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How To Care For Oily Scalp And Dry Hair? Best Tips & Product Recommendations

Lately, I have been getting a lot of queries regarding taking care of oily scalp and dry hair. Some of you even complained outright that I rarely share tips for my peeps with this combination hair and scalp type.

So, today I am sharing some of the best tips to take care of your oily scalp and dry hair with a simple hair care routine and easy-to-find product recommendations specifically for your hair type as well.

Sounds fair?

How To Know If You Have Oily Scalp Dry Hair?

This combination hair type is the easiest to identify.

If you notice your hair appears dull, lifeless, damaged accompanied by split ends or frizz and your scalp feels extremely greasy or oily in just a day or two after you have washed your hair, then you belong to this combination hair family.

I know this combination of hair requires a lot of love and extra care because of their opposite and stubborn nature and I am gonna walk you through it.

What Causes Oily Hair Dry Scalp?

Let me first begin by addressing this.

Oily hair and dry scalp are mostly a result of genetics, hormonal imbalance, use of wrong hair products, over sweating, improper diet, and poor hair care habits. This is also seen mostly in people who opt for a lot of coloring or bleaching treatments. These treatments strip off the natural oils from your scalp and leave your hair extremely dry.

If you often work out or sweat a lot, or maybe you wash your hair more than 3 times a week, then unknowingly you are washing off the natural oils from your scalp that were initially meant to be distributed to your entire hair length. Lack of natural oils reaching your hair length, your hair ends start to dry out more and more. And the more you wash your hair, your scalp produces more and more oil to restore the oil balance. Thus unknowingly you contribute to your oily scalp and dry hair.

Best Tips & Products To Take Care Of Your Combination Hair

oily scalp dry hair

Don’t Overwash

I already briefly shared about this as to why overwashing is the biggest culprit behind your oily scalp. You need to wash your hair only twice a week. More than that actually does more harm than good.

And while you wash your hair, make sure you apply shampoo only on your scalp and not on your entire hair length. This will ensure that the extra oil gets stripped off from the scalp but your hair length and ends don’t lose any more moisture.

Best shampoo for oily scalp dry hair: Neutrogena anti residue wash, Loreal Paris extraordinary clay shampoo, Paul Mitchel shampoo and Bodyshop shampoo.

Befriend Dry Shampoo

In case if washing twice a week is too little for you and you feel the urge to reach out to your regular shampoo, go for a good dry shampoo instead. Dry shampoo will do the job without damaging your hair and scalp more.

Best dry shampoo recommendations: Batiste shampoo, Bblunt dry shampoo, or my personal favorite Vishisht lifestyle dry shampoo.

Use A Hydrating Conditioner

Always use a conditioner that adds a touch of moisture to your dry ends.

how to add life to dull lifeless hair

So while picking your conditioner, see if contains natural oils or has ‘hydrating’ labelled on it. And make sure you keep the conditioner only on your hair length for at least 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

Best Conditioners: Living Proof no frizz conditioner, Loreal Paris 6 oils in one conditioner, Organix morocco conditioner(my personal favorite).

Lemon Rinse

After you are done with your shampoo and conditioner, make sure you follow it up with a good lemon rinse. This will ensure your scalp doesn’t get oily more often.

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Argan Oil As A Serum

For your specific combination hair, make sure you skip the readily available serums and opt for a good Argan oil instead. Using argan oil as a serum will make your hair stays hydrated for a longer duration. And don’t worry argan oil is pretty lightweight so it won’t weigh your hair down.

My favorite argan oil brands are Natures Absolutes and Organix.

Regular Hot Oil Massage

I know you might say that you are already dealing with oily scalp and I am again asking you to add more oil.

But trust me on this.

Oil your hair once a week to ensure your scalp and hair get the nutrition they deserve to flourish. Keep the oil at least for half an hour before you rinse it off. And for best results give it some steam like I do using my thermal steam cap.

An ideal oil for your hair type would St tropica biotin oil or Avocado or Grapeseed oil.

Use Wooden Comb

I can’t stress this enough but you need to replace your regular plastic comb with the wooden ones. This is because the wooden comb will take the excess oil from your scalp and distribute it to your entire hair length beautifully. The wooden comb that I use is this.

Use Clay Masks & Deep Conditioning Masks

There is a simple logic behind using both masks together once every fifteen days.

Apply clay mask like this one for 10 minutes rinse it off and then apply a good deep conditioning mask like this one for 15 minutes and rinse it off.

The clay mask will ensure your scalp stays fresh and the deep conditioning mask will take care of your dry hair. If you wish to go for a single hair mask that does the job then opt for Egg and lemon hair mask.

Eat Right & Add Fish Oil Supplements To Your Routine

When your body becomes deficient in riboflavin or vitamin B 12, that contributes to oily scalp. You can include leafy veggies and whole grains and pulses in your diet along with eggs, meat milk, and cheese to make sure your body gets the nutrition it deserves. And incorporating fish oil in your daily routine will make sure your scalp and hair get the boost of omega-3 that it needs to thrive healthier.

Also, make sure to not use hard water for washing your hair and limit the usage of heat styling tools and harsh chemical treatments.

Hope you find these tips and product recommendations useful. Let me know via comments if you have any more queries, I would be happy to help.

Have a lovely day!

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