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How To Use Blackseed Oil For Hair: Benefits Backed By Science

How To Use Blackseed Oil For Hair: Benefits Backed By Science

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Blackseed oil is one of my favorites especially when it comes to treating hair fall, covering grey hair and re-growing new hair. You guys know how much I love using different oils to treat my hair problems. 

So far I have been using my homemade kalonji oil but recently I thought of testing a readily available options in the market just because I know a lot of you guys don’t have the time to go through the hassle of DIYing your own blackseed oil.

If you have never tried blackseed oil for hair before then you are missing out on a lot. Today I will be covering in detail is blackseed oil good for your hair, with its benefits and side effects along with how to use it the right way for best results.

Benefits of Blackseed Oil For Hair

benefits of blackseed oil for hair

Blackseed oil is popularly known as kalonji oil in India. It is one of the best oils for thicker hair growth you can try when dealing with hair loss issues. Not only that but it also is really effectively cures baldness(to a certain extent), regrows hair and reverses grey hair naturally. 

Here is why blackseed oil works for hair and scalp. Backed by science!

Improves Scalp Health

Blackseed oil is good for your hair as it helps treat scalp infections, is rich in antimicrobial properties and has antioxidants. It also soothes your scalp. It is also an excellent oil to help treat psoriasis and dermatitis.(A study conducted in 2014, showed that regular use of blackseed oil actually helped in treating psoriasis better).

Another study shows that using blackseed oil helps reduce inflammation and as per a different study when blackseed is applied topically it does work well on treating symptoms of psoriasis.

Controls Hair Fall

Blackseed oil has the goodness of onion and its superpower to control hair fall. If you are struggling with hair loss and losing more than 100 strands a day then you can use blackseed oil for hair loss. It also promotes faster hair regrowth. I used this oil in my thin to thick hair journey and it worked well for me.

Promotes Hair Growth

Thymoquinone and nigellone are found in blackseed oil which help promote faster and effective hair growth. If you are looking to grow two inches of hair or you can incorporate this hair oil in your hair growth challenge and notice the visible results yourself.

Conditions Hair

Blackseed oil promotes natural oil production on your scalp that helps in conditioning and improving hair health. When used with wooden comb the natural oils get transfered to your entire hair length preventing your hair from getting greasy fast and future splitends while nourishing and conditioning your hair at the same time. 

Fights Infections

As already shared with so many scientific studies that blackseed oil has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that help treat scalp infections. Infact you can use them to treat your acne by applying topically.

Naturally Darkens Grey Hair

Although I don’t have any scientific studies to prove this fact but I am sharing this from my personal experience of what I learnt from my grey hair reversal journey. This oil when applied topically helps to naturally darken grey hair over time like the hibiscus hair oil. It is widely used as an ayurvedic remedy by Indians.

Just a quick tip:

If you are not DIYing your own blackseed oil then while buying always opt for unrefined and cold pressed version of it.

Side Effects Of Blackseed Oil

Although there are no potential side effects of blackseed oil but it is always a good idea to consult your physician before hand and do a patch test. That being said, some people may notice an allergic reaction in the form of rash especially if you have sensitive skin or if you are allergic to this oil.

How To Use Blackseed Oil For Hair Loss?

best blackseed oil for grey hair

I would recommend you to incorporate blackseed oil in your Indian hair oiling routine as I have benefited immensely from this particular hair oil. It is one my long Indian hair secret that I inherited growing up.

  • To use blackseed oil, start by de-tangling your hair and warming up the blackseed oil using double boiler method. This will ensure that its nutrients are enhanced and not lost while warming up the oil.
  • Now part your hair in smaller sections and apply the warm oil directly on your scalp using either your fingers, cotton or whichever way you prefer. I personally do it old school,  ask my mom or my husband to apply and scalp massage it gently. You can also try the inversion method for faster hair growth while using blackseed oil.

Its just oh-so relaxing when a loved one does your champi right 😉 ?

  • Leave the oil at least for an hour before you decide to wash it off. For best results, use it twice a week.

Here is another quick tip for you guys:

Before you proceed to shampoo your hair, pampering your hair using the thermal steam cap is a good idea. This will double the effect the blackseed oil has on your hair because the steam helps the oil penetrate better into the hair shaft and scalp.

After steaming your hair, your can use your choice of shampoo and hair conditioner.

My Experience Using Blackseed Oil For Grey Hair

kalonji oil for hair

I picked this blackseed oil by BlendItRaw, solely because it claims to be unrefined and extracted via cold pressed method. This means the oil retains most of its nutrients and that’s what’s my goal here.

The oil comes in a glass bottle with a beautiful golden cap. It has a beautiful mustard yellow color and a pure herbal aroma which is not too strong to trouble your nose. I honestly enjoyed its herbal fragrance.

I personally tried using it directly instead of mixing it with different oils and other ingredients. Solely because I wanted to test its results. So I warmed it up slightly, applied on my hair and scalp generously and massaged for 10 minutes. I also massaged using the inversion method for best results and then kept the oil on my hair overnight.

The next morning I pampered my oiled hair with some steam using my thermal steam cap and then used my sls free shampoo with rosemary oil, conditioner and my green tea hair rinse.

My hair felt really smooth and manageable and my scalp felt really soothed and itch-free. After using this blackseed oil regularly for 2 weeks, I have definitely noticed comparatively less hair strands on my wooden comb and my boar bristle brush then before.

Overall I am quite happy with its performance and I can definitely recommend it to you guys. Do give it a try if you have grey hair and are struggling with hair fall issues.

The blackseed oil is good  in quality and is priced reasonably considering its purest value that you are deriving from it. It does help in treating hair loss and combat dandruff to a certain extent. And it helps with sun protection too. A worthy option to consider.

For best results, when you use blackseed oil for hair, you can add rosemary essential oil if you want to combat hair loss or add lavender essential oil if you want to trigger your hair growth. And if dandruff is your main concern, then simply add few drops of tea tree oil to your blackseed oil for best results.

Best Blackseed Oil For Hair Loss On The Market

There are a lot of good options available when you want to buy best blackseed oil for hair loss. Here are some of the best ones:

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Over To You

There are numerous benefits of blackseed oil for hair but the best one I feel is its ability to treat scalp infections and controlling hair fall. You can use it as a direct topical treatment or mix it with sealing oils or penetrating oils and essential oil for hair loss. For best results incorporating it as a hot oil treatment works best in my opinion. 

Hope you found this post on benefits of blackseed oil for hair and how to use it the right way useful. Let me know if you have any hair queries, or want me to try any products for you. Before you leave, don’t forget to check out:

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