.

Omega Supplements Do Add Volume

This is again based on my personal experience.

If you are a regular reader of this hair blog, then you will know that I had eye surgery two years back and immediately caught the infection. The infection was so bad that I came this close to losing my eyesight. That’s when my doctor made me take these Omega 3 supplements.

These supplements worked heavenly in saving my eyes but to my surprise, it made my hair thicker, shinier, and longer. My skin started appearing healthy.

Its been two years and I have never skipped on these supplements. These actually work and I can vouch for it.

Incorporate Vitamin C And Biotin In Your Diet And I Don’t Mean Via Supplements

I am someone who su*ks at keeping up with a healthy diet.

There… I said it.

But this one thing which I do for myself daily is that I incorporate vitamin c and biotin via some source. I will either have lemon juice, or eat some curd, or have some berries for my daily dose of vitamin c. It really helps with healing and improves your immunity. This in turn strengthens your hair and makes them thicker. And as for Biotin, I eat raw tomatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce daily.

Incorporate these in your diet and you will soon notice how your hair goes from thin to thick again.

Massage Your Scalp For 5 Minutes Daily Before Going To Bed

Do this even if you feel you have healthy hair.

Here is a study in January 2016, would help you understand how hair massage helps get thicker hair.

Just sit on your bed, close your eyes. Put on your favorite calm music and slowly using your fingertips, massage your hair and scalp.

You don’t need to oil every time. Just massage your dry hair with your fingertips and not your nails. Massaging encourages better blood flow which helps your hair grow faster and healthier.

Doing this daily will lead to having thicker, healthier hair that will not break easily.

Use A Wooden Comb

This has made a world round of difference in my hair care regime.

What wooden comb does is that it distributes the natural oils from your scalp to your entire hair length while brushing. This in turn makes your hair healthy and stronger and eventually thicker.

Use Hair Masks To Get Your Hair From Thin To Thick

I am a die-hard fan of homemade hair masks.

I experiment with them, I apply them and I lot recommending them.Using the right hair mask can Annie up your hair routine.

For getting thicker hair, apply these homemade hair masks twice a month and you will eventually notice how thicker your hair has become:

Apart from these, I change my hair care routines as per the weather. I follow a different routine for monsoon, different hair care routine for winter and different routine for summer.

And the most important thing is, make sure to detangle your hair before sleeping and stay hydrated.

Hope my thin to thick hair journey helps you in some way. In case if you have any queries please feel free to ask me via comments.

Have a lovely day!

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  • Veronica Worrell

    I use a fenugeek and aloe hair mask twice a month but as if i am not seeing any thickness. I am struggling with hair growth.

    • Nimisha Popat

      Hi Veronica, It takes a while to achieve hair thickness. The results you see in this article, took me couple of months to achieve. Trust me it will happen.

      In the meantime you can also try other things like:
      1.Check if your scalp is having any issues, treating them first is a must to achieve thickness.
      2.Try using castor oil or kalonji oil, it does help.
      3.Try another hair masks I mentioned above. Maybe the other ingredients will help achieve faster results.
      4.Do fenugreek hair rinse, it will help a lot.


  • Shirl

    I have been following your advice for about a year with the combination of oils and use of the hot cap and my hair has improved. However i have now developed a new problem, i have lost the hair right at the back of my head, there hardly enough to even pinch it between my fingers. Your advice would be very welcomed.

    • Nimisha Popat

      Hi Shirl,

      I am glad you are following my tips and finding them helpful. For helping you with your current query, try castor oil or kalonji oil followed by fenugreek hair rinse and weekly fenugreek and curd hair mask. Hope this helps 🙂

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